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My Opinion On Pinestar by Turtlepaw

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Turtlepaw shares their opinion on Pinestar

*Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the novella Pinestar’s Choice and the super edition Bluestar’s Prophecy. If you are uncomfortable with spoilers from those books, please don’t read this article!*

Hey! I’m Turtlepaw, and I’m back with another article!

Today I will be sharing my opinion on Pinestar.

Pinestar is a character heavily debated about by the Warriors fandom. Some argue that he’s a horrible cat. He abandoned his Clan to become a kitty pet, for StarClan’s sake!

Others think that Pinestar is a good cat. Yes, he did leave his Clan, but he also comforted Shanty’s Twolegs! And it certainly isn’t his fault Tigerstar is evil- that was all Thistleclaw’s doing.

Pinestar is not one of my personal favorites, but he’s fine. There are things about him that I like, and things about him that I dislike.

I’ll start with listing the things I like about Pinestar. I will also be defending him a little bit.

I like Pinestar and Shanty’s friendship, and his friendship with Jake, too.

And yes, he did leave ThunderClan, but he left it in safe hands (paws?) because Sunfall was a wise deputy, and, as Sunstar, he was a great leader.

Pinestar was also proven to be very kind towards Shanty’s Twolegs. He helped them feel better after Shanty’s death. The death of a pet can be extremely devastating, so I’m happy that Pinestar was there to provide comfort for Shanty’s Twolegs.

Now I’m going to defend Pinestar a bit, and explain why it’s not his fault Tigerstar is evil.

For starters, Tigerstar was an extremely young kit when Pinestar left ThunderClan. He actually probably barely remembers his father, so why would Pinestar leaving be the reason he was evil?

Thistleclaw influenced Tigerstar’s life way more than Pinestar ever did. He was Tigerstar’s mentor, and his mean personality rubbed off on Tigerstar a lot. When Tigerstar attacked Tiny in Bluestar’s Prophecy, for example- Thistleclaw encouraged that behavior.

Generally, I think that it’s not Pinestar’s fault his son became evil. Thistleclaw is to blame.

Now I’m going to share what I don’t like about Pinestar. There are some of his actions that aren’t so good, you see.

For starters, there’s the fact that he and Leopardfoot have the creepiest age difference ever.

Like, I get that they’re cats, and cats don’t care about those things as much as humans do, but… the fact that Pinestar is legit older than Leopardfoot’s parents? That’s really, really, really creepy.

Even putting the way-too-big age difference aside, Pinestar and Leopardfoot’s relationship is still really not a good one.

Pinestar didn’t support Leopardfoot nearly enough. He wasn’t there for her during the birth of their kits, for example. And he just generally seemed like he didn’t truly love her.

I don’t think Pinestar is one hundred percent a bad cat in general, but he was most definitely a bad mate.

Another example of this is the fact that when he left ThunderClan to be a kitty pet, he abandoned Leopardfoot, Tigerkit, Mistkit, and Nightkit. And Mistkit and Nightkit were both extremely weak, making leaving them even more of a bad action on Pinestar’s part.

To summarize my opinion on Pinestar: I think that he is a bad mate, and he did some questionable things, but he also has good qualities that I like.

Here are some questions about Pinestar that you can answer in the comments, if you like.

1. What is your opinion on Pinestar x Leopardfoot?
2. Is Pinestar a bad mate/father?
3. Do you defend Pinestar? Why or why not?

I’ll be back with another article soon.

To quote Hamilton: Till we meet again!


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  • Pinestar x Leopardfoot was never much highlighted in the books, but I swear, Pinestar and Leopardfoot were entirely not compatible. Also, Leopardfoot could literally be Pinestars teenage daughter, so… I guess there’s that.

    Pinestar was a bad mate and a worse father. Granted, I feel the Erins just needed some cat at random to mother Tigerkit and his dead sisters, so they didn’t think too much about actually making them interact or the huge, scary age gap. While Tigerstar’s evilness wasn’t the fault of Pinestar, let’s be real. It would’ve been even more interesting if it partially was. If Pinestar hadn’t been neglectful towards Tigerkit and Leopardfoot, made it seem like he really loved them, it would’ve made a lot bigger of an impact than the, “Oh no. My father whom I’ve met thrice never left. Boo-hoo.” That the book portrays. Honestly, Tigerkit was way too distraught about Pinestar’s leaving, seeing as they probably had about three interactions and he probably barely knew Pinestar was his father.

    This was a great article, and I agreed with most of it. Pinestar was a little bit selfish, running away and abandoning his clan and family on the belief that he “deserved to live his last life in peace,” when most other leaders gave their last life for their clans. But he comforted Shanty’s owners and he wasn’t an exclusively bad cat; that has to count for something.

    This turned into a rant a bit, but oh well.

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