Why Fernsong Needs His Own Book by Turtlepaw

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Turtlepaw argues that Fernsong should get a book centred around him

*Warning: Spoilers for A Vision Of Shadows are ahead, as well as two extremely minor spoilers for The Broken Code- one related to Bristlekit, Thriftkit, and Flipkit’s warrior names, and one related to how much time passes between The Raging Storm and Lost Stars. Please don’t read this article if you’re uncomfortable with spoilers from A Vision Of Shadows and The Broken Code!*

Salutations! My name is Turtle, and today I will be telling you why I think Fernsong should have his own book, whenever that’s a super edition, novella, or manga!

Fernsong is a really good character. He’s an extremely loyal mate to Ivypool, and a great father to Bristlefrost, Thriftear, and Flipclaw. And such a good character should surely have a book!

And here’s why!

My main reason for thinking that Fernsong should have a book is this: We’d get to see him raising Flipkit, Bristlekit, and Thriftkit.

In A Vision Of Shadows, Ivypool and Fernsong are discussing kits. Ivypool likes the idea of kits, but not the idea of being cooped up in the nursery. Fernsong offers to live in the nursery with the kits once they don’t need to be nursed anymore. Ivypool is pleasantly surprised, and agrees to this idea.

But the thing is, the readers never actually get to see Fernsong as a nursery caregiver. You see, Flipkit, Thriftkit, and Bristlekit were born in River Of Fire. In the next book, The Raging Storm, they’re still extremely small kits- small enough that they’d still need to be nursed. So Ivypool is still living in the nursery with them.

And Fernsong specifically offered to stay in the nursery with the kits after they stop nursing. Yet there’s a biggish gap between the last A Vision Of Shadows book- The Raging Storm- and the first book in The Broken Code- Lost Stars. And Ivypool and Fernsong’s kits are apprentices now.

If Fernsong received his own super edition/novella/manga that took place between The Raging Storm and Lost Stars, we could see him living in the nursery with his kits- and the book could answer questions.

Did anybody in ThunderClan disapprove of a tom living in the nursery with his kits, because previously, it had usually only been a she-cat’s role?

What challenges did Fernsong face as ThunderClan’s first male nursery caregiver? Did he feel like he had to prove himself, because he was the first of his role?

Did Daisy offer support, because she was an experienced queen?

These are examples of questions that could be answered if Fernsong received his own book.

Most importantly, the book could have an important message: That being a stay-at-home dad is totally awesome!

Even today, a lot of people have gotten the idea that dads go to work, moms stay home and watch the kids.

But in reality, not every family is necessarily like that! In some families, the mom goes to work, and the dad takes care of the kids. Or there’s two moms or two dads, or a grandparent helps out… there’s so many families out there!

I love Fernsong because he is an extremely sweet cat who truly loves his mate and kits.

And he is most definitely a cat who should have a book!

What is your opinion on Fernsong? Would you prefer it if he received a manga, a super edition, or a novella? Why?

To quote Hamilton: I’ll see you on the other side of the war!

(No war, but… you know… HAMILTON!)

See ya!

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