Silverstream’s Story: Defending Silverstream And Why She Needs A Book by Turtlepaw

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Turtlepaw shares their opinion on Silverstream

*Warning: Spoilers for The Prophecies Begin, Leopardstar’s Honor, Graystripe’s Vow, Graystripe’s Adventure, and A Vision Of Shadows are ahead! Please don’t read if you haven’t read those books, and you are uncomfortable with spoilers!*

Hey! My name is Turtle. Today, I’ll be defending the Warriors character I defend the most: Silverstream! And I’ll also be explaining why she should have her own book- whenever that’s a super edition, a novella, or a manga!

There appear to be three main reasons people hate Silverstream.

1. They think she’s a Mary-Sue.
2. They don’t like Gray x Silver.
3. They think she’s spoiled.

Well, first things first, I’ll explain why I don’t think Silverstream is a Mary-Sue!

What is a Mary-Sue, exactly? Well, a Mary-Sue (or a Gary-Stu, if you’re talking about a male character) is a character who is perfect. Like, completely perfect. Zero flaws whatsoever.

This is not an accurate way to describe Silverstream- because she does in fact, have flaws.

If she was a Mary-Sue, then why would she break the warrior code by being mates with Graystripe? A Mary-Sue is perfect, right? Having a forbidden relationship with somebody from a different Clan- therefore breaking multiple rules- isn’t really being perfect, right?

If Silverstream was a Mary-Sue, why would she defend her and Graystripe’s relationship, despite knowing that it was against the rules? A true Mary-Sue would be perfect, and well, not be in a forbidden romance in the first place!

My point is, Silverstream is definitely a flawed character. Now, this doesn’t mean she’s a bad character. There is a difference. But people hating Silverstream for being a ‘Mary-Sue’ makes no sense, because, well, she simply is not a Mary-Sue!

The second main reason so many people don’t like Silverstream is because they don’t like Gray x Silver.

I don’t think disliking a ship necessarily means you should dislike a cat involved in the ship. For example, I actually used to dislike Velvet, but a few months ago, I realized my hatred wasn’t because of Velvet herself- I just really disliked Alder x Velvet.

But honestly? I think the main reason so many people dislike both Silverstream and Gray x Silver is because both have almost never been shown in a positive light- rather, they’ve almost always been shown in a negative light. The only exceptions to this are in Graystripe’s Vow and Graystripe’s Adventure, when Graystripe thinks about Silverstream, and does so in a positive way.

But in The Prophecies Begin, Firestar- well, Fireheart at the time- is shown to really disapprove of Graystripe’s relationship with Silverstream. Because he sees them in a negative way, some readers are also influenced to see them in a negative way.

Another example of this is in Leopardstar’s Honor, when Leopardstar does not approve of Gray x Silver, and generally sees Silverstream herself in a negative light.

I’ll be moving on to why Silverstream should have her own book soon, I promise! But first, I have just a little bit more defending left.

The third reason many people in the Warriors fandom don’t like Silverstream is this: They think she is spoiled.

I don’t think this is a very good reason to hate on Silverstream. Here’s why.

Being spoiled isn’t actually Silverstream’s fault. It was the way she was raised. She grew up thinking that because she was the leader’s daughter, she could do so-and-so, and not get in trouble.

The way we are raised can influence how we live our lives. And no, it’s not necessarily our fault.

Therefore, even though Silverstream can come across as a bit spoiled, I think it’s not entirely her fault, and that people shouldn’t hate her for it.

I personally love Silverstream. Gray x Silver is one of my ultimate favorite Warriors ships. But Silverstream herself is awesome too. Some people saw her as annoying, but I didn’t see her that way at all. I saw her as a confident young she-cat who wasn’t afraid to stand up for herself and cats she cares about. Silverstream would make my top twenty favorite Warriors characters, which is really saying something, since there are so many amazing cats in Warriors!

So: Why does Silverstream deserve a book? Well, I will tell you why.

If Silverstream received a super edition or a novella or a manga, we could see HER point of view. See HER thoughts, HER opinions. Reading something in a character’s point of view can help the reader start to relate with the character, start liking them more, or even just help them understand the character a little bit better!

Also, seeing Silverstream’s relationship with Graystripe from her point of view would be super interesting, because while we’ve seen it from a couple of different point of views, one of them has never been Silverstream.

Silverstream deserves a book. But do you know what she does NOT deserve? Being hated!

Please feel free to share your opinions on the comments. But please don’t start any Silverstream vs Millie or Gray x Silver vs Gray x Millie debates. I never said that Silverstream was better than Millie. I never even mentioned Gray x Millie! I was mostly just defending Silverstream herself, and towards the middle, I was briefly defending Gray x Silver.

See you soon!

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