Tanking warriors names a bit too extremely by Amberleaf

Artist unknown (Source: Bright Guardian Akira on Youtube)

Amberleaf interprets Warriors names literally

Hi! This Amberleaf, and my first picture article! I’m going to be discussing a favourite: Warriors names taken literally!

Lets look at these cats first:

Art by Chamops on Wattpad

Tigerclaw: wait Tiger… claw? He has tigers for claws? Well that explains why he’s so good at fighting, but wouldn’t that be dangerous when he’s sleeping if he scratches in his sleep? Oh… I don’t want to imagine it. And the same for leopardfoot!
Tigerheart and lionheart: so they have spirits of a tiger and a lion? I mean… at least they’re not being called wolf heart. It would be pretty awkward if there was a cat acting like a wolf. Again, he must be pretty dangerous!
Lionblaze: a lion that’s been struck by lightning? Oh gosh! That’s gotta hurt!

Art by rookflower (tumblr)

Sneezecloud: so he’s essentially a cloud combination of cat’s sneezes. Oh gosh that’s unhygienic!

Artist Unknown

Princess: she looks like Princess Peach… but… as a cat?!
Mudfur: oh dear that poor cat must be uncomfortable. Imagine kits playing with his fur…
Ravenpaw: his paw is trying to fly away but the rest of him doesn’t want to go? That’s awkward! (Also his name sounds a lot like Ravenclaw (sorry total potterhead over hear ;))

Artist unknown

Spiderleg: he quite literally has 8 legs? He must be faster than a WindClan warrior!

Artist unknown (Source: Bright Guardian Akira on Youtube)

I want to say how amazing this drawing is.

Squirrelflight: awesome! A flying squirrel! Wait a sec? A flying cat? A flying cat that eats nuts and is hunted by cats. That’s canniblism! “I know my name is Squirrelpaw, but I never thought I’d actually wish I was a squirrel!” Squirrelflight, moonrise

Art by Skyler Starling

Stonefur: look at the picture. No words nessarsary.
Whitetrout: that cat must be an extraordinary swimmer! Wait a sec… I don’t think this cat can walk. Is it even a cat?!
Harveymoon: oh gosh my worst enemy at school is called harvey so the thought of his face on a moon is freaking me out.
Yellowfang: great StarClan this cat has rotten teeth.

Artist unknown

Mousewhisker: this cat can have a snack anytime she likes, but no one else can eat her mice because thats CANNIBALISM!
Sparrowtail: no words necessary.
Toadfoot: so this cat can jump high. And… free prey..?
Sparkpelt and lightningtail: I love how Lightningtail is eletricuting Sparkpelt. RIP.

Art by LeafyTheCat on DeviantArt

Longtail: wow! I love this drawing so much! The sunglasses suit him so well! Anyway…
If his tail is THAT long then it must be an extreme disadvantage in battle. Imagine fighting with that! 🐱________

Art by iycewing on DeviantArt

Do I even need words?

Thanks for reading guys! This was so much fun!
Amberleaf out😉

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