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my thoughts on forbidden love by Loonsong

Loonsong shares their opinion on forbidden relationships.

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This is my third article (although, at the moment, my second one has not yet been published) and i was looking for a topic. So i decided on forbidden love, and my favorite and least favorite ships within it. i hope you enjoy!! Also small spoiler warning for people who haven’t read the books.

1) my thoughts on forbidden love:
i, personally, like forbidden love, as it adds lots of excitement to the story. I’m also not sure why its still called forbidden love, as it almost always gets forgiven.
2) my favorite forbidden love ships, i’m not sure about the exact order of these, so they’re kind of random

1) Leaf x Crow
I always liked this ship. one of the reasons probably being that I like both characters. Although I like Squirrelflight better, Leafpool has still been a character that I have always liked. Crowfeather has also always been one of my favorite characters. This ship was also very interesting, with tons of twists and turns.

2) Moth x Micha
i’m not sure if this is forbidden love of not, as it has been a long time since i read Mothflight’s vision. But i do remember that it was one of my favorite super editions, and i just always liked the ship.

3) Blue x Oak
Another one of my favorite ships is Bluestar and Oakheart. You kind of get the ship from three different perspectives. One from Bluestar in Bluestar’s prophecy, one from Crookedstar, Oakheart, and Riverclan in Crookedstar’s promise, and one from Firestar. I always liked this ship, because not only were they from different clans, but those clans were also constantly at war, and Bluestar was leader, and Oakheart was brother of the leader.
3) now on to my least favorite forbidden love ships. Reasons on this list will be stuff like i don’t like the characters, or it’s too boring.

1) Tiger x Dove
I don’t really like this ship for a few reasons. One of the main ones is that i REALLY don’t like one of the characters. Dovewing. To me, this ship seemed to me like Dovewing was just like “oh, i’m so sad, i lost the power that i never wanted in the first place, and i just wanted to be normal, and now i am, and it’s sad. Maybe i’ll go run of with a Shadowclan cat, and have some kits, then go live in Shadowclan” Dovewing has just always annoyed me.

Actually, i think that’s the only forbidden love ship that i don’t like. Thanks for reading!!!

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  • i dont like tigerdove in oots, but in tigerhearts shadow i liked seeing how tigerheart kept worrying about her and wondering if she was ok! i think it was rlly sweet how worried he was of her and how he travelled far just to see her again. and honestly she only wanted to go to sc because tigerheart wanted it, she wasnt all “boohoo im gonna go leave my birthclan” she struggled with the decision since it was her birth clan but she wanted to be with tigerheart as well and shed get judged by her sister in tc. Dovewing isnt a bad character too guys im sorry i just had to defend dovewing, i love her so much. not saying ur opinion isnt valid all opinions r valid

  • You can’t blame Dovewing, even if she did not want powers, shes had them for her WHOLE ENTIER LIFE. Also Tigerheart loved Dovewing, do you think she could just be whiny and say “Ung, I don’t want to be your mate, I don’t even love you so there” Besides in Leaf x Crow Leafpaw does not even have feelings for him and she still said yes.

    • One little thingy I wanna point out 😛
      Leafpaw actually was developing feelings for Crowfeather long before he saved her from the cliff. In Dawn, Crowpaw reassures and comforts Leafpaw when she is making this big jump over a gap in the cliff on the journey. Then, Leafpaw has thoughts of him and feels terrible for him, since he had lost Feathertail. However, she is starting to develop feelings for him! Later on, she looks out for him, and then wishes she could go with him on the patrol to find their new territories, and imagines herself beside Crowfeather. Then there are many moments that come afterward where Leafpaw is noticing Crowfeather, developing feelings for him, and thinking about him. Then she went to go help the sick cats in WindClan and they are very embarrassed around each other 😛 Also, when Crowfeather needed help to feed an elder, she offered her help. There are also many, many other moments where they have cute moments before they confessed they loved each other! I’m just too tired to find all the quotes right now, I’m sleepy 😛
      (At this point, I should just write an article 😅)

    • Leafpool acually had feelings for him. She might have realized it when he said it, or she didnt want to admit.

      • Yeah I agree! 😀 Leafpool did have feelings for him, but at that time she hadn’t admitted it to herself yet ^^

  • Great article! I agree with Leaf×Crow and Moth×Micha but I’m neutral on Blue×Oak and I strongly disagree with what you said about Dove×Tiger!

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