Why Turtle Tail Deserves A Super Edition by Turtlepaw

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Turtlepaw argues that Turtle Tail deserves a Super Edition

*Warning: This article contains major spoilers for Dawn of the Clans. If you don’t want to receive huge spoilers for that series, I heavily advise that you don’t read this article.*

Hello BlogClan! Today I will be sharing why I think Turtle Tail should have her own super edition!

I think that she should have a super edition, not a novella or a manga, because there is simply so much about her life that we don’t know! I don’t think a novella/manga would answer enough unknown questions about her life.

Here are my reasons why Turtle Tail should have a super edition!

1. We don’t know about her kithood.

We know basically nothing about Turtle Tail’s kithood- who her parents are, if she has any littermates- like, nothing!

Since a super edition often starts at the beginning of a cat’s life, (with some exceptions) there’s a pretty good chance that if Turtle Tail got a super edition, it would show her kithood- and give Warriors readers answers to their questions about Turtle Tail’s family.

2. It would show what happened while she was a kitty pet.

There’s a couple month gap between The Sun Trail, when Turtle Tail leaves to become a kitty pet, and Thunder Rising, when she returns to the moor.

During this time, she became mates with Tom, but he later proved himself to be mean and abusive to Turtle Tail and her friend, Bumble. This resulted in Turtle Tail leaving, pregnant with Tom’s kits.

But I want to learn more about how Turtle Tail became mates with Tom, and more about her kitty pet life in general. She mentioned herself later on that Tom wasn’t always cruel. He was nice to her at first. Did he ever truly love her? Or was he only pretending to be kind?

And what influenced Turtle Tail to be mates with Tom? Did she truly love him? Or, deep down, did she know she still had feelings for Gray Wing?

3. It could show her in StarClan.

Turtle Tail dies trying to find her kits, who have been kidnapped by Tom. She gets hit by a monster.

But this isn’t the end of Turtle Tail’s appearances in Dawn of the Clans. She is a very important StarClan cat, guiding the living cats in their quest to grow and spread.

I think that if Turtle Tail received a super edition, it would be really cool if it didn’t just end when she got hit by that monster- if it showed her in StarClan, too. Because StarClan Turtle Tail is extremely important in The Blazing Star, A Forest Divided, and Path of Stars.

4. It could reveal more information about Pebble Heart, Owl Eyes, and Sparrow Fur.

Turtle Tail’s kits are Pebble Heart, Owl Eyes, and Sparrow Fur. But what were they like in their early kithood?

Turtle Tail is mentioned to have named them after they were a moon old, but there’s really a gap between that point and when they were newborn kits. So it would be interesting to see what the kits were like when they were first opening their eyes, first learning about their world.

Also, we don’t actually know what Pebble Heart, Owl Eyes, and Sparrow Fur’s age order is. Since a super edition from Turtle Tail’s point of view would almost certainly show her giving birth to her kits, we could learn which one of her kits is the youngest, oldest, and who is the middle child. Well, middle kit.

5. Having another Dawn of the Clans super edition would be cool.

So far, the only super edition featuring a Dawn of the Clans character as its POV is Moth Flight’s Vision. And River Ripple is going to get one.

But other Dawn of the Clans characters should have books. Dawn of the Clans is a beautiful arc with amazing characters who deserve to have their stories told- including Turtle Tail, especially since she’s a brave, kindhearted cat with good character development- a great main character for a super edition!

And so, that is why I think my favorite Warriors character deserves her own super edition!

What do you think? Would a super edition for Turtle Tail be interesting? Or would a novella/manga be better, in your opinion?

Also, if you want to, you can share some other Dawn of the Clans characters besides Turtle Tail that you think should have a book.


– Turtle

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