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Disabilities in Warrior Cats by Ivyshadow

Ivyshadow takes a closer look at characters with disabilities in the series.

Art by Alder-Leaf on DeviantArt

Hi BlogClanners, I’m Ivypaw or Ivyshadow, and today I’ll be analyzing characters with disabilities in Warrior Cats! This is also my second article so feedback would be appreciated!
Now without further ado, let’s dive in!

So, an obvious cat is Briarlight. Briarlight was an apprentice when a tree fell on her and broke her spine, rendering her hind legs useless. She thought that she was worthless at first, but Jayfeather told her that all cats had a part to play. Briarlight (Briarpaw, at the time) did all her exercises and, when her littermates Blossomfall and Bumblestripe received their warrior names, Firestar gave her her own, Briarlight.
I think this is a beautiful story, and teaches you the lesson of hope and resilience. I’m also glad that Firestar gave her a warrior name, giving her hope and pride. However, I don’t think that she should sleep in the medicine den all the time, because that’s kind of saying that she’s not actually a real warrior.

Jayfeather is also really obvious. He was blind from death, and had to train as a medicine cat.
I think no one really says a lot about Jayfeather’s blindness anymore, which is nice because that makes him feel more equal. But it’s kind of sad that he had to train as a medicine cat because his blindness held him back from being a warrior. However, it worked out well in the end, so… Also, his powers.

So Longtail was a cat who got blinded by a rabbit (which is kind of ironic, because your prey blinds you) and he basically had to retire to the elder’s den because of that.
So it didn’t work out that great for Longtail in the end, because he had to retire and he could no longer become a warrior. Also, no one really tried to help him.

So Brightheart was disfigured because of dogs. And then Bluestar COMPLETELY crushes her spirit by naming her LOSTFACE which is so cruel!! I mean, I get she was mad at StarClan and stuff but don’t take it out on others! (Okay, I like Bluestar, but she was really mean then)
But then Cloudtail comes along and shows her the way. Cloudtail supports her and keeps her spirits up, and asks Firestar to rename her. (Cloudtail x Brightheart is also one of my favourite ships!) And Cloudtail and Brightheart end up having kits, and Brightheart has a normal life as a normal cat because just because she has disfigurements doesn’t mean she can’t do anything.

Cinderpelt was a lively warrior apprentice who injured her leg on the Thunderpath. Unfortunately, she couldn’t become a warrior after that, so she trained as a medicine cat instead. Cinderpelt couldn’t run as fast as the other cats and she didn’t have as much of a connection with StarClan. But she got reincarnated into Cinderheart, because StarClan gave her a second chance.
I’m kind of conflicted on Cinderpelt. On one paw (hehe), she got reincarnated and got to live a full warrior life and have kits and participate in battles and stuff. But on the other paw, she had to live her life as a medicine cat and give up her dream of becoming a warrior.

Jagged Peak, like Cinderpelt, also broke his leg, though he did it while climbing a tree. And then Clear Sky banishes him from his camp (which is literally the exact opposite of the warrior code) and Jagged Peak has to go live with Gray Wing. No one tries to help him at all, and he has to stay stuck in camp all day.
And then, like Brightheart, someone special comes along and helps him. Holly joins WindClan and helps Jagged Peak, and they later become mates and have kits.
Jagged Peak’s earlier life was sadder, especially since no one tried to help him (though Rainswept Flower KIND OF did). And then only ONE cat goes and comforts him. Everyone else should have tried to find a way to make sure Jagged Peak was included. Though I do think Gray Wing didn’t really because he still viewed him as a younger brother and a kit.

Crookedstar was born as Stormkit to Rainflower and Shellheart. Then he fell and broke his jaw. Brambleberry tried to heal him, and Stormkit recovered, though his jaw stayed permanently disfigured. Stormkit is doing alright, and Shellheart and Oakkit, his brother, are supporting him. Except there’s one problem: Rainflower.
Rainflower renames him Crookedkit and COMPLETELY neglects him all because he LOOKED bad. How shallow is that?? Rainflower doesn’t change, either, and neglects him for her whole life, up until she dies because of a rock.
But Crookedkit lives a normal (ish) life, and becomes leader and has a mate and kits. His injury never seems to hinder him, and nobody treats him differently or anything. So things turned out okay for Crookedstar.

Last cat: Snowkit. Snowkit was born deaf, to Speckletail. Bluestar says he can’t be a warrior, and no one tries to help him except Speckletail (and Brackenfur, I think. I don’t entirely remember). And then there’s a hawk, and everyone hears it except Snowkit… and poor Snowkit gets snatched up by a hawk, and, uh, you know…
So… Snowkit’s short life was a sad one, and no one believed in him except his mother. And I’m pretty sure Snowkit was killed off just so Speckletail could go to the elder’s den… so basically Snowkit only existed to die 🙁

So One-eye of ThunderClan was born as Whitekit. She lost her eye because of a badger. Nothing really changed for her, that we know, except that Pinestar named her White-eye which is mean, but it was noted that she was never bothered by it. She also eventually changed her name to One-eye. So everything worked out okay for her.

In conclusion, it worked out for some cats, but not others. And modern times are probably better.
That’s it! I really hope you enjoyed it and please leave feedback or comments! Also, if I missed anyone, please tell me (By the way, I didn’t add Fallowfern or Pink Eyes because I know virtually nothing about her. Millie doesn’t count either, because she was hard of hearing due to old age.)
Ivyshadow out!

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  • Snowkit and I are same! I am mad when Bluestar rejected her/him! I am born deaf, too. And my friend’s cat is deaf. Why can’t Snowkit’s life be fair?! :(((((

    • I’m so sorry I never thought deaf people’s lives were that hard I hope it gets easier as people get older and technology improves

    • this is unrelated but right when I read the end of the article I was thinking that maybe Pinestar could have named Whitepaw (One-Eye) Whitebreeze, and then I scrolled down and found your name

  • Why is’nt Blue^star on this list? btw awesome! you must know all the sighn launguege! I kinda wish I couldn’t hear then I wouldn’t have to hear my sister sing in the tub all the time. LOLS

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