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Is Hollyleaf good or bad? by Ivywish

Art by toboe5tails

Ivywish analyses Hollyleaf

Hi, my name is Wish and I am going to be discussing the topic is Hollyleaf good or bad?

Let’s start with the facts: Hollyleaf did kill Ashfur, but does he deserve it? Well he started off ok, he was a great apprentice. But when Ashfur fell in love with Squirrelflight he kinda wen’t crazy over her. He tried to force her to fall in love with him, and he saw his chance when Brambleclaw briefly broke-up with Squirrelflight and threatened to kill her ‘kits’ if she didn’t love her. When Squirrelflight spilled the truth that Hollyleaf and her littermate were not her kits, Hollyleaf was scared. She had a new life, a forbidden life. After the truth was reveled, she lived her life in shame. She tried to kill leafpool out of anger and fear. A little while later she found Ashfur alone on the shore, and suddenly felt a rush of emotions and decided that it would be for the better if Ashfur suddenly died. As quick as lightning Hollyleaf strikes and Ashfur fell, the life bleeding out of him into the stream.

When they went to the gathering at the full moon, she started to speak but Firestar stopped her. When Hollyleafs permission to speak had been granted she spilled everything (except for killing Ashfur). Hollyleaf was so overcome with grief, hurt, and suprise that she wasn’t thinking straight. She didn’t mean to hurt the relationship between Squirrelflight and brambleclaw. Or take away leafpools role in the clan. Hollyleaf was just not right in the head. After she told everyone what happened that night she ran into the tunnels and they collapsed behind her, trapping her in. Many people including me might think that it was a petty thing to do, but it was the right thing for Hollyleaf at the time. Brambleclaw saw the whole thing and could spill it to the clan and everyone would think Hollyleaf was bad cat.

I don’t think squirrelflight and Leafpool should take all the blame because it was partly Crowfeathers fault for convincing Leafpool to run away from the clan, but Leafpool shouldn’t have agreed to running away. But with Leafpool running away Cinderpelt got her second life and became Cinderheart and could be a warrior. The second day away from the clans Midnight the badger warned Leafpool and Crwofeather that her kin would be attacking the camp. When Leafpool got there a badger was attacking the nursery, when he tried to kill Sorreltail but she jumped in at the last moment. As soon as Cinderpelt died Cinderheart was born.

When Hollyleaf ran into the tunnels her back leg got injured in the rockfall, unable to hunt she fell asleep on the rocks. When Hollyleaf woke up she found a cat named Fallen Leaves fishing for her. Fallen Leaves led her back to his camp and helped Hollyleaf heal her leg. In return when her leg was well enough she helped Fallen Leaves hunt. When her leg was almost healed Fallen Leaves lead Hollyleaf through the tunnels and to a opening so she could go back to thunderclan, Fallen Leaves refused to go with Hollyleaf because of the reason he came in the tunnels.

When back from the tunnels Hollyleaf told the clan that she had killed Ashfur that night, and that she was sorry. Firestar said that Hollyleaf shouldn’t have done what she did, but exiling herself from the clan was punishment enough. Even though most of her clanmates didn’t trust her, Hollyleaf still helped out in the clan. When Windclan was going to attack through the tunnels she taught her whole clan how to fight and defend themselves in a dark tunnel. Once Ivypool started to spy for thunderclan in the dark forest Hollyleaf started to prepare for the battle. When the time had come Hawkfrost had cornered Ivypool and was about to strike a killing blow and kill Ivypool, Hollyleaf jumped in front of Ivypool taking the blow herself and saving Ivypool.

I personally believe that Hollyleaf is good. The only really good argument for her being bad is killing Ashfur and trying to kill Leafpool, but she even makes up for that in her life. It just makes more sense that Hollyleaf in good than bad. Even if you still think that Hollyleaf is bad at least you get a better point of view of her life and the trauma she had.

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