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My Top Ten Favourite Characters From The Prophecies Begin by Mothstar

Art by Alder-Leaf

Mothstar lists their ten favourite characters from the first series!

Hi people 🙂
Today I am going to be listing some of my favourite characters from The Prophecies Begin (TPB).

10. Stonefur – I really liked Stonefur when I read TPB, especially in the Darkest Hour, when he bravely refuses to kill Featherpaw and Stormpaw, which ends up with him being killed himself by Blackfoot and Darkstripe. I actually preferred him to Mistyfoot and I wish Firestar, Greystripe and Ravenpaw had found a way to save him.

9. Tigerstar – Although he was a truly evil cat, without him, the whole arc would’ve been pretty boring. Tigerstar was a great villain and did some horrible things, like when he murdered Gorsepaw, Runningwind, Brindleface and attempted to kill Bluestar and Firestar. He also led dogs into ThunderClan camp and raided it with rogues.

8. Sandstorm – Sandstorm was an amazing character. She started out despising Firepaw for being a kittypet and then he saved her from falling off of the gorge and she began to warm up to him. Sandstorm as an apprentice was very snappy and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind.

7. Bluestar – Despite becoming mad at the end of her life and losing faith in StarClan she was an amazing leader in Into The Wild, Fire and Ice and Forest Of Secrets. She didn’t punish Greystripe for being in love with Silverstream, as she thought that her death was punishment enough, which was true. Sometimes also died bravely, saving the clan from the dogs.

6. Whitestorm – Whitestorm wasn’t that involved in the main events of TPB, but he was a very respectable warrior and never complained at all, even when FIREHEART, a very young warrior who had only been in ThunderClan for a few dozen moons was made deputy. Whitestorm definitely deserved to be Firestar’s deputy. I was very upset when he got killed by Bone.

5. Firestar- Firestar is a bit overrated, but in TPB he wasn’t all that bad. He, along with Greystripe and Ravenpaw, saved Mistyfoot, Featherpaw and Stormpaw and Firestar changed Brightpaw’s horrible name, Lostface, into Brightheart. He also took pity on Yellowfang, one of my favourite characters.

4. Cinderpelt- Cinderpelt was another great character, who definitely didn’t deserve having her leg permanently ruined by a monster. She was a fun and adventurous apprentice, but also made a kind, yet slightly sharp-tongued medicine cat.

3. Brightheart- Brightheart is still one of my all-time favourite warrior cat characters. When she was attacked by dogs, my heart ached when I wasn’t sure if she’d live or not. However, she did survive, but Bluestar gave her the name Lostface, which made me very angry. Luckily, it was changed by Firestar to Brightheart. She learnt how to fight with one eye and became a formidable warrior. She and Cloudtail make a good couple, as he still thought she was beautiful after her accident, which was very cute.

2. Yellowfang – Yellowfang is an awesome character and I almost cried when she died in Rising Storm (I think?). Yellowfang was accused of murder TWICE, and two of her kits died, whilst her remaining one became evil and killed his father. Poor Yellowfang 🙁


1. I know everyone’s gonna be hating on me for this one, but my favourite character from TPB is…. Scourge. – Before everyone gets mad, hear me out. He was bullied by his siblings as a kit and ran away because he thought he would be thrown in the river. He was attacked by Tigerpaw and if Bluefur hadn’t stopped him, the kit would’ve been hurt a lot more than he was. Tiny (Scourge) fled to the streets and earned the other cats’ respect. The only bad things he really does is kill Tigerstar, but he was worse than Scourge anyway. He also tried to take over the forest, not just because he can, because BloodClan aren’t safe in twolegplace and Scourge is generally looking out for their wellbeing. I’m not saying what he did wasn’t bad – I’m saying that his reasons for why he did what he did make sense.

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  • Actually, yeah! You’re right about Scourge! I’ve never thought of him that way; kinda makes me feel a bit sympathetic for him. Great article!!

  • Firestar is overrated i get it he’s a kitty pet turns out to be the most popular cat is told in stories for countless moons but Scourge i swear is a cat people should like more and Tigerstar Hes one of the best characters

    • Umm, tigerstar is not a good character. No offense, but he killed so many cats and tried to destroy the clans! And Firestar is not overrated, and he deserves all the respect he has.

  • Sorry Mothstar, but Scourge almost ruined Warriors. Sorry, but he almost OFFICALLY KILLED HIS BRO. Just because he had a sad story doesn’t make him awesome!
    Cool article, though.

    • True…. But Mothstar, you article was still awesome! My top ten from the first series:
      10. Lionheart
      9. Redtail
      8. Spottedleaf
      7. Mistyfoot
      6. Greystripe (sort of), Feathertail & Silverstream
      5. Mousefur
      4. Bluestar
      3. Cinderpelt and Yellowfang
      2. Brightheart, Sandstorm, Swiftpaw & Cloudtail

      • Why do people think Firestar is overrated? He literally did nothing bad and if it wasn’t for him, there would be no clans. Whitestorm is AWESOME and didn’t deserve to die. He’s too modest! I mean, he didn’t even think that he was going to become deputy, unlike some stupid and undeserving cat(*cough* TIGERSTAR *cough*).
        So awesome!

  • Scourge really is a stupid cat, but I guess he had his reasons… and yes, his siblings deserve to fall into a volcano… still, he should have understood that he couldn’t just force a bunch of cats out of their home… but what he did was bad and I don’t like him.

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