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Cats who I think would need a novella or super edition by Flurrypaw

Flurrypaw lists who they think should have the chance to share their own story.

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Hello! I’m Flurrysnow, and I’m new to this website. This will be my first article.
As you can see by the title, this is about cats who I think should have a stand-alone book. I’m going to be talking in three sections: Cats who need a book, like, really need character development. Then there’s cats who don’t really need it but would be interesting, then the conclusion. This is a very interesting topic in my opinion, and there are a lot of things to talk about and envision what could be! *SPOILER ALERT* Many spoilers lie ahead, so go ahead and get on another article if you don’t wish to learn spoilers. If you don’t care, then go ahead keep reading. This contains spoilers for all main series.
Ok! Cats who I think need a book!
1. Brackenfur.
Brackenfur is seriously lacking in character in my opinion. If you asked me right now, I couldn’t really name any character traits. Except…loyal, maybe? Hardworking? If Brackenfur had a novella, I think it would be like “Brackenfur’s Loyalty” or something like that. I would like to see his perspective on Graystripe’s lack of responsibility to him.
2. Any StarClan cat
I would like to see a StarClan cat’s perspective, of living in StarClan, or of being unsatisfied there, or something. I just really like the idea of, like, Mistystar losing her last life and waking up in StarClan, and being all, “Where am I, and no, I don’t want to be here!” It would just be super interesting.
3. Snowtuft (or other underrated dark forest characters)
Snowtuft has hardly any backstory at all, so I’d like to see him in his time, and what he did to get to the Dark Forest and all that. Same goes for all the other cats in the DF, like Houndleap. This is such a huge topic, I think that Snowtuft should have not just a novella, but a SUPER EDITON! This would be extremely interesting to see in my opinion.
4. Thistleclaw.
Okay, okay. I like the DF characters that don’t have an explanation about why they’re there. I don’t really know what Thistleclaw did to get there. I mean, sure, he trained there, but what made him turn evil? Ambition? He never tried to kill any of his Clan. What made him such a…what’s the right word…vicious character?
Now the cats that don’t really need a novella or super edition, but I think it would be fun to have one!
1. Ferncloud
Ferncloud was such a caring, compassionate character throughout her life. She was mates with Dustpelt, she raised many kits, and she died as she lived, protecting the nursery fiercely during the DF battle. What I want to know is, did Ashfur confide in her about Squirrelflight? How did she feel when Darkstripe betrayed the Clan and was cast out? What was her reaction when Ashfur took over Bramblestar’s body and shut off connection to StarClan? I just want to know more about her. Though I suppose that she doesn’t really need one.
2. Cinderheart
Cinderheart doesn’t really need a novella, I guess, but I like to see other cats’ perspective on things. I mean, was it weird having Cinderpelt’s spirit in you, Cinderheart? Did you have strange dreams sometimes? I just really want to know more about this background/supporting character
3. Jagged Peak
I want to know what he felt during the events of Dawn of the Clans. He broke his leg, he was cast out by his brother, really, he’s got a lot going for him. I think it would be interesting to see how he felt. That really would be awesome!
Just imagine if these cats had a super edition/novella! This is just my opinion, and other people could disagree. If you have a different idea, feel free to tell me about it in the comments. I might make a part two. Maybe. I don’t know yet.
Anyway, have a good day, and may StarClan light your path!

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  • Great article! Personally, I want a Goldenflower novella, and a novella about Ashfur after he dies, knowing who killed him, seeing Squirrelflight in StarClan, and plotting for the things he does later.

  • Great article! But, I want to correct something here. Thistleclaw went to the Dark Forest due to gr00ming Spottedpaw/leaf.

    • Technically, I don’t think it was ever confirmed or denied that Thistleclaw went to the Dark Forest after his death due to his actions with Spottedpaw, and given how poorly his “””punishment””” was when Spottedpaw broke things off (ie, she stopped the relationship because she didn’t like that he was training in the Dark Forest, not because he was grooming her), I’m more inclined to believe that the canon reason for him going to the Dark Forest was his prior training there and overall ambitions. Does it mean that what he did is excused? Absolutely not, but there isn’t really anything to correct because it was never really written down and thus we have no canon reason why he ended up there (and author statements don’t count because they tend to be headcanons).

  • Hey! I love your article, but… We know WHY Thistleclaw is in the Dark Forest, His relationship with Spottedpaw. Great article, though!

    • I know, everyone is saying that. I realize that. But I meant before that, was he ambitious? Why exactly did the DF cats choose to train him?

  • Hi! So, I would like to clear something up here. Everyone is commenting about how Thistleclaw went to the DF because of Spottedleaf’s Heart. I know what happened in that book, and I do not support any of it. However, what I meant in the article is that I was wondering before that book, why did the DF cats single Thistleclaw out to train in the Dark Forest? Was he too ambitious? I just wanted to clear that up. Thanks for reading!

    • I believe, technically speaking, it’s not confirmed that the reason why Thistleclaw ended up in the DF after he died was because of his actions in the novella. It’s one of the weird holes that are left by the novella, as we see that in the novella, at least Spottedpaw herself didn’t consider what Thistleclaw did to her to be wrong. She ends their relationship because of his insistence to train in the DF, not because of his creepy behaviour towards her while she was still young. This unfortunately opens up the possibility that Thistleclaw’s behaviour might not be seen as immoral in the Warriors universe, which is a whole other layer of grossness associated with the novella.

      As far as people can really assume, Thistleclaw ended up in the DF because he chose the DF over the moral-abiding StarClan. He immersed himself wholeheartedly in it instead of fleeting visits where he ultimately rejected it, like Leafpool did. It’s also possible that he went through a similar trial system that Leafpool did and StarClan deemed him as unfit to be with them because he followed the DF’s principles instead of StarClan’s.

      As for why he even got recruited by the DF in the first place, that’s something we have yet to find out in the series. It’s very likely that it was because of his ambition to be leader and that the DF cats seized upon that opportunity and began training him. Something similar is seen with Ivypool, where she felt inferior to Dovewing and wished to prove that one sister wasn’t inherently better than the other, and then the DF took advantage of that desire and began training her.

  • I’ve been wanting a Jagged Peak standalone book for years now!! I think it’d be really interesting to see his perspective on everything, like you said. Though I imagine I know vaguely what he was feeling. I’d really love to see him more in depth, as after his accident he became a bit of a secondary/background character who was just grumpy for a bit. I think he had the right to be, though! I mean, no one really treated him right after his accident, especially Clear Sky. I’d love to see more about that!

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