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Mistheart goes on a deep dive into the Three.

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Hello! Mistheart here, but you can call me Cloudy. In this article, which is a copy-paste from my Wattpad version, I will be explaining why the Three have an equal balance of advantages and consequences in terms of their abilities. I will NOT be examining the characters themselves, but rather their powers. Spoilers for Power of Three and Omen of the Stars… hope you enjoy!

Okay, I’ll try to make this section as unbiased as possible. However, lemme tell you that this is actually going to be biased. All I’m doing here is trying to explain that everything in Warriors is normal. Hope you enjoy!

So, let’s start with the Three. Some people say that Jayfeather is a bit overpowered, and so is Lionblaze, but his powers are boring. Meanwhile, Dovewing’s powers are very creative. In this first article, I will be writing down why Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovewing are an equal balance.

First, think about the term balance, and how it involves with the Three. Of course, definition number two of balance as a noun states that there is a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

With that said, let’s get onto how balance affects the Three. Of course, this means that their powers must be equal or in the correct proportions. In this case, the Three’s powers must be equal. Therefore, if one cat has a significantly greater amount of power than the others, their abilities will be imbalanced and therefore, the arc will not be the same. Now, let’s examine the powers of the Three…

Jayfeather can sense emotions, visit others in dreams, and transport himself into StarClan in dreams.

Lionblaze is immune to scars and is invincible in battle.

Dovewing has stronger senses than the typical cat and can therefore see and hear things far away.

Now, here’s the big question: Are the Three equal? The answer may not only be based on the powers themselves, but also their role in the plot. Do they have a large role in the plot? Well, in Warriors, the answer is yes. Large enough to be able to fulfill a prophecy, and effective enough to turn StarClan into their most critical thinking mode. Therefore, we can conclude that their powers are not too insignificant.

However, are their powers too significant? Are they too large? In this topic, this may be the most frequently asked question. Also, to add to this, are one of their abilities too significant to the point where they create an imbalance along the Three?

That depends on how you look at it. Lionblaze may have the greater advantage in terms of lifespan, as he is practically immortal in battle. Also, his abilities are significant enough to the point where he starts to develop an arrogant personality, strongly believing that he is truly immortal.

Fortunately for the reader’s interest and unfortunately for Lionblaze, this tabby technically is not immortal. How do we know this? Much of Lionblaze’s abilities are based on his physical skill and critical thinking in battle. However, there is no ability that makes him immortal to clever traps, common sense, or even poisoning.

Therefore, we can conclude that, while Lionblaze is invincible in battle, he is not invincible to other life events. For example, he can technically be poisoned, as he has no power to specifically avoid common sense. Of course, most cats know how to avoid deathberries and other deadly plants. However, he would have been vulnerable if he was poisoned in his kit-hood. Another cat could also place poppy seeds in his food and force him into sleep that way.

Also, Lionblaze’s abilities are not very significant before the battle; they only come in action during the middle of the battle. To add to this, you can also escape Lionblaze’s attacks if you know ThunderClan training well enough.

During the prologue of Bramblestar’s Storm, Firestar recalls how Cinderheart looked ready to sleep in a bird’s nest once she learned to climb, while Lionblaze was unsure of himself and kept hesitating. Therefore, we can also conclude that while Lionblaze is immortal in battle, he can be escaped if you have the right tactics. For example, we can use Lionblaze’s hesitation in tree climbing as his weakness. If you were a SkyClan cat, you could easily climb out of his grasp.

So, for the final conclusion on Lionblaze, we can tell that his powers are significant enough to be a member of the Three and fulfill a prophecy. However, they are also not too significant to the point where he becomes completely immortal in battle. Despite this, Lionblaze is shown to be extremely skilled, well trained by both Ashfur and Tigerstar, and experienced enough to become a formidable fighter in the midst of battle. Therefore, Lionblaze’s abilities create a balance amongst themselves.

Now, let’s examine Jayfeather. Jayfeather is a medicine cat, of course, so he has much of a lesser advantage in battle than Lionblaze. However, do his powers create a balance amongst themselves? First, let’s recall his abilities. Jayfeather’s powers include sensing emotions, visiting others in dreams, and transporting himself to StarClan as his own will in dreams.

We can see that Jayfeather has a clear advantage at night, especially compared to Lionblaze. He can easily visit StarClan in dreams and ask them questions or find out more information about the Dark Forest’s secret plans during his visits. Meanwhile, he could teleport himself into other cat’s dreams, and figure out what they are doing. For example, he could stalk Ivypool in her dreams to discover more of the Dark Forest’s plots and check that she was on their side, the latter of which could also be helped with his third ability of sensing emotions.

Therefore, we can conclude that Jayfeather’s abilities are significant enough to be a part of the Three, as he could seek out valuable information from other cats and discover more about the Dark Forest’s treacherous plots. However, are they too significant?

At night, Jayfeather has a clear advantage in his dreams. However, we could also tell that he is not completely immortal in his mind, even through his dreams. For example, despite the fact that he could seek out information, Jayfeather is not a warrior. He has never learned to stalk prey or ambush enemies, making him have the slightest possible chance to being caught.

Also, StarClan is known for being the wise yet mysterious Clan. They may not tell Jayfeather everything they know about the prophecy. To add to this, even if Jayfeather was in the Dark Forest trying to seek out information, there is nothing he could do to stop the events from happening. That is Lionblaze’s job, as Jayfeather does not know how to fight.

So, for the final conclusion on Jayfeather, we can tell that his powers are significant enough to be part of the Three and have an influence among the Clans’ futures. However, they are not too significant to the point where he is completely invincible in his dreams.

