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Which Warriors Death Was the Most Tragic? by Wildfrost

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Wildfrost lists the saddest deaths in Warriors

Hi, it’s Wildfrost here with an article about which death in warriors was the most tragic. These are the top ten characters that had the saddest and most emotional death, in my opinion. This is my first article so I’m excited to get started.

10. Cinderpelt
To be honest, I don’t really like Cinderpelt. But her death was pretty tragic, especially the fact that she knew she was going to die and still sacrificed her life to save Sorreltail’s kits. Her parting words to Leafpool are easily one of the most beautiful quotes. I loved how she knew Leafpool would be the only medicine cat and still didn’t stop Leafpool from leaving because she wanted Leafpool to find her own path, as a medicine cat.

9. Silverstream
Silverstream might not be one of my favourite characters but her death will always be one of the most tragic. The part that really makes you cry is Graystripe’s reaction. Her death was pretty tragic also for her kit’s sake. They’re left without a mother and are half-clan.

8. Firestar
You may be wondering why Firestar isn’t higher and that’s because I don’t find the way he died to be tragic. It’s kinda strange, like, I know he died because of Tigerstar but the real reason was because he was… crushed by a tree. Still, he’s the main character and he’s been there from the beginning so that’s why I put him on this list.

7. Snowfur
Snowfur’s death is by far the most shocking. I couldn’t believe what had happened until I continued reading. Snowfur and Bluefur had been together from the moment they were born, even sharing the same suffix. And now Snowfur is dead, it’s like a part of Bluefur died with her.

6. Briarlight
I love Briarlight, she was injured, her mother was overprotective, she couldn’t even walk but she was still kind, caring and cheerful. I felt for Millie (who I don’t even like), Jayfeather, who cared for her most of her life, and the rest of her family. You want her to be happy and be able to run again but you also don’t want her to die. I nearly cried at that moment.

5. Gray Wing
Gray Wing’s death was beautifully written. He’s the first protagonist we see die in his point of view. We know he’s getting worse and worse but the most tearful part is when he says he traveled so far but he was still following the sun trail. Gives me chills every time.

4. Bristlefrost
Bristlefrost was one of the only protagonists who died in her point of view. She literally sacrifices herself to save everyone, all the Clans, the Dark Forest, even StarClan. She was one of my favourite characters. Her death is just so sudden, and the worst part is that no one will ever see her again. She doesn’t even get to live peacefully in StarClan because her spirit is gone. Forever.

3. Feathertail
Feathertail’s death struck me as one of the saddest. She sacrificed her life for Crowpaw and he renames himself in honor of her. When she dies, she says what Crowpaw always says to her when he saves her. It’s a heart-wrenching death that is even sadder considering it’s Stormfur’s point of view. Having to watch his sister die… that must’ve been painful.

2. Willowbreeze
Willowbreeze’s death was tragic because you know it’s going to happen, and you know that she’s going to die and leave Crookedstar to raise their kits. Crookedstar’s reaction was the saddest part. Considering he’s lost pretty much everyone and the fact that he loses the love of his life is really heartbreaking.

And number one is…

1. Bluestar:
Okay, Bluestar’s death, for me, was literally the saddest. She lost faith in StarClan, went a little insane and basically thought everyone except Fireheart was a traitor. Then, she sacrifices herself for Fireheart and dies. She realizes that StarClan had not abandoned them and the Clan was not a traitor. Right at the moment when her kits forgive her is both tearful but happy. I cried at the moment when she said that Fireheart would be Firestar, and that she knew he was the fire that would save ThunderClan.

In conclusion, I think these were the top ten saddest deaths, you might agree with me, you might not. That’s ok, everyone is allowed to have their own opinions. Thanks for reading!

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