Why I don’t like Spottedleaf by Aqualight

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Aqualight shares their opinions on Spottedleaf

Hi i’m Aqualight, and this is my first article, so bear with me. And yes, I know I know I know! This article has been done *hundreds* of times. But this time I think maaaaaaybe I don’t like Spottedleaf for a different reason than some other opinions.

OK lets get started

Ahem attention, SPOILERS FOR FIRESTARS QUEST AND POSSIBLEY BOOKS FROM WARRIORS THE FIRST ARC SO MOVE ON IF THAT DOES NOT APPEAL TO YOU (though to be honest i dont hoooow it doesnt appeal to you, spoiler are great! but enough stalling, get ready for some seroius spelling mistakes)

Alright, so you know (if you don’t know, i’m not sure how to get over the level of akwardness that would follow after me saying, you know, and really, you do not know)

you know in Firestars Quest how Firestar and Sandstorm go on a mission to find and maybe bring Skyclan back to the forest or help become a clan become a clan or something, to be honest it’s been way to long since I read the book, so a lot of what I say about the book will proabbaly be incorrect. So Firestar and Sandstorm go to the valley or whatever where a Skyclan ex-member cat dude was and all that. Well theres this part of the book, where i’m pretty sure it goes like, Firestars in what would be the medicine cat cave in the valley, and then a vision or ghost of Spottedleaf comes to him. Now I get it she is a bit of a stalker, but honestly I don’t hold that against her, Firestar’s a very important cat and she was still hung up over him. So in comes the vision or ghost of Spottedleaf and they talk prophecy talk, and they talk helping Skyclan talk, usaul medicine cat to clan leader talk. But, BUt, BUUUUT, then Spottedleaf says the most annoying thing EVER. I’m not sure of the exact words, but it goes something like,

Spottedleaf: “Oh Firestar, I’m so happy you and Sandstorm are good mates, she’s perfect for you really”

And Firestars slightly uncomfy says : “Oh yeah I love Sandstorm she’s great”

Then Spottedleaf: ” Mhm if it had been anyone for you other than me it would be Sandstorm. Really Firestar, I can’t help wonder what would have happened between you and me if I had been alive, We could have been so happy together”

This isnt really exactly how the exchange went but it’s close enough. So then aaaaall throuout the rest of the story Firestar and Sandstorm have romantic tension, and it is honeslty STRESSFUL!!! Because Firestars acting all like oh yeah I love you but i’m having dreams about some dead ex- not really mate but childhood crush that I knew for like 3 weeks and had around 4 conversations with that probably would never have worked out because she was a medicine cat. HONESTLY REALLY FIRESTAR, really???

So to be honest I got that Spottedleaf was slightly annoying beofre, I didnt put much thought into to it, she was a Mary-sue

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