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Turtlepaw defends Turtle Tail x Gray Wing

*Warning: Dawn of the Clans spoilers are ahead! Don’t read this article if you don’t want spoilers for Dawn of the Clans! Also, there will be a mild mention of abuse. If you feel uncomfortable reading about that, then please don’t read this article- I don’t want to make anybody feel uncomfortable.*

Hey! Turtle here! Today I’m going to be defending Turtle Tail, and her relationship with Gray Wing.

Turtle Tail isn’t as commonly hated on as other Warriors characters, such as Dovewing or Daisy, (poor Dovewing and Daisy! <3 ) but she does get some hate. I was extremely surprised when I discovered how many Turtle Tail hate article are out there on the internet! Poor Turtle Tail. <3

Anyway, naturally this upset me, because Turtle Tail is my favorite Warriors character. So today, I’ll defend her.

Reason number one some people dislike Turtle Tail: “She left to become a kitty pet! So disloyal! And she was whining when she left!”

So? Turtle Tail is an adult cat- she should totally be allowed to make her own choices about where she wants to live. And some people act like she was really whiny when she left, but that’s simply not the case! In reality, she really didn’t whine at all, and actually came across as a bit embarrassed:

Gray Wing sat beside her, [Turtle Tail] beginning to feel impatient.
“Well?” he asked.

“We had such a long, hard journey to get here,” Turtle Tail began softly, “and we wondered if we’d ever reach the end. Now we have… but our destinations seem to be very different.”

“True,” Gray Wing meowed. “Clear Sky and the others-“

“I’m not talking about Clear Sky,” Turtle Tail interrupted. She swallowed and took a deep breath. “I’m going to live with Bumble.”

Gray Wing sprang to his paws, dismay filling him from ears to tail-tip. “No!” he exclaimed. “You can’t be a kitty pet! You’re wild.”

Turtle Tail flicked her tail. “Then I’ll be a wild kitty pet. I don’t think there’s a place for me here anymore, Gray Wing. I’ll be fine.” She rose and touched her nose to her ear. “You make sure to go for what you want. Promise?”

Feeling utterly baffled, Gray Wing nodded. “I promise.”

Still not understanding Turtle Tail’s decision, Gray Wing padded by her side until they reached the edge of the Twoleg place. When they could see the huge red dens looming up through the trees, Turtle Tail halted and turned to him.

“Will you let the others know where I’ve gone?” she asked. “I’m too embarrassed to make a big scene.”

“Of course I will,” Gray Wing replied.

“And I’ll visit!” Turtle Tail sounded as though she had to force herself to sound cheerful. “Don’t worry!”

She brushed her tail down Gray Wing’s side, then spun around and raced towards the Twoleg dens. Gray Wing watched her out of sight. He felt empty, as if something precious had gone out of his life.

See? Turtle Tail didn’t act whiny when she told Gray Wing that she was going to become a kitty pet. In this scene, she appears to be a bit embarrassed and sad, but definitely not whiny.

Also, keep in mind, when Turtle Tail left to be a kitty pet, there wasn’t a warrior code yet- technically, she wasn’t breaking any rules by becoming a kitty pet.

Plus, Turtle Tail- and all other characters- should be able to do what makes them happy, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone. And if that involves being a kitty pet, that’s fine.

Reason number two some people dislike Turtle Tail: “She became mates with mean ol’ Tom! Who does that?”

First of all, Turtle Tail said herself that Tom was kind to her at first- it was only later on that his abusive nature came to light. She couldn’t have known that he’d end up being a completely horrible cat, abusing both her and her friend, Bumble. It’s not Turtle Tail’s fault that Tom turned out to be a complete dingle. (‘Dingle’ is a We Bare Bears reference, BTW.)

Reason number three some people dislike Turtle Tail: “Her relationship with Gray Wing was rushed!”

No, it absolutely wasn’t! In book two of Dawn Of The Clans, Thunder Rising (my favorite Warriors book <3 ) has some lovely scenes involving Gray Wing and Turtle Tail falling in love. Like this one!

Then Gray Wing froze. Tiny sounds warned him that something else was creeping up on him. He opened his jaws to taste the air. It smells like another cat…

“Surprise!” Turtle Tail purred, leaping down into the dip to join him.

Gray Wing gazed at her with delight, though he could see the concern in her eyes as she settled beside him.

“Tell me more about what happened in the forest,” she meowed.

As briefly as he could, Gray Wing described their struggles during the fire. The pain in his paws, and his anxiety over Thunder’s leaving made it hard for him to talk.

“You’re scorched and aching, aren’t you?” she murmured. “Let me help you lick your pads.”

Gray Wing relaxed as he felt Turtle Tail’s tongue rasping gently over his burnt paws. That feels so good…

“Where are the kits?” he asked after a few moments. Turtle Tail would never leave them alone.

“Don’t worry; they’re fine.” Turtle Tail paused in her licking. “They’re asleep in my den, and Rainswept Flower and Jagged Peak are keeping an eye on them.”

“Are you okay with that?” Gray Wing asked. “I mean, that Jagged Peak is showing so much interest in your kits?” He’d noticed that his younger brother spent a lot of time involved in the kits’ care. Was Jagged Peak in danger of treading on Turtle Tail’s claws? He knew it was important for Jagged Peak to find a role, but not if it meant unsettling other cats.

“Yes, it’s fine,” Turtle Tail replied, looking faintly surprised. “I’m glad of any help. Being a mother is hard work. Besides, I… I wanted some time alone with you.” She sat up, her green eyes soft and warm as she met Gray Wing’s gaze. “I’m so grateful to you, for everything.”

