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My Favorite 12 Cats by Emberstripe

Emberstripe lists their favourite characters from the series and their favourite moments.

Art by SEGAmastergirl

Hello! Emberstripe talking! This article is about my favorite 12 cats. I read from The Prophecies Begin to a Vision of Shadows(not including DotS), plus The Silent Thaw and A Veil of Shadows. I would rank the top 12 favorite and least favorite cats and the favorite moments of that character.

12. Brairlight-Favorite moments: Most of OotS
OH Brairlight how can someone can’t love this cat… Making her in the 12th!

11. Feathertail-Favorite moment: Moonrise
She saved a tribe by sacrificing herself, and I think I gasped when reading it for the first time, but she disappeared after The New Prophecy… so Moonrise is the favorite moment of Feathertail.

10. Cinderheart-Favorite moment: The Last Hope
Very important and a lot very important from when she was born, and later freeing Cinderpelt’s spirit. SHE’S VERY IMPORTANT! Thus I like the part of Cinderheart in OotS.

9. Firestar-Favorite moments: Into the Wild, The Last Hope
No saying… He deserves a place in this rank, from what he did. He can be Gary Ste, but he already died. He opened the Warriors series, and it is my favorite part.

8. Jayfeather-Favorite moments: The Sight, Long Shadows, Sign of the Moon
Poor Jay. I liked him at PoT and OotS, but he got more grumpy after those arcs. Relationship with Half Moon and the ancients is the most memorable part of him in Long Shadows, which is my favorite moment in Long Shadows. But, he’s good.

7. Hawkwing-Favorite moments: Shattered Sky, The Raging Storm
Very poor Hawkwing… He lost his mate, and temporarily lost his childrens, and got a harsh greeting from each of the lake clans, especially ShadowClan, and a few more. I wait for him to be the leader of SkyClan one day!

6. Graystripe-Favorite moments: The Prophecies Begin and The New Prophecy arc
I liked him in the first two arcs, but so many new characters came after those arcs, and his screen time after PoT is getting less.

5. Molewhisker-Favorite moments: The Forgotten Warrior, The Apprentice’s Quest
Maybe a bit weird to be in 5th, but he is my most favorite ThunderClan character that is alive in The Starless Clan, and he might be more favorite.

4. Needletail-Favorite moments: All of A Vision of Shadows Arc
I liked her when I read A Vision of Shadows Arc the second time, and I hated her when I read it the first time! Then she died, and made me say “WOW” in the ghost residence, and it was totally awesome for her to be a (maybe) main character, like Cinderheart.

3. Rootspring!-Favorite moments: The Silent Thaws, A Veil of Shadows
I read only two of the books in A Broken Code, but I can feel that I really like Rootspring and the relationship with Bristlefrost is so funny!

2. Hollyleaf!!-Favorite moments: Dark River, The Forgotten Warrior
Actually, he was my 1st favorite Warrior cat, but he got a bit down because I saw too many posts that attacked Hollyleaf and I think I got used to that. But anyway, Hollyleaf in the PoT was okay. She killed Ashfur, but she just killed him and it was a good thing to do because he saved a lot of other cats by doing it. Hollyleaf in Omen of the Stars it was totally AWESOME that Hollyleaf saved ThunderClan. I really almost cried when Hollyleaf died (and shrieked when Firestar died). It’s just my opinion, but I think that the book could be more disastrous when Tigerstar I was alive after OotS.

And the 1st cat is……

1. Ravenpaw!!!-Favorite moments: The Darkest Hour, Midnight, Dawn, Ravenpaw’s Farewell
It could be a lot weird, but he’s my favorite cat right now. He gots on the book a lot in the forest territories and meets only a few cats after the Great Journey. Maybe I have to say ‘Poor Ravenpaw’ right now, but he lived just fine after living with Barley. But, Ravenpaw’s Farewell was really my favorite Ravenpaw moment. I have Ravenpaw’s Farewell and it’s the only novella that I have, and he’s my favorite Warriors character.

Emberstripe out.

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  • Rustkit/spark the Mapleshade lover❤️‍🔥🍁🕶💖 (tribe name: Rust that makes Sparks on Stone) who is weirdly proud of her terrible copy of her Purrsona. says:

    Great article!

  • Rustkit/spark the Mapleshade lover❤️‍🔥🍁🕶💖 (tribe name: Rust that makes Sparks on Stone) who is weirdly proud of her terrible copy of her Purrsona. says:

    Great article!!

  • Great article! I agree with Birarlight, Ravenpaw, Hawkwing, and Jayfeather. I disagree with Molewhisker but i respect your opinion! 🙂

  • I love your article! It’s cool how you explain the ways about when you liked them most! Ravenpaw is cool! Though I don’t really understand how you like Molewhisker but that’s your opinion! Not mine!

    • first, can you explain why you hate her? No one hates Firestar for killing Scourge, but Hollyleaf killing Ashfur is so wrong? I know they are different scenarios, but both Ashfur and Scourge are terrible cats, though I like their designs.

  • Brierlight-never rilly cared for her I like brightheart and cinderPelt better.


    Cinderheart-also never rilly cared for and her plot was stupid.

    Firestar did a lot of good but so overrated ginaric and boring.

    Jayfeather he is good in his pov but in broken code I do not like him but I don’t hate him because he is still grieving for leafpool

    Hawkwing-boring and slitly overrated.

    Graystripe overrated and a bad friend.

    Moulwhisker random background cat that I don’t care about

    Needletail-i like her alot she’s a solid character.

    Rootspring-so cute he is in my top five I love him and bristlefrost together.

    Hollyleaf-love how she got rideemed from her crazyness and isent to overrated like some one I know when Bluestar who sucks

    And ravenpaw who is number one on my most overrated cats. He didn’t do much for me and ya he’s boring.

  • wow this is a really cool article! i saw one of the names don’t want to give spoilers but it made me sad 🙁 but overall i agree with most of your choices 🙂

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