Giving cats without warrior names and real life cats I know warrior names by Mothstar

Mothstar gives warrior names to characters who never received them and to cats they know in real life.

Art by Rikatuu

Hi people! Today I’m going to be going through some cats from the Warriors series who never got warrior names and some real cats I know their warrior names!

☆Cats From The Series☆

Ravenpaw – Ravenpaw left the clans to be with Barley, when Tigerclaw plotted to kill him. His name was said to have been Ravenwing, but a cat was already called that, so I think he deserves something else. Ravenfeather, Ravenheart, Ravenclaw, Ravenflight and Ravenfrost would’ve been awesome names for him.

Gorsepaw – Gorsepaw was killed in the middle of WindClan camp by Tigerclaw and so never got his warrior name. I think it could’ve been Gorseheart, Gorsefang, Gorsestripe, Gorsewind or Gorsetail.

Boulder – Boulder used to be in BloodClan, but left to join ShadowClan. His warrior name may have been Boulderheart, Boulderclaw, Bouldercrusher or Boulderfoot. I like Bouldercrusher a lot.

Tadpole – Tadpole was the son of Sasha and Tigerstar, but he drowned and never joined RiverClan with his siblings. His warrior name might have been Tadpoleheart, Tadpolestorm, Tadpoletail, Tadpolesplash or Tadpolefur.

Millie – This she-cat joined ThunderClan, but refused to get a warrior name. If she had kept the first half it might have been Millieheart, Milliepool or Milliemoon. If not, maybe Blossomheart, Sweetstorm, Leafheart or Poppyfall.

Daisy- Daisy joined ThunderClan as a permanent queen and didn’t need a warrior name. It may have been Daisyheart, Daisywhisker, Daisyfoot, Daisypetal or Daisymoon.

Scourge- The leader of BloodClan was attacked by Tigerclaw when he was an apprentice, in a patrol consisting of Tigerpaw, Thistleclaw and Bluefur. If he had joined ThunderClan when his name was Tiny, he could have been Tinyfoot, Tinylight, Tinygaze or Tinystep.

Smudge- This kittypet was Firestar’s friend, when he was a kittypet himself. Smudge obviously didn’t want to join the clans, but if he did, he may have been named Smudgestep, Smudgefoot, Smudgestorm or Smudgeclaw.

☆Cats I Know IRL☆

Ferb – If my own delightful cat had joined the clans his name might have been Ferbheart, Ferbfur, Ferbfreckle, Ferbstorm, Ferbfrost or Ferbclaw.

Sydney- If my neighbour’s cat had joined the clans his name may have been Firestorm, Firefang, Brightstep, Sydneyblaze or Thundersight.

Fern – My neighbours old cat may have been called Fernstorm, Fernheart, Fernstrike, Featherfern or Fernfeather.

Lukie – My same neighbour’s other cat old have been called Blazeheart, Firelight, Sparkfire or Emberstorm.

Leia – The sweet grey kitten who used to live across the road, but got crushed by a car, may have been called Greystorm, Silverstorm, Silverfeather, Leialeap or Mistyfang

Cat who I don’t know the name of – There is a huge, fluffy brown-and-white cat who used to bully my cat on my road. I would call him Tigerfrost, Thornheart, Brackenclaw or Chestnutfur.

Harry- My nan’s cat, Harry is jet black, so I would name him Ravenheart, Blackstorm, Nightblaze or Shadowwatcher.

I hope you enjoyed this and I also really hope that my first article will actually be posted, as I spent ages coming up with names!!

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