Cats Who Need Super Editions by Mintypaw

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Mintypaw lists some characters they believe deserve Super Editions!

Hi BlogClan! It’s Minty again with a new article!
Today, I want to share my opinions based on cats who need super editions! Without any further ado, let’s get started!!
(SPOILER WARNING for… everything)

– Crowfeather
I think most of you agree that Crowfeather needs one. I want to know how he started to like Leafpool, and what happened with Nightcloud and Breezepelt. A question I’d like to ask Crowfeather: Did you actually LOVE Nightcloud?

– Sol
I know how he started to dislike-I mean loathe the Clans. If you read SkyClan and the Stranger, you’d know. He wanted to become a warrior but he couldn’t. But what I WANT to know is how he found his way to the other Clans. Don’t you?

– Millie
Yup, I said Millie. A lot of you don’t like Millie because she didn’t seem to notice Blossomfall and Bumblestripe, but you might not know her REAL feelings. What if she really cared for her other litters, but maybe
(my theory) she was worried that if she cared for Blossomfall and Bumblestripe too, Briarlight would think that Millie didn’t really care for her, especially because she was injured. But Briarlight actually didn’t want Millie to be near her all the time, so then if my theory is right, Millie misunderstood. I’d also like to know about her feelings on the journey with Graystripe(even though there’s a manga).

– Purdy
Honestly for this one… I only want to know if he actually did all those stuff that he told the apprentices. Is he just making them up? And how was his child(?)hood?

– Brightheart
I would really like to know about how she felt when Swiftpaw died, and when she got a nasty scar, losing almost half of her face. And how she got close to Cloudtail. How did she feel when she felt other cats’ gazes on her with wide eyes and shocked murmurs spreading about how she looked? Wouldn’t it be interesting? *nods*

– Jake
I really want to know more about him. I want to know what life was like before Tallstar met him and after. For example, did he want to explore the forest or learn more about the Clans? What did he feel like when he might’ve discovered his son(Firestar) had gone to the forest? Also, I believe that Tallstar and Jake were just friends and there’s a quote from the book.

“You’re the best friend I ever had.”
“I’ll always be your friend, Talltail,” Jake meowed.
-Tallstar’s revenge

That’s all for today! I might make a part two if there are more cats that I want to learn more about!
Thanks for reading!!

Minty <3

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  • Those are great ideas, except for Crowfeather. He already has a super edition called ‘‘Crowfeather’s Trail,’’ but that’s okay! We all make mistakes 🙂 Out of all of your opinions, my fav were Sol’s, Purdy’s and Millie’s. The loners and kittypet. I miss that old man, Purdy. :,(

  • Those are great ideas, except for Crowfeather. He already has a super edition called ‘‘Crowfeather’s Trail,’’ but that’s okay! We all make mistakes 🙂 — Snowfawn misses the old man Purdy

  • Amazing article, Mintypaw! I agree with all of them except for Crowfeather (I wish instead of Brambleclaw Crowfeather was the main tom in the New Prophecy, it would have been more interesting like that.)

  • What I’m wondering is why everybody forgot about Cinderpelt.
    Hello? DUH she needs a super edition. I won’t explain. If you don’t get why, forget it. Keep being blind to the obvious truth.
    (Sorry if this sounds mean. Cinderpelt/heart is my favorite character and I feel strongly about her, so. But really, she NEEDS a super edition.)

    • Whitebreeze who kept changing her name because she can’t decide which name sounds better says:

      So true. Cinderpelt/Cinderheart’s POV would be so interesting if the story started from when she is a kit to a med to a warrior. (Like Bluestar’s Prophecy)

  • Crowfeather already has a super edition and Soil is in in SkyClan and the Stranger, so you can get some information from there.

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