We can also tell that Jayfeather and Lionblaze’s abilities are balanced. Jayfeather’s powers are overall more based on emotions and mental context, whilest Lionblaze’s powers are overall based on physical skill and context. The two’s abilities both have their general advantages and consequences, as well as their beneficial locations (for example, Lionblaze has more advantages in battle, while Jayfeather in his dreams), and they balance each other out.

Now, let’s discuss Dovewing, the third member of the Three. Dovewing’s abilities include enhanced senses, which allow her to have faraway sight and hearing, even to the point of seeing herself in the Dark Forest. Now, are her powers significant enough to be part of the Three and fulfill a prophecy? Could they also be too significant to imbalance the other members?

This is a difficult question. When speaking in terms of Dovewing, her power is first seen when she unblocks a beaver dam in the lake, and of course this has nothing to do with the Dark Forest Battle. After The Fourth Apprentice, not much more between her powers and the Dark Forest is related. However, they do make her a good hunter, showing that they are effective.

Her powers are also effective in The Last Hope as well. When Ivypool is spying on the Dark Forest, Dovewing also uses her powers to sense what is going on there as well, which allows Jayfeather to enter both their minds and tell the Clans what is going on. Therefore, we can conclude that Dovewing’s abilities are significant enough to be part of the Three.

Meanwhile, are her powers too significant to create an imbalance? Now that we’ve seen what Dovewing can do, let’s examine what she cannot do. Of course, she’s a skilled hunter due to the fact that her powers allow her to sense exactly where the prey is. She can also navigate herself to the Dark Forest… but not StarClan?

Anyways, Dovewing also has weaknesses that come along with her abilities. As stated several times throughout Arc 4, she often feels overwhelmed by her abilities, showing that her powers may sometimes give her too many unnecessary information as well. Also, while Dovewing is a skilled hunter, she is not as skilled as fighting. Therefore, while she can glean information from the Dark Forest, she cannot simply appear out of the bushes, or she could get shredded.

With this information, we can also tell that Dovewing’s abilities are mainly active when she herself is active. She could use them during the night or the day, but typically the day, as it is the time where she is most active and can fully take in all the information her powers give her. To add to this, Dovewing’s abilities are mainly active just before something deadly is about to strike. We can tell because she managed to sense the beaver dam just before the lake fully dried up, and she managed to seek the Dark Forest just before the Great Battle. However, her powers may not work as well during the actual situation. For example, while she is a skilled fighter, she is not as trained as Lionblaze or invincible.

So, for the final conclusion on Dovewing, we can tell that her abilities are significant enough to be effective to the Clans’ futures and be part of the Three. Meanwhile, they are not too significant to create an imbalance among the other members of the Three. With that said, we can tell that her powers create a balance amongst themselves.

Now that we can see how the Three’s abilities create a balance amongst themselves, let’s see if they can balance amongst each other. Now… why do I feel like I’m turning into Middle English? Hmm… let’s see this:

Maybe I should start using among instead of amongst. Anyway, back on topic! So, let’s start with Jayfeather and Lionblaze. Their powers are balanced with each other, in my opinion. How? Often, when powers are split equally within several characters, one character’s weaknesses are another’s strengths.

For example, Jayfeather’s abilities are used to seek out information, which is more of a mental benefit, while Lionblaze’s abilities are used to fight, which is more of a physical benefit. Lionblaze is often stated to think with his claws, showing that he may not be too intelligent. However, thinking with your claws may not be the worst thing when you’re in battle, as they guide your every move.

Meanwhile, Jayfeather is more of the thinker. He’s stated to be wise and calm in the Warriors Wiki, and this is proved several times throughout the arc. He’s great at seeking out mental benefits, despite his sharp tongue, and while his weakness is fighting in battle, that is Lionblaze’s strength. Therefore, we can conclude that Jayfeather’s and Lionblaze’s abilities are balanced. However, is the same for Dovewing and Lionblaze?

Let’s start with comparing their strengths. Again, while Lionblaze’s abilities are more of a physical benefit, Dovewing is a mental benefit. She gains much information from her powers before the event, while Lionblaze’s abilities are more active during the event, as I’d explained earlier. So, while Lionblaze is weaker in terms of critical thinking and spying, those are Dovewing’s strengths. Meanwhile, Lionblaze is stronger in terms of strategy and battle, and those are Dovewing’s weaknesses.

Therefore, we can conclude that Lionblaze and Dovewing create a balance *cough* among themselves. Why does that word sound so odd again? Anyways, let’s examine how Jayfeather and Dovewing create a balance amongst themselves as well.

This is a tough one, as both have mental benefits, but most of their contrast is in terms of their skills. While Jayfeather is a medicine cat, more skilled at critical thinking and wiser than most through his experience, Dovewing has been trained in warrior skills. She’s great at gaining critical information and applying them to the situation. Also, while Jayfeather has his skills in excellent memory and acting based on his instinct, Dovewing has her own skills of hunting and fighting, as she is a warrior.

Therefore, for the final-final-final conclusion, we can tell that Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Dovewing create an equal balance amongst themselves and each other. As I stated earlier, when abilities are split equally between several characters, one character’s weaknesses are often portrayed as another’s strengths. Lionblaze has his strengths in fighting, while Jayfeather is more experienced at thinking, and Dovewing in more skilled in hunting and gaining valuable information for the Three. Therefore, we can probably assume that the arc would’ve been very different if one of the Three did not exist or had different abilities.

Whew! ~ Cloudy

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