Warriors: Bad Ships by Maplespirit

Art by CaptainScourge2017

Maplespirit criticizes three Warriors ships

Warrior Cats is honestly known for throwing in romance problems whenever required. Seriously though, if someone threw a Warriors book in the Romance section at a library, no one would care. So, as expected, it would have some hits…..and some misses. Oftentimes, those misses are cited for the wrong reasons. So, I, Maplespirit would explain what I believe to be as the worst couples in Warriors in my very first article! (I am not mentioning Squirrel and Bramble ’cause that’s a WHOLE other topic)

1) Thunderstar and Violet Dawn

Yup, apparently, even Dawn of the Clans can make it on here. Thunder in and of himself is the OG Lionblaze that I would’ve scrapped from the story if I could. So, our boring protagonist and his much more interesting friend, Lightning Tail, spy on Slash’s camp to take a look at One-Eye’s band. There, they see Slash trying to get fellow rogue Violet to be his mate, days after Violet’s previous mate died on the Thunderpath. However, when Violet refuses, Slash abuses her. Meanwhile, the mission for Thunder takes on a whole new form: helping Violet. After a bunch of pages of nothing, the two finally meet with Violet being grateful. The worst part? Not counting the Clear Sky and Gray Wing chapters, it TAKES 23 PAGES FOR THE TWO TO FANTASIZE ABOUT KITS! I am not kidding. If Lionblaze and Cinderheart is criticized for bad pacing, this takes it to a whole other level. Terrible pacing and absolutely no character development at all. This frankly deserves to be on this list.

2) Moonflower and Stormtail

Again, this one doesn’t really get on these sorts of lists often. However, unlike the last one, this one can be entirely blamed on Stormtail. Moonflower did her part of the relationship well (Though I don’t understand what kind of option Stormtail is…) and even had two kits: Bluestar and Snowfur. What does Stormtail do: NOTHING! He doesn’t take any part in caring for his kits even after Moonflower’s death. And then, AT HIS WIFE’S FUNERAL, he openly flirts with Dappletail. Poor Bluepaw. She was going through so much at the time and her father wasn’t even there to look after her. What a jerk. (Sunstar was so much better.)

3) Yellowfang and Raggedstar

This one is problematic for more than a couple of reasons. Raggedstar appointing Foxheart as his deputy was wrong on so many levels, and he border-line abused Yellowfang when she decided to become a medicine-cat. Once Brokenstar was in the world, he became everything to his father. Raggedstar was constantly giving him special treatment and completely ignoring his mate. How this guy became leader is just….UGH. Then, he has the audacity to appoint Foxheart as deputy just because he wanted to make Yellowfang jealous. This isn’t as bad as Bramble x Squirrel, but still.

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