Giving warrior names to cats who deserved one! by Beetlebee

Beetlebee gives warrior names to some cats who never received one.

Art by Warrior Cat Designs on tumblr

I recently saw an article published by Amberleaf and I would like to also put my opinions of what kind of warrior names some cats would have had.
For Millie, I would give her a name like Stripeflower or Stripeleaf.
For Swiftpaw, I would give him a name that represents how fierce he was when he was trying to fight off the dogs. If he were able to fend off the dogs from him and Brightpaw (heart), I would have named him Swiftclaw or Swiftfang.
For Daisy, I would name her Daisyfur or Daisycloud because of her long fur.
For Talonpaw, I would say Talonfrost or Talonpool for his pelt color.
For Snowkit, I would have named him Snowpuddle or Snowspeck (in honor of his mother, Speckletail).
For Princess, I would have given her a prefix that represents her light brown tabby pelt and a suffix that represents her kindness. So maybe Timberheart or Timberwillow.
For Cody, I would give her a name like Softwhisker or Sweetsong/Sweetsky.
For Brook, I would name her something like Brookleap, Brookwing, Brookmist, or Brookstripe.
For Boulder, I would say Silverfoot or Silverblaze for his gray pelt.
For Shrewpaw, Shrewwhisker or Shrewsnout would work best for him. -snout is a unique, barely-used suffix that would work well with his prefix.
For Tadpole, (I really wish he had lived and gone to RiverClan with his siblings!) Tadheart or Tadtail would work. Out of all three of the siblings, Tadpole seemed the most like a warrior to me.
For Mosskit, I feel like she’d be named Mossfeather or Mossdapple. She always made me believe she would be a kind and generous cat when she was older.
For Smokepaw, Smokeclaw, Smokestorm, or Smokecloud. Any suffix would work well.
For Jessy, (I feel like she would be a fine warrior if she had stayed) I would have named her Thrushfur or Thrushclaw.
For Benny, (If he had survived and came with his brother Frankie (Stormcloud)) I think he’d fit Wildwater or Wildstorm after the storm that (if he survived) almost killed him.
For Ravenpaw, I’d like to give him the name Ravenfur or Ravenfeather.
One more that I would like to add is Dash (a cat in Tigerheart’s Shadow), he was very kind to Tigerheart the whole entire time Tigerheart was in the city. I think Dash would’ve got along well with the Clan cats if he had gone with. A name like Dashheart or Dashbird would work great for him.

If you have any more ideas or more cats you would like to see have a warrior name, comment below!

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