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Should Medicine Cats Be Allowed To Take Mates And Have Kits? by Mossdawn

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Mossdawn analyses the rule that medicine cats cannot have kits

Hi, It’s Mossdawn here with my first article! I was think about posting a video about this on my YouTube channel but decided to write an article. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

The Medicine Cat Codes states that a medicine cat cannot take a mate or have kits. This code was put into place by the first medicine cat moth flight after she had kits. ….but this code was put in place soon after dotc so it may be a bit outdated, today I’ll be giving reasons for and against the code.

#1 Against. Medicine Cats have other family members.

One of the reasons that medicine cats can’t have kits or mates is because they would put them above the clan, say worry for their kit over a more harmed Warrior. This is… True in some sense, we see Leafpool and Yellowfang both especially worry over their kit(s). But what about their siblings or parents? Wouldn’t Leafpool also worry about Squirrleflight, and would Yellowfang also worry about Nutwhisker and Rowan(berry?) Yellowfang seems to worry for both of her siblings at times. It seems that the reason that they would treat their kits specially makes no sense.

#2 For. How would they be able to have kits / look after their kits without neglecting their kits or their clan.

It’s either a choice between their kits or their Clan. I’ll use Leafpool’s situation, at first she chose herself by running away with Crowfeather and leaving her Clan with only Brightheart’s limited knowledge. If she had stayed away even longer then puddleshine’s situation may just replay with an apprentice who is underage or thrust into the situation with no choice. Then she neglected her kits by giving them up for her Clan. When the secret was revealed the were distraught with knowing their whole parentage was a lie and they were now Half-Clan and Medicine cat kits. This lead to both Lionblaze and Jayfeather being resentful towards Leafpool. And Hollyleaf becoming a murderer and nearly dying by running into the tunnels, and tarnishing her reputation (her own fault of error i must admit).

#3 Against. As long as they have an apprentice who is a full medicine cat they have a mate and kits.

There’s no reason for a full medicine cat not to be able to take over the role of their mentor while their mentor is having kits. ThunderClan has have three medicine cats before and windclan hasn’t never been with two medicine cats for a very long time. So it can be done and efficiently!

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  • I mean, yeah! Bad medicine cats, wheter you like it or not, would put certain cats over other. Good medicine cats would treat first the cats in the worst condition first, not caring if its their kin or not.
    Even if the Clan wanna be “safe”, a medicine cat should be able to have kits if like theres another mediine cat available, like you said
    Its just a stupid rule :/

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