Comparing Encanto’s songs to Warriors characters by Freepaw

Freepaw shares which Encanto songs fit with which Warriors characters!

Free here! This is my first article!
(Spoilers possibly ahead for both Encanto and Warriors!)
Today I’ll be comparing songs from the fabulous film Encanto to characters from Warriors!

First up, we have Waiting on A Miracle (Stephanie Beatriz)!
I think this song goes perfectly with Hollyleaf!
“I will stand on the side as you shine”
It goes perfectly with Hollyleaf! The song is all about Mirabel wishing she had a gift, just like Hollyleaf! Mirabel is jealous of Luisa and Isabella, her sisters, like Hollyleaf is jealous of Lionblaze and Jayfeather, her brothers.
I especially saw parallels with the lyric “Can’t keep down the unspoken invisible pain”. Mirabel later, after singing this, yells at Abuela, who protected the family with all of her might (but also harmed them).
Hollyleaf killed Ashur, who loved Squirrelflight with all of his might (but also harmed her).
It’s the exact same story!

Next up, we have Surface Pressure (Jessica Darrow)
Sung by Luisa, I think this isn’t absolutely perfect, but it goes along with most leaders in the warriors series.
It talks about cracking under the pressure of the duties forced on her by Abuela and the rest of her family. Like Pinestar cracking under the pressure of being a leader and becoming a kittypet. Pinestar also seemed tough and steely on the outside, just like Luisa – “Got a rough, indestructible surface”. Firestar is often forced to make tough decisions that make him have to ask Leafpool or Sandstorm for help. Bramblestar had to do the same. Mistystar often made bad choices because of the pressure on her to help her Clan. Tigerstar must’ve been so confused and under pressure, dying and, well, un-dying, and suddenly becoming the leader, suddenly having so much to worry about, alongside his kits and relationship with his mate Dovewing. I think especially Leafstar was so lost in the duties of being a leader. I’m pretty sure she was surprised when Firestar made her SkyClan’s leader. Then, still being relatively new to being a leader, she lead her Clan all the way to the Lake Clans!

That’s all for this article! Thank you so much for reading, I worked very hard on this! It’s my first one and since Encanto is my new favorite movie, I thought “why not write your first article, self?” haha I really hope you enjoyed! Comment with your own songs/opinions below this! Thanks again <3

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