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Cats that are underrated but amazing! by Heartpaw

Heartpaw lists cats they think are underrated.

Art by daisyrazors

Hi guys!
I’m Heartpaw(you can call me Hearty.)
Anyway this is my second article so lets get into it!
Disclaimer: This is my opinion so I am not trying to convince anyone just putting my opion out there. Just wanted you to know.
1. Sunfall
Sunfall is a great cat, he was properly introduced in Bluestars prophecy. Sunfall was the deputy and he took care of the clan so dearly, tbh I feel like he should have been the leader instead of Pinestar. Sunfall deserved so much more he went from helping Bluestar since she was a kit to soothing her when Moonflower died, he was like a father.
2. Whitestorm
Whitestorm is one of the best cats ever! He was also properly described and present in Bluestars prophecy. He has so much to the clan I even wish he had slowed down a little. His loyalty will never be doubted for sure he is that dedicated to his clan and life. “Claps”
3. Bluestar
I know Bluestar is a cat everyone likes, but when I look everyone not even one person mentions her. She deserves so much more! Bluestar is a great cat, sure she can make a few mistakes on the way but at the end she didn’t do so bad. Compare her to many other leaders she did great.
4. Sandstorm
Sandstorm is an amazing cat but I feel that sometimes she doesn’t get any credit. She is a caring cat and deserves more attention.
5. Briarlight
Briarlight is a super amazing cat. Even with her injured leg she was able to be positive and keep her hopes up! She deserves a better life, she was super kind hearted and decided to save longtail. She also still blames herself for not being able to save Longtail, I feel super sorry for her.
6. Ferncloud
Ferncloud is super nice mabye not the best but you should give her some credit. She gave new kits clan which grew up in the clans and become great warriors. She also grieved alot for losing a few kits but always stayed strong, Dustpelt is really lucky!
7. Brindleface
Brindleface is ama- i can’t even say anymore. She is super good cat and never deserved to be killed as bait for Tigerstar’s dogs. Brindleface deserved way more attention but she didn’t get it.. I love her so much!!!
Thank you so much for reading the article. I am looking forward to see you in my others.
Byeeeee!!! – Heartpaw(Hearty)

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  • Great article 🙂 I was thinking about writing an article about underrated characters myself. Briarlight I totally agree with: she was brave and noble saving Longtail and went through so much pain physically and mentally because of it. Whitestorm I have always respected and loved. He is a brave, reliable warrior for both Bluestar and Firestar and has to get through the death of his mother at a young age and still manages to progress. Its so nice to hear these characters spoken for 🙂

  • I think that Sunfall is really underrated too! I do think that Briarlight can be kind of overrated sometimes, but I agree with most of the other points!

  • Ferncloud’s life is really sad. (SPOILER)

    She had three siblings. Elderkit and Tulipkit, who both died. It left her with only Ashkit. Then Cloudkit became her foster brother.

    Then Darkstripe couln’t have her as an apprentice because he was exiled. Then her new mentor was ( no idea )
    Under the time of being a apprentice, she got closer too Dustpelt.
    Bluestar didn’t let her become a warrior, because of her ex-mentor. She told Dustpelt about Brightpaw and Swiftpaw sneaking to the sunningrocks.
    She lost Swiftpaw that day.

    Tigerstar took Brindleface’s life, who was Fernpaw’s mother. Then Bone took Whitestorm’s, her father.
    She earned her wariror name.
    She later had kits with Dustpelt, who now was her mate. Her first litter was Spiderkit and Shrewkit. Shrewpaw died as an apprentice. She got her second litter later.
    Hollykit and Larchkit both died. Then she gave birth to Foxkit and Icekit.
    Then Ferncloud died.

  • Rustkit/spark the Mapleshade lover❤️‍🔥🍁🕶💖 (tribe name: Rust that makes Sparks on Stone) who is weirdly proud of her terrible copy of her Purrsona. says:

    Great article!

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