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Warrior Cats This or That by Featherpaw

Art by MeggisCat

Featherpaw plays Warrior Cats this or that

Hi! Featherpaw here. Today I will be playing warrior cats this or that. This article is inspired by Mountainstorm’s article on warrior cats this or that. I hope you enjoy reading this!

Leopardstar or Mistystar?
Mistystar! I never really liked Leopardstar that much because of her decision to combine RiverClan and ShadowClan. I really liked Mistystar as a warrior, and even though she made some questionable decisions as a leader, she is a nice cat.

Mistystar or Stonefur?
This is hard. I like both of these cats, but I think I will have to go with Stonefur because he was really brave and he protected Feathertail and Stormfur when Tigerstar wanted to kill them.

Snowfur or Whiteclaw?
I like both of these cats, and they both had very sad deaths. Snowfur was a wonderful mother to Whitestorm. I never really thought about Whiteclaw much until I read Leopardstar’s honor. Now that I’ve seen some of his point of view, I really like Whiteclaw. So I think I will have to go with Whiteclaw.

FirexSpotted or FirexSand
FirexSand! Spottedleaf is a medicine cat, and she is kind of old for Firestar, but if she was younger that ship would have worked out. I also think Firestar and Sandstorm are really cute together and make a good pair!

Graystripe or Ravenpaw
Graystripe! I like Ravenpaw, but we get to see more of Graystripe’s perspective in the books. And I love the moment where Graystripe returns in the middle of the gathering – and brings Millie with him!

Brightheart or Briarlight?
This is a hard one. I think of Brightheart as a really brave cat who is willing to take a lot of risks for her clan, such as trying to fight the dogs with Swiftpaw when she was an apprentice, which caused her to lose an eye. Briarlight is also a very brave cat, and I feel bad for her because she thinks that she is a burden to her clan after she gets paralysed. I think I will go with Briarlight because we get to see more of her perspective and connect with her more.

That’s it for today. Feel free to tell me in the comments if you agree or disagree. Thanks for reading!

Featherpaw out

Fan Articles


  • Rustkit/spark the Mapleshade lover❤️‍🔥🍁🕶💖 (tribe name: Rust that makes Sparks on Stone) who is weirdly proud of her terrible copy of her Purrsona. says:

    Great article!

  • Has anyone ever thought about how Brambleclaw is a bit old for SQUIRRELFLIGHT? He was in the prophecies begin. he was a WARRIOR when Squirrelflight was a YOUNG APPRENTICE. A bit random, but just when someone says Spottedleaf is too old for Firestar, I thought about it. (Am I wrong?)

  • Wow! I know this is hard to believe but I literally agree with EVERY SINGLE ONE of ur choices! Especially Fire+Sand! I’ve always liked Spottedleaf but I loved watching those two together!

    • Spottedleaf’s cool and all… but I really think a fiery she-cat like Sandstorm is perfect for Firestar and really added to his character! You’re right.

  • Leaf ( Leafwind from WindClan or Leaf That Falls From Tree From the Tribe of Rushing Water) Avatar: The Last Airbender fan says:

    Mistystar- she’s a much nicer leader than Leopardstar
    Mistystar- In real life, I’m a cross between Mistystar and Squirrelflight so I have to go with her
    Whiteclaw- because of your reasons
    Fire+Sand- it’s generally much better than Fire+Spotted and if it was Fire+Spotted, Power of Three wouldn’t have happened.
    Greystripe- because he turns up in a middle of a Gathering and he is just awesome
    Brightheart- she almost died due to a dog attack

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