Unpopular opinions by Snowstorm

Snowstorm shares some opinions that might not be shared by most of the fandom.

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Hi.Im Snowwy,and today I’ll be stating some unpopular opinions of mine and please don’t hate me for some of these.And yeah spoiler warning.

1.Jayfeather is overrated.

Indeed,I’ve said it.I know the whole fandom and litterally 99.999999999% of blogclan(no offense,I still respect y’all deeply and you’re great)loves him,but he’s really overrated.Why do people love him?because he has an attitude,is snappy,and back-talked everyone.Yes,he does have a soft side,but that doesn’t nessesarily mean he should get away with being a brat just because he’s disabled and was lowkey forced into the position.They could’ve tried to continue teaching him to be a warrior with a few adjustments,but he wasn’t even trying to learn at the time.For real.However,he did gain my respect in The Broken Code,since he actually proved himself as something better and showed a more compassionate side,and I actually no longer hate him now,but he’s still slightly overrated.

2.Briarlight sucks.

Yes,the most unpopular opinion in e history of the world.Shes believed to be an optimistic,happy cat,that always looks on the bright side.Is it true though?Absolutely NOT.Over half of her appearance are her complaining.I mean,granted,if I had hat happen to me,I’d either gain an attitude and try to do absolutely everything around camp,or I’d just become sad deppressed kid.But they don’t even acknowledge that she’s sad and has low self-esteem at the time.I don’t mind that she’s complaining,I mind that fact that they always say she’s optimistic ALL THE TIME even though she isn’t.Stop portraying them for what they’re not.Acknowledge that she’s happy but still has long time lapses of being really depressed.Also,she never says thank you for the help.She wouldn’t have to overdo it,but having a moment where she’s actually like ‘thanks for helping me!’ ONCE,would be great.Only once.Really.PLease.But I did love her in A Vision of Shadows,mostly,so I no longer hate her.

3.Lightleap is amazing.

Lightleap is super supportive of her brother and seems really nice and sweet.I don’t know if his is UNPOPULAR,but she’s not talked about and fairly underrated,so I’m putting this here.

4.Strikestone is awesome.

He’s kind,loyal,a good brother and son(but at the same time doesn’t want to be related to murderers),and a very supportive cousin and mentor.10/10 good boi and needs a hug.

6.Crowfrost is underrated.

Just read Thunder and Shadow.Nothing else needs to be said about that after you do that.

7.Rippleclaw sucks.

He’s a rude jerk,aggressive,and doesn’t really have a single moment of niceness.He’s also never actually shown being a father.And we’re not even going to talk about how he’s over twice the age of his mate.Yes,they were both adults at the time,but he was a senior warrior before she was born.Thats problems.Yeah,the books also do make Graypool seem really old,but still nowhere near as old as Rippleclaw here.

8.Thistleclaw is really bad.

Only 3 words needed to explain this.READ SPOTTEDLEAF’s HEART.thats enough to explain it.

9.We need more Fernsong moments.

Fern is shown as a very kind and patient cat,probably the best father ever,and a very supportive mate.He’s just a sweet cinnamon roll.However,we’ve never even seen him interact with his parents or ANY of his siblings,and he’s got 5 of them.Thats kinda sad.

10.We really need a not-evil person with the prefix Tiger-.

There’s only been two cats with the prefix of tiger:Tigerstar and Tigerstar ll.They both broke various rules,and have a massive hate-base(not getting into that,one deserves it),so it would just be interesting to have a cat named Tigersomething that’s actually sweet and loyal.

Anyways,that’s it for today,hope you enjoyed this article,see you around the blog,and let me know what you thought in the comments if you want!Byeeeee!Snowwy out!

-Snowpaw/shadow,0:00 am,January 17,2022.

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  • Hi man. Cool article! Just helping you here. When you end a sentence, or use a comma, you usually should put a space between the punctuation and the first letter of the new word. Well written, besides that. Below are some examples.

    Jayfeather is overrated, please don’t judge me.

    Firestar is a cool cat. I like him.

    I think Brambleclaw (Firestar’s deputy) did not do a good job.

  • Thistleclaw being the worst is VERY popular. I mean, read Spottedleaf’s Heart, read Bluestar’s Prophecy, and you’ll hate him for life. Which is what you’re supposed to do.

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