Matching up Warrior Cats to Characters from Different Fandoms (Part One) by Cloudypaw

Cloudypaw compares characters from Warriors to those in different fandoms.

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Hello Blogclan!
Cloudypaw is back and has another article in store! Today, we are going to match up cats from the books to characters like them in different TV shows, movies, video games, etc! There will be possible spoilers for the books, just a warning! So, now with that out of the way, let’s get started!

#1: Raymond, from Animal Crossing New Horizons

I have spent countless hours trying to get Raymond on my animal crossing island, and failing miserably every time, but getting back on track, I think that Raymond is like Berrynose. Of course, Berrynose is more annoying than most things by miles, but they have some things in common. Raymond is a smug villager, and smug villagers will build up their egos whenever they can, which Berrynose tends to do a lot. I could definitely describe Berrynose as smug, and self-centered, and selfish. So, Berrynose is definitely not in my top ten favorite characters, but he seems to match Raymond in a couple of ways.

#2: Mirabel, from Disney’s Encanto

I am matching up Mirabel to Ivypool. They both have similar storylines, Mirabel’s family all had magical powers called gifts, and she didn’t have one, and Ivypool’s sister Dovewing, along with her kin Lionblaze and Jayfeather all had powers, and she didn’t have them. I can definitely see Ivypool singing the song “Waiting on a Miracal” where Mirabel is singing about how she does not have any powers. They both wish they had powers like the rest of their family. That is why I am matching Mirabel to Ivypool.

#3: Mordecai, from Regular Show

I am matching Mordecai up to Jayfeather. Even though Mordecai is not blind, he is really sarcastic. he and Jayfeather share a lot of personality traits, as in sarcasm, and caring for people close to them. (Ex: Margaret, Rigby, Ex: Lionblaze, Leafpool) They both make fun or sarcastic comments to other people, and have a soft side.

#4: Tanjiro, from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

I am matching Tanjiro to Cloudtail even though he is not Brightheart’s brother. Tanjiro is always protective of Nezuko, even after she is turned into a demon, and is always kind to her. This also goes for Cloudtail, since he protects Brightheart from other cats’ comments and looks and is always supportive of her after her run-in with the dogs. He always tells her she is beautiful and helps her build up self-confidence. That is why I matched him up with Tanjiro.

#5: Finn the Human, from Adventure Time

I am matching him up with Firestar. Finn is a main character in Adventure Time and is one of the main icons in Adventure Time. Firestar is also a main character, and (I would say) may be one of the first characters that might pop into your mind when you think of Warriors. They have been in many adventures, battles, and just chill times. They also had an epic final battle, where Firestar dies, but Finn dosen’t

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