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My Opinions on the Warrior Cat Minis – A Picture Article by MoonTabby

MoonTabby shares their opinion on the Warrior Cat Minis.

Hello, BlogClan! MoonTabby here with my first (or second?) article. Today I’ll be examining and giving my opinions on all three series of the Warrior Cat minis, sold only on the Warriors online store. I guess as an artist, I’m quite nitpicky with details, so forgive me if I’m going overboard!
I’ll be looking over the minis in pairs, as they are sold in sets of two per box.

• So, now I’ll be starting with Series 1 of the minis! That includes some of the most important Warriors characters, like Firestar, Leafstar, Graystripe, Jayfeather, Tigerstar I, and Tawnypelt.

~ First up is Firestar & Leafstar! My opinions:

– Firestar is the most popular cat in the entire Warriors world! I like how they created his mini: it set off his bright orange coat and emerald eyes. I don’t find any errors with this mini.

– I spot a couple of problems (at least for myself) with Leafstar. Her tabby marks look like zigzags and don’t appear natural. Other than that, they created her mini very well!
Bundle of 3 – Mini Collector Figures (Series 1)

~ Next, Graystripe & Jayfeather! My opinions:

– Graystripe’s mini is made pretty well, for the most part. But his nose is a little too red and his ears are just slightly too pink against his gray coat. Other than that, well done!

– The Jayfeather mini is wonderful overall, except that he doesn’t have a scar on his side, the one I believe Breezepelt gave him in OotS? The Series 2 Jayfeather remake does, however, include his scar, as I’ll point out later.
Graystripe & Jayfeather - Mini Collector Figures (Series 1) | Warrior cats,  Warrior cat, Cat store

~ Tigerstar I & Tawnypelt! My opinions:

– As described on the Warriors Wiki, and I’m pretty sure in the book Allegiances as well, Tigerstar is a dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes. But when I compared him with the Mudclaw mini from Series 3, who is also a dark brown tabby, I noticed a difference. Mudclaw’s mini is dark brown, almost black, whereas Tigerstar is a much lighter brown. I spotted a few other errors with him, but I’ll leave it at that.

– Tawnypelt’s mini hardly looks like a tortoiseshell. The supposedly “black” patches on her are simply dark brown, the same shade as Tigerstar’s coat. As with Leafstar, her pattern does appear zigzagged and unrealistic. And, in my opinion, there are too many scars on her muzzle that don’t look real.
Bundle of 3 – Mini Collector Figures (Series 1)

• Onto Series 2! This set includes Cinderpelt, Brightheart, Ravenpaw, Sandstorm, Blackstar, and a Jayfeather remake!

~ Cinderpelt & Brightheart! My opinions:

– Cinderpelt is one of my favorite characters, so I love this mini! They folded her legs under her to hint at her lame leg, and they have her forepaws stretched out as if she’s healing a patient (well, that’s how I see it anyway). I don’t find anything wrong with this mini!

– My reaction is similar to Brightheart. They did an excellent job in her design! Her mauled eye and ear don’t look incredibly gory like you’d expect. My only problem is that in the back, as her tail curls around her paws, it almost looks like Play-doh? 😛 Besides that, this is one of the best created minis!
Warrior Cats Minis Series 2 | Warrior Cats

~ Ravenpaw & Sandstorm! My opinions:

– Ravenpaw is so adorable as he clutches the adder that he caught from Into the Wild! They included his white chest and tail tip, and everything about this mini is amazing!

– Sandstorm’s ginger coat is beautiful with its light tabby marks, and her pale green eyes are just like how she was described in the books! I’d expect most warriors to have at least some scars, and she has a slightly nicked ear and muzzle that looks realistic.
Warrior Cats Minis Series 2 | Warrior Cats

~ Blackstar & Jayfeather! My opinions:

– Fantastic job on Blackstar! They perfectly designed his black paws and ears. He definitely looks fierce with all his scars. No complaints here!

– This remake of Jayfeather is even better than the first. It shows the scar on his side and has him holding his precious stick that looks pretty realistic. My only problem is that the stick is too bendable at the top, as if it might snap off, but it’s stayed together this long!
Warrior Cats Minis Series 2 | Warrior Cats

• Last but not least, Series 3! It includes Squirrelflight, Scourge, Mudclaw, Ashfur, Yellowfang, and Ivypool!

~ Squirrelflight & Scourge! My opinions:

– As many of you know, Squirrelflight is one of my favorite characters. But… I do have a major problem with her mini. She has yellow eyes, but it has been stated many, many times that she has green eyes! Even on the covers of Dawn and Darkness Within, her eyes are green like Firestar’s! I’m frustrated that the creators overlooked such a major factor like that. But besides that, her mini is beautiful!

– Ah, yes. Scourge, the villain from The Darkest Hour. They did a fantastic job on his mini! It shows him in his red teeth-studded collar and with his white paw. Great work on this!
Squirrelflight & Scourge - Mini Collector Figures (Series 3) l Official Warrior  Cats Store

~ Mudclaw & Ashfur! My opinions:

– My only problem with Mudclaw is that, as a dark brown tabby, he looks a little too dark, almost black. But I like his scars and his mini is amazing!

– The biggest problem with Ashfur is, like Squirrelflight, his eye color. He has pale blue eyes, but he’s supposed to have dark blue eyes! Besides that, I love his pose, how he looks very evil with his eyes half-closed. It looks like he’s right in the middle of a plot… The darker flecks on his back are perfect, too.
Mudclaw and Ashfur - Mini Collector Figures (Series 3) l Official Warrior  Cats Store

~ Yellowfang & Ivypool! My opinions:

– As described in the Allegiances, Yellowfang is a dark gray she-cat – but her mini shows her with black fur, especially noticeable when I compare her with another black cat, like Ravenpaw or Scourge. Otherwise, I love her grumpy expression and blunt muzzle!

– Ivypool’s mini is beautiful! Her character is one of my favorites. It perfectly shows her with her Dark Forest scars. The only thing that strikes me as a sort of error is her eyes – again. She’s supposed to have dark blue eyes, but the mini’s color is more of a cloudy blue. Even on the new cover of Fading Echoes, she has very, very dark blue eyes. The creators, I’m sure, could’ve darkened the color more! Besides that, this is a gorgeous mini!
Yellowfang & Ivypool - Mini Collector Figures (Series 3) l Official Warrior  Cats Store

So now that I’ve examined all three series, time to rank them according to my opinions:

*drumroll please*…..

#3: Series 1

#2: Series 3

#1: Series 2

Thank you for reading this! Please let me know what you think in the comments and what your favorite series are.

Warrior Cats Minis | Warrior Cats

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