Now that Thunder had left, Gray Wing felt even closer to Turtle Tail and her kits. “I’m so glad to help you,” he told her, touching her shoulder with his tail.

Turtle Tail let out a contented sigh. Curling up against Gray Wing, she closed her eyes and soon drifted into sleep.

The she-cat’s drowsy purring was soothing and comforting to Gray Wing. I don’t want to be on my own anymore, he realized as he listened to her. He tried to tell himself that it was because he was missing Thunder, but this was something different. Being with another cat like this felt right. And Turtle Tail is so kind and good-hearted, so smart and resourceful…

Gradually the night air grew colder. Gray Wing still couldn’t sleep, but he felt relaxed. His weariness had melted away like frost in sunlight. He couldn’t stop looking at Turtle Tail.

At last she stirred and opened her eyes. “You’re thinking about Thunder, aren’t you?” she murmured. “Go to sleep. It’s not your fault, you know. You couldn’t stand in the way of Thunder wanting to be with his father.”

Sorrow and relief surged through Gray Wing all at once. He still felt sad that Thunder wasn’t with him anymore, but hearing Turtle Tail tell him it wasn’t his fault lifted an enormous burden from his back. She’s right. There wasn’t anything I could have done.

A pleasant tiredness crept over him. As his eyes closed and he sank into sleep, he could still hear Turtle Tail’s purring.

Low, murmuring voices roused Gray Wing from a dream of brushing long grass under a bright sun. Struggling awake, he realized that the voices were familiar, not threatening. He opened his eyes, blinking, to see Rainswept Flower with Owl Eyes, Sparrow Fur, and Pebble Heart standing around the edge of the dip in a half circle, gazing down at him, their fur buffeted by a brisk wind.

Rainswept Flower’s eyes were alight with mischief. “So there you are!” she exclaimed. “I’m glad you’ve finally figured out what was obvious to the rest of us.”

Gray Wing’s gaze slid to one side and he saw Turtle Tail, remembering instantly how they had bedded down together the night before. Embarrassed, he dipped his head.

“You look so cozy, all curled up down there,” Rainswept Flower mewed teasingly.

“Are you coming to live in our den now?” Sparrow Fur asked.

Turtle Tail was awake, gazing at Gray Wing, happiness sparkling in her green eyes. The three kits let out excited squeaks and launched themselves into the dip, scrambling over Gray Wing and Turtle Tail and burrowing into their fur.

“You’ve got your paws full there,” Rainswept Flower commented, padding off with a whisk of her tail.

A sudden, unexpected warmth flooded over Gray Wing. Maybe Turtle Tail and I do belong together, he thought.

That scene is my favorite scene in all of Warriors! Gray Wing and Turtle Tail are so adorable together! <3

And yes, I know that at first, Gray Wing didn’t notice Turtle Tail’s feelings for him. But that doesn’t mean that when he became her mate, he wasn’t loyal to her- he absolutely was!

Turtle Tail and Gray Wing loved each other so much. There was nothing forced about their relationship.

After Turtle Tail died, Gray Wing mourned her, and eventually, he took a new mate, Slate.

StarClan Turtle Tail visits Gray Wing in a dream at the beginning of Path Of Stars, telling him that she isn’t mad at him for loving Slate, she’s just glad he’s happy. (You will notice that I put some sentences in bold. These are the sentences that I feel especially show just how much Turtle Tail and Gray Wing love each other.)

Here’s the scene:

“I still miss you,” he [Gray Wing] mewed hoarsely.

“I miss you too.” Turtle Tail drew away slowly. “But I’m glad you have Slate now. You shouldn’t be alone.”

“Are you sure you don’t mind?” Was Turtle Tail hurt that he’d fallen in love again?

“It comforts me to see you happy. I love you so much. You gave me such happiness when I was alive. And you raised my kits. I will always be grateful that they had you to take care of them.” Sadness flashed in her eyes. “Leaving them was even harder than leaving you.

If that isn’t true love, what is?

My point is, Turtle Tail is a great cat, and her relationship with Gray Wing is amazing. They’re my favorite Warriors couple!

Do you think I did a good job of defending Turtle Tail and GrayXTurtle? What’s your opinion on Turtle Tail? What’s your opinion on GrayXTurtle?


– Turtlepaw

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  • You did a great job defending Turtle Tail, and I like how you provided a lot of evidence! The quote about her and Gray Wing falling in love was so sweet!

    • That’s a very interesting question. Personally, I think Gray Wing has too much love in his heart to choose just one mate and they’d probably all be in a relationship together or at least have some kind of poly relationship. What do you think?

      Also, I’m not the only one that yells at books?

    It makes me cry just thinking about her death, and I knew she was my favorite character since I read the very first chapter of the sun trail!!!!
    She is and will always be my favorite character!
    I want to be best friends with youuuuuu!!!!

  • This is a great article, and I totally agree! I loved all the different quotes 😀

  • People hate GreyxTurtle?! I only read the first two Dawn of the Clans but I haven’t found any reason to hate on them and I agree with those points and reasons (to be fair I have read the Ultimate Guide)


  • They are one of my favorite couples too, they are very cute! It broke my heart when turtle tail died </3

  • this is a great article and I love the fact that you used direct quotes from the books to back up your argument. And I completely agree, Turtle Tail is an amazing character.

  • I really like turtle tail, although River ripple is my fav Dawn of the clans character, she is def in second! I prefer that ship over gray x slate. I don’t hate it, but it’s not the best ever.

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