Mapleshade- A Full Opinion by Frostwhisper

Art by th1stlew1ng

Frostwhisper analyses Mapleshade – what do you think of her?

So. Let’s do this.
Mapleshade. A Dark Forest warrior.
IF you don’t know Mapleshade, then you are like “omg she’s sooo evil!!!” or you’re like “what’s the Dark Forest?” If you are asking any of those questions, read something else. This is way ahead of your Warrior Cats knowledge.

On one paw, she is BAD. She’s a BAD CAT, Appledusk, Frecklewish, and Ravenwing did NOT deserve to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the horrible stuff when she’s in the Dark Forest!

On the other paw, she was having hallucinations. Her kits just died. She was exiled from her Clan for pretty much nothing. Appledusk cheated, Frecklewish ignored drowning kits, and Ravenwing caused exile! Seriously, Mapleshade is NOT EVIL!

But-but-but-but! You can’t deny that horrid stuff she did in the Dark Forest, Mapleshade supporters! Honest to StarClan, she killed even after death, even after the hallucinations stopped yowling to be “set free”. And I think that she’d mainly want revenge against Reedshine and Oakstar, because she didn’t kill them before she died, but nooooo. She had to have a grudge against the all the Clans because of a dumb prejudice against cats that are dead anyway! This scheming, horrifying cat is nothing short of EVIL.

If you still think otherwise, that what excuse is running around your head? “It’s not her fault, her kits died, naturally she’d want revenge.” Well if YOU were Mapleshade, and you wanted revenge, would you seriously act that far? Revenge for a human would be humiliation or a mean prank, but she went and gave these cats, horrible, painful deaths.
I’m not saying that Appledusk, Frecklewish, and Ravenwing were goody-goodies who were perfect and never hurt anyone. They did horrible things that led Mapleshade to the insecurity and insanity she holds today. Yet, would you think that watching someone’s kits die, and not helping because you would just get in the way would not exactly measure up to the revenge level that brings someone to kill. Neither does getting someone exiled because you feel obliged to the Clan(Ravenwing) but it gets closer then the one prior to this one. And cheating… I mean, if someone cheated on me, I would be so mad and punch them at every opportunity. But… killing is too far.

In conclusion, I don’t support Mapleshade anymore. My mind was changed upon discovering all of this information. I think that your mind will be changed too. If you still support Mapleshade, even after this very mean article about her, then keep right on supporting her. Nobody will ever change your mind.

Frostwhisper out!

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