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Silvershadow lists their favourite characters!

Hey everyone! Silvershadow here, with my very first article! Today I’m going to be talking about my Top 5 favorite characters in the Warriors series. Just warning yall that there will most likely be some spoilers up ahead . . . so if you’re not okay with that I’d recommend stopping here :). Please note that these are just my opinions- no one is obliged to agree with me!

Alright . . . let’s get started!

1. Feathertail
Feathertail is one of my favorite cats ever, she’s just so awesome. At first glance you’d think she’s that delicate, fragile, prissy kind of cat- and even though Feathertail has a side of her that’s all elegance and grace, she can also be fierce and strong, which is one of my favorite things about her. She’s kind, caring, compassionate and loyal to her clan, but she’ll also do what she thinks is right and doesn’t let anyone bully her. Not to mention she sacrificed her life for the cat she loved, and a group of cats that she hadn’t even come from. Feathertail truly was a noble, selfless cat while she lived. Also- she was so pretty! Everyone always says Silverstream is the most beautiful cat ever, but I think Feathertail is prettier (slight spoiler for anyone who hasn’t read A Shadow in Riverclan)

2. Graystripe.
Next up is Graystripe, who, coincidentally, is Feathertails dad (I actually was struggling with who was my favorite; Graystripe or Feathertail- evidently, I chose Feathertail, but no wonder I love her so much her dad is AWESOME) Anyways, Graystripe is an absolute OG, all the way from the very first book! He’s kind, fierce, loyal, strong, and an amazing friend. Even if he wasn’t fit to be leader, Graystripe was a devoted, respected, beloved senior warrior of Thunderclan. May he find good hunting, swift running, and shelter when he sleeps in Starclan.

3. Sandstorm
Sandstorm is also a total OG, and she’s amazing! Even though in the beginning she was a fussy, sassy brat, she really changed into a loving, intelligent, trustworthy member of Thunderclan. She was a brilliant mother to Squirrelflight and Leafpool, and treated the whole clan like kin even when they weren’t. In Bramblestars Storm, she really helped Bramblestar out a lot; giving him advice, guiding him towards the right path, and just generally being there for him when he was under a lot of pressure. If she had still been alive when Thunderclan started falling apart, I know that she would have seen right through Ashfurs facade and put an end to him- she definitely would not have put up with all of his dictating. I was devastated when she died, but I know that she is happy and content in Starclan with the rest of her family.

4. Cinderpelt
Cinderpelt- another awesome OG she-cat. As yall can probably tell by now, I love a lot of OG’s xD. I don’t just love Cinderpelt because she’s from the beginning of the series though- she’s independent, caring, strong, kind, and so sweet! Even though she got injured in an “accident” by the Thunderpath . . . *cough cOugh Tigerclaw*, she never let it ruin her spirit. She continued to work hard and be a positive influence on her clanmates. Even though Cinderpelt couldn’t continue her training to become a warrior and hunt/fight for her clan, she still strived to become a medicine cat and help her clan by healing them and reading the signs sent by Starclan.

5. Dustpelt
Yes, yes, another cat from the first series, I know. Dustpelt is definitely not the favorite cat of a lot of people because of the way he treated Firestar in the beginning and also because he’s just generally kind of grumpy, but he really is a good cat at heart. He cares about his clan and his clanmates, and he’s super sweet to Ferncloud and his kits. Dustpelt actually would’ve made a good deputy- and he wanted to be too. I actually think it was kind of unfair for him, because during the time when he was the right age to become deputy, Firestar/Graystripe were in power, and so of course they were gonna be biased and never pick him (to all of you fellow Firestar fans, this is no hate towards Firestar, he’s also one of my favorite cats ever!). You also gotta give Dustpelt some credit- he was devastated when Ferncloud died, but he still worked hard to help his clan and fought really hard in the battle against the badgers. I’m just glad he’s reunited with Ferncloud now :).

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read my very first article, hopefully you guys agree with me for at least some of these, and I hope to see you next time!!

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