Sunningrocks: do they belong to Thunderclan or Riverclan? by Loonsong

Loonsong shares their take on the classic territory dispute between ThunderClan and RiverClan.

Artist unknown (Source: Goodreads)

Hello!! I am back again with my fourth article. Does Sunningrocks belong to Thunderclan? Or do they belong to Riverclan? read my article to find out my opinion. I hope you enjoy!!

1) Sunningrocks
I trust that all of you know what Sunningrocks (Sunning rocks) is. But for those of you who don’t, here is a quick summary. From what I understand, Sunningrocks is a group of rocks that are always warmed by the sun, making them the perfect place to relax, especially in leafbare. The rocks used to be in the river, making them part of Riverclan territory. Then, one year, the sun dried up some of the water, leaving the rocks partly on land, making them on Thunderclan territory. The two clans are constantly battling over the rocks.

2) Both sides
Before I tell you my opinion on which clan these rocks belong to, let’s get some evidence/information from both sides. Here are some quotes/scenes from each clan.
” the sun dried up the water, so clearly Starclan wants us to have them”
“Oakheart! How dare you hunt in our territory? The Sunningrocks belong to ThunderClan!”
“We’ve been fighting over Sunningrocks for years, some cats say that the rocks were in the river once, so RiverClan thinks of them as theirs. I don’t know about that—they’ve been on ThunderClan land as long as any cat in the Clans now can remember. But RiverClan won’t admit they’re ours.”

“it’s a matter of honor that we don’t let Thunderclan take what’s been ours since the dawn of the clans”
“these rocks belong to Riverclan and always have”
Thunderclan gathered together and steered their wounded clanmates away.
“watchout Thunderclan, no one takes sunningrocks and gets away with it”

3) my opinion
in my opinion, sunningrocks has always belonged to Riverclan. But that’s just my opinion, and i can’t speak for anyone else.

Hope you enjoyed this article, and let me know your opinion in the comments. Does Sunningrocks belong to Thunderclan, Riverclan, or should they just share it? let me know in the comments, and thank you for reading!! hope you have a good day!!

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  • The Sunningrocks are kind of pointless. I think their main purpose was to build tension between Riverclan and Thunderclan, and boy did they ever. It makes me mad, because how many cats have died over rocks? ROCKS, guys. They should have either shared them, or declared them as neutral territory. I’m glad the clans left the old forest and sunningrocks, and good riddance. But great article, Loonsong! (Your name is awesome, BTW!)

    • Imagine being in StarClan and asking cats how they died.

      “Hi! How did you die?”

      “I was killed by a RiverClan warrior.”

      “Why did they do that?”

      “He was angry I stole his rocks.”


  • words cannot describe how much i hate the sunningrocks debate but in my opinion it should go to thunderclan. it IS on their side and for some reason i hate when things arent evenly divided lol but imo it should be considered neutral ground esp since BOTH clans struggle a lot in leafbare and could both benefit from the territory

  • I am a Riverclan cat so I would say Sunningrocks belong to Riverclan but I used to be a Thunderclan cat and I thought it over and technicly Sunningrocks belong to Riverclan because it used to be underwater so only Riverclan could get their and I don’t see why it belongs to Thunderclan when It was always Riverclan territory. ( P.S Check out my first article. “My top five favorite cats and least favorite” or something Like thT.)

  • Lovepaw, I agree. In my opinion, Sunningrocks belongs to ThunderClan because it is on their side of the river, and has trees which are their habitat. Sorry, RiverClan fans, but i think Sunningrocks is ThunderClan’s!

  • I kinda wish Sunningrocks never existed! So many noble, important warriors died, and many were injured. For me, or in my opinion, Sunningrocks just cause grief, death, and injuries.

  • I feel like ThunderClan should get the Sunningrocks in summer/spring, and RiverClan should get them in fall/winter. Here’s why: RiverClan cats eat fish, as we all know, and they don’t eat land prey. Basically every leaf-bare, the rivers freeze over, making it difficult for them to feed their Clan, let alone themselves. ThunderClan normally has enough prey, and they prepare for leaf-bare by catching lots and lots of prey when summer ends. They would have enough prey, and if they ever ran out, they basically had the whole oak-tree type of forest to themselves. In conclusion, they should just be back and forth, RiverClan to ThunderClan. My other opinion is that they should just never exist. There are always fights happening, and some really important characters get killed off in their dumb skirmishes.

  • technically [spoiler alert***], sunningrocks belongs to no one.

    ***The clans left the forest territories

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