Lionblaze’s Wasted Potential by Cardinalwillow

Cardinalwillow takes a look at Lionblaze.

You know Lionblaze, he is one of the infamous three, after all. Jayfeather can sense the emotions of other cats and enter their dreams, while Dovewing can hear things very far away. Lionblaze himself has abnormal strength and courage. Overall, this would mean Lionblaze is generally close to if not invincible.

Now, Lionblaze, in my opinion was really boring in the Power of the Three. Power of the Three moved really slowly, and I can barely even remember what happened with Lionblaze outside of the things like the fire. He barely has any personality and overall acts like Brackenfur in a protagonist’s role.

Part of Lionblaze’s waste in potential was likely the very poor planning when it came to the Power of the Three. To be exact, with the powers of the three. In TennelleFlower’s video, Rewriting the Power of the Three, they state how it seems like the powers weren’t exactly planned out until arc four. If this had been better planned, the three would be more interesting. Even more so Lionblaze.

Warrior Cats seems to intend to give cats human characteristics to cats, and make them seem very human. To me, Lionblaze is somewhere where that goal has failed. A lot of humans, when given a lot of power, tend to become very greedy and overall very bad people. Near invincibility is a lot of power. Having Lionblaze take an antihero’s turn would’ve been a lot more interesting than what we already have.

By the time Power of the Three had been released, antihero characters weren’t that interesting. Arguably, this would make an antagonistic Lionblaze all the more interesting! A reader wouldn’t feel like they were reading a story they’d heard over and over again.

Having Lionblaze turn into a greedy character would’ve been a lot more memorable and interesting to read, and would’ve been better for the Power of the Three overall. It wouldn’t seem like it was dragging on, with Lionblaze plotting behind the backs of his leader and family.

Don’t you think Lionblaze was a bit bland? Don’t you think he could’ve been better, possibly taking an antagonist’s turn?

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  • Totally agree. Great article!

  • I love Lionblaze, and i hate that many put him down, but i have to agree. He really had the powers to become bad, and he was keeping his powers under control, but not always. It would be more interesting to read and easier for lionblaze to unleash his powers and kill, kill, kill. Although, his powers are very, very strong, and he could easily defeat an entire clan with those powers at their max. we don’t want the bad guys to win, so maybe that’s why he’s not the villian? still, his powers could be reduced or he could have a weakness, become bad, and then get defeated because it’s actually possible to beat him.

    just realized i put an article in the comments.

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