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Cloudtail x Brightheart or Swiftpaw x Brightheart? Which Tom Will Brightheart be Happiest With? by Frostkit

Frostkit wonders who would’ve been a better mate for Brightheart.

Artwork by Spirit-Of-Alaska

Hey! It’s Frapple! (Osprey came up with the nickname. Bow to them. UwU) Anyway, I’ll be writing ANOTHER article, and it’s on Brightheart and who we ship her with.

(Note: I will NOT be attacking BrightCloud in this article.)
(Another note: I will be a bit biased here, so try not to get too offended if you’re a BrightCloud shipper. Which you probably are. :P)

So, you’ve obviously noticed the title. (And if you’ve read my attacking BrightCloud article, you’d know that I dislike the ship. If you don’t know WHY, I won’t be going over that in detail again, so go ahead and look at the other article about BrightCloud, if it got published, obviously. 😛 Just in case, I’ll go over everything with not as much detail.) Since BrightCloud is not my favorite, I’ll be going over BrightSwift, (Brightheart x Swiftpaw) which some people surprisingly ship, including me! 😀 I’m not going to put much more into this intro because you’ve read the title, and you know what I’m going to be doing. Let’s get started!

I’ll just quickly review Swiftpaw and his history with Brightheart first. So, Swiftpaw is not really that much of a big deal. He’s a side character who is just a normal apprentice. He decides he wants to attack the dogs in the first place because he wants to prove to Bluestar that he is worth becoming a warrior or something? My memory is a bit rusty, sorry. Anyway, he happens to take Brightpaw with him. They attack those dogs, and they kill Swiftpaw, and severely injure Brightpaw. You might be saying, “Frapple, why do you ship these cats if they barely know each other?!” And if you’re wondering that, just know that Swiftpaw and Brightpaw were shown to be good friends. A lot of people also think they would be cute together, so that’s how the unpopular ship came to be. So, that’s basically all of the history of them being together. 😛

Now, I’ll talk about the quite overrated ship, BrightCloud. So almost right after Brightheart gets injured, Cloudtail suddenly starts hanging around with Brightheart, and spending a lot of time with her. And Brightheart doesn’t seem to mind. After Brightheart gets better, she and Cloudtail develop a relationship, and they eventually become mates. But a while later, Daisy comes into ThunderClan. Cloudtail gets connected with her. Brightheart gets jealous and feels dumped because Cloudtail (I keep typing ‘Cloutail’!!! kslfuhsiepjofdkjhreuipo) isn’t really spending much time with her anymore, and is sitting around, and hunting and training with Daisy. Soon, Cloudtail breaks his bond a bit with Daisy so they don’t feel attracted to each other, and Brightheart and Cloudtail are back together. So that’s basically it!

So, now I will be giving bad points about BrightCloud, and I’ll be countering that

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  • 🌊Streampaw of MoonClan, apprentice to Blossomtail! Happy Easter, everyone!🌊 (Streampaw/lark, she/her) says:

    Nice article! Too bad it got cut off.

    Bright x Cloud is my favorite. Cloudtail didn’t ‘suddenly’ start hanging around her, they were friends before the attack on the dogs. And Swiftpaw was actually very immature and naive to go and attack the dogs: he put both himself and Brightpaw in danger.

  • There’s not a lot “bad points” to find. Most relationships have some bad moments, the Daisy crisis was something that eventually helped Brightheart and Cloudtail build an even stronger bond. They were friends back in The Rising Storm, and they are the sweetest parents. As for Swiftpaw, we don’t know anything but that they went on a mousebrained quest together.

  • youre making it sound as though cloud SUDDENLY started liking brightheart. if im remembering things correctly he admits he has a crush on her in rising storm I BELIEEEVEEEE??? he was there to support her when she was suffering and everyone was scared of her, which I personally would like if i had my face permanently injured. its nice to have someone support you and stay with you no matter what. also wouldnt it be awesome that cloudtail stopped hanging out with daisy because brightheart was uncomfortable w it? tho i do like swiftxbright too i personally love both ships lmaoooo

  • Aw it got cut off! I was interested to hear your opinion on why SwiftxBright was better (I personally ship BrightxCloud)

  • I disagree because Swiftpaw got himself and brightheart attacked by dogs because he wanted to be a warrior so he was being selfish to Brightheart.

  • Oh no I love Swiftpaw and ship him with Brightheart. So I agree with you .-.
    But seeing all the cloud tail lover comments….it hurts.
    CloudxBright is so overrated.
    So in MY opinion please don’t feel offended!
    Cheers Roseshine

  • I love cloudtail and he is one of my favourite characters. However I do agree with you, I ship Swiftpaw and Brightheart.

  • Jag tror Cloudtail och Brightheart visst kände varandra som lärlingar här är varför:

    Fireheart whispred” I didnt know that Cloudtaik cared about other cats… Cinderpelt looked at him and said ” Didnt you notice? Cloudtail have followed her around the whole green-leaf if not more!”

    This is why i think that Cloudtail and Brightheart knew eachother very good and that they maybe already had feelings for eachother. When Brightheart and Swiftpaw was out to fight the dogs Cloudtail showed caring and love for Brightheart when he finds her, he didnt think when he ran up to her and then he cried for days, and didnt leave her side.

    CloudxBright for life!❤️

    Hazelsight ut!

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