Angry Free vs. Calm Free: Moth Flight by Freekit

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Freekit debates with themselves over Moth Flight

Dramatic Announcer Free:

Mothflight is selfish and horrible.
Here’s why.

HI!! Is free and this is my second ever article so brace yourselves as i yell about mothflight!

if youve read mothflights super edition feel free to continue on from here! if not well prepare for spoilers! Okay I’m using capital letters again

Angry Free has taken over! Here’s their argument:

Moth Flight was an okay character for most of her SE. But there’s one thing that makes me mad. Her selfish little kit/mate rule.

Okay, I’m Leafpool and I love my almost kinda mate crowfeather. But I can’t love him because I am isolated from living a joyful life and am trapped by the decision to become a medicine cat that I made when I was younger. Isn’t my life soooo awesome? Wowowow!

Okay if ur gonna make her not have a mate might as well kill off Squirrelflight and Firestar and Sandstorm.
But NO. Because Moth Flight’s stupid rule is unfair for a possible love interest. AAARGH!

That’s like saying my underwear’s too tight so you can’t wear underwear anymore. She decided she was too whiny and wimpy after having kits to let ANYONE ELSE have a happy life. WHAT IS THE LOGIC THERE

sorry moth flight fans ily but i dont love moth flight <3

Calm Free has taken over! Here’s their argument:

Okay I’ve screamed all the rage out of me. I think Moth Flight was actually an awesome character and the DOTC saga was epic and awesome. She’s a cute little ditzy clumsy character who poured her heart into the little things. But she made a big mistake that would hurt medicine cats for years to come. Overall yeah she was actually relatable, she had a nice book about her and her daily life. But her mistake was really huge, she just didn’t notice how dumb it was at the time. She was a really great character. My side of Free loved Moth Flight. Angry side? Not so much.

I hope you enjoyed my daily thought process of reading through a warriors book
Lol my two halves are rivals now 😛 I think I’m gonna make Angry Vs Calm Free a series of articles. I hope you enjoyed my long and annoying article about hating/loving Moth Flight.

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