My Favorite and Least Favorite Cats in Warriors! by Mottlebird

Mottlebird shares their favourite and least favourite characters from the series.

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Hi, it’s Mottlebird here, and today I am doing my first article about my favorite and least favorite cats in the book series Warriors!! (Please excuse any mistakes, as I noted above that it’s my very first article!) [WARNING: Spoilers!] To start off, we’ll do my least favorite, because I REALLY want to get this feeling out.
Number One on this list is: Spottedleaf.
I don’t know why, but her ‘sweet scent’ just irritates me, and the way she just dies in the first book and appears in the last (I think?? Please say in the comments!). She’s messed up, as well, because she falls in love with Fireheart/star even though she knows perfectly well that she is a medicine cat and he is a warrior. Alright, now I’ve got that done, we can move onto—
Number Two on this list is: Crowfeather.
A few reasons for this one. 1) He thinks that he is important enough to choose his own warrior name, after Feathertail died. 2) He also thinks he is important enough to rip the Warrior Code into two when he falls in love with Leafpool (A medicine cat, if you don’t know) and then decides to run away. Luckily Midnight the badger finds them in time to call them back to their own Clans for Leafpool to go back to find her Clan fighting for their lives against badgers, and her own mentor, Cinderpelt, trying to help Sorreltail give birth while a badger fights with her AT THE SAME TIME to get into the nursery. Oh, StarClan, that was a breath! It was all Crowfeather’s fault that this happened as he managed to convince Leafpool to run away from her Clan. Overall, Crowfeather is really not my type, because of these reasons.
Third and Last on this list is: Hollyleaf.
She could’ve at least acted more maturely when she found out her real parents (Leafpool and Crowfeather, because they did manage to have kits: Lionblaze, Hollyleaf and Jayfeather) weren’t Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw, instead of resorting to killing Ashfur and leaving the Clan. But yes, I don’t like her at all.
Now we’re onto my favorites! I think most of you will agree with me.
Number One on this list is: Yellowfang.
Ultimate, saintly Yellowfang! I love how she exclaims when she and Firepaw first meet: “Oh, a puny apprentice! Easy prey for Yellowfang!” But maybe she underestimated the young tom and he soon put her in her place! I don’t know how anybody in ThunderClan could have thought that she had killed Spottedleaf and taken the kits from ThunderClan into ShadowClan.
Number Two on this list is: Jayfeather.
I love his attitude and his grumpiness. I can totally understand why he would act this way because, if I was born into a Clan, I would want to be the best warrior my Clan had ever known!! But he was blind, and he was apprenticed to Brightheart, in the hope that the one-eyed she-cat would help him become a warrior. Instead, he became a medicine cat because that plan didn’t work out. I just feel so sorry for him.
Third and Last on this list is: Brackenfur.
This is just an amazing cat. He is so mature, and he copes well with his sister’s injury and Sorreltail’s death. I just feel so bad for him when Sorreltail and Honeyfern die. This is overall just an outstanding cat who made it to an elder and had lots of kits!!
That is all, folks! Hope you enjoyed it. Please remember to comment and tell me if you agree/disagree!
Catch you later!

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    • Yeah, I agree. Crowfeather may be grumpy and lovesick, but for good reason. No offence, Mottlebird, I felt shocked when I saw Hollyleaf as #3. I respect that you don’t like her, but she was the most mature out of the three, but then… OK, if you followed the rules and your sweet mother looked after you, then when you were very young somebody you knew was trying to kill you, and your mother was there. ‘I’M ABOUT TO KILL YOUR CHILDREN’ that somebody you knew hissed at your mother. But she said ‘I don’t care they’re not my children there my sister’s.’ And your aunt, well now your mum, wasn’t allowed to have children! You would go mad. But it’s OK to dislike her, Mottlebird, I’m just pointing out why she was so upset. If I upsetted anyone, I’m sorry.

      • Ah yes! I really do understand your opinion. It’s just that I (personally) think that Hollyleaf could have acted a teensy bit more like a warrior. I completely understand your comment, Ravensong. Thanks for commenting, BlogClanners!

  • Spottedleaf isnt messed up for falling in love with somone. And she didnt fall in love with untill she had died. She was rude to FIrepaw

    • She wasn’t rude to Firepaw, she just needed him to get out the way to heal Ravenpaw. Again, just my opinion, Spottedleaf isn’t messed up. She was blinded by love but saw with her heart. I ship Sandfire, but Spottedleaf actually does, like, brush her pelt against Firepaw’s when everyone was grieving for someone I forgot 😂🤣.

  • Nice article!
    My top ten least faviourte cats:
    1. Brambleclaw & Tigerclaw
    2. Brokenstar
    3. Mapleshade
    4. Bristlefrost
    5. Ashfur & Dustpelt
    6. Darkstripe & Scourge
    7. Rainflower, Silverstream & Tornear
    8. Leopardstar & Stormfur
    9. Breezepelt, Stormtail & Bone
    10. Blackstar and Russetfur
    That’s all! I think you’re going to make wonderful articles! Bye!

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