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Sorting Warrior Cats into Hogwarts Houses by Autumnpaw

Autumnpaw sorts characters from the first three arcs into Hogwarts houses from the popular book series, Harry Potter.

Artwork by Snowfalls_art

Hello everyone, Autumnpaw here! Today, I’ll be sorting Arc 1-3 cats into Hogwarts Houses based on their personalities!
Let’s start off with Firestar.
He is portrayed as a noble, selfless cat who would do anything for those in need. He is definitely a Gryffindor in my eyes!
Next up is Graystripe!
He is quite jokey and playful in his younger years, and as an elder he is kind-hearted and warm. Although he is not the most loyal, he would probably be in Gryffindor alongside Firestar.
Third is Bluestar.
She is sharp and witty, calm and noble. She would probably be in Ravenclaw due to her intelligence and quick-thinking!
Next on our list is Tigerstar.
He is highly ambitious and arrogant, not to mention formidable and forceful. In my eyes, he is 100% Slytherin, through and through.
The final arc 1 cat is Ravenpaw!
He is humble and kind, not wanting action or victory. He fits perfectly into Hufflepuff as he is truly loyal to those who he feels connection to, as displayed in The Darkest Hour and the Ravenpaw’s Path novellas.
Now, lets get into Arc 2!
First in Arc 2 is Brambleclaw.
He is shown as quite the underdog in the beginning, being the son of a mass murderer. But he perseveres and does his duty on the Sun-drown quest, and ends up as deputy due to his courage and bravery. I would say he is a Gryffindor.
Second is Squirrelflight.
At the start, she is quite whiny and annoying, fiery and enthusiastic. But as the arc progresses, she emotionally matures, and ends up as a benefit to her clan. Gryffindor it is!
Next up is Crowfeather.
At the start, he is bothersome and grumpy, but after the death of his beloved Feathertail, he grows up a little and becomes more sensible. He ends up falling for Leafpool, and going where his heart takes him. I’m stuck on whether to put him in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, but I think he suits Ravenclaw. So, Ravenclaw!
Next we have Feathertail.
She is a warm-hearted, considerate she-cat, who is humble in all her ways. She also has smarts and brains, so she might be Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. In the end, she sacrifices herself for the Tribe, so I think she might be a Hufflepuff then.
Now, we have Tawnypelt.
She is courageous and sensible in her ways, and intelligent too. I think she suits Ravenclaw.
Now, let’s dive right in to Arc 3!
Let’s begin with Jayfeather.
He is quite irritable and grumpy, similar to his father Crowfeather, but he is still able to due his medicine duties despite his blindness. Medicine skills require intelligence and patience, and since he is quite a quick thinker, I would say he is Ravenclaw!
Next up is Lionblaze!
Alright, let’s discuss the elephant in the room. The Gryffindor symbol is quite literally a lion. Not to mention his heroism and valour. If his personality doesn’t scream Gryffindor, I don’t know what does!
Last for today’s article is Hollyleaf!
In the books, she is shown to be a VERY quick thinker

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