11 of my Favourite cats by Jaymoon

Art by Xin Tetsu

Jaymoon lists some of their favourite characters!

Hello and greetings.
I will be talking about my top ten characters in the warriors series,
All warriors are unique in their own way, yes but I have a few different ones from yours maybe a few might be a bit common but let me tell you this. I LOVE Jayfeather and in honor of him and Half moon that is what created my name.

1. Jayfeather
Yes he can be the most annoying cat most of the time but that’s what seperates him from others in the past. Also being a great medecine cat and one of the most loved

2. Firestar
Not many people I’ve seen have added this but I will. There are many reasons why Firestar is a good cat, although he was teased of his kittypet origins that didn’t stop him from being a great warrior he had the strength of determination and courage.

3. Lionblaze
Lionblaze is a amazing cat I don’t know why I like him but I just do I guess.

4. Bramblestar
Bramblestar is just like Firestar the only ambition he has is ambition for loyalty and Firestar basically taught all the good stuff to Bramblestar during his apprenticeship.
Being nothing like his father made him a good cat.

5. Hollyleaf
She was a great cat through her living and loyalty to the warrior code was everything to her. But after learning that her very existence was breaking the warrior code she couldn’t bear it no longer. And she saved Ivypool and died a warriors death.

6. Alderheart.
Even though he had the grumpiest cat alive as his mentor, he was still a good medecine cat and didn’t turn grumpy. And he saved Violetshine and Twigbranch.

7. Rootspring
I love the way he could talk to Bramblestar in that way and he approached carefully. And he stood up turtlepaw and kitepaw. (Forgot their warrior names) He did not lose hope on Bristlefrost and that was what made him a great character.

8. Twigbranch
She is a great character and managed to put up with Jayfeather while she was a kit. It he only thing I don’t like about Twigbranch is no kits but she’s right when she says to finleap
“Do you just want my kits that I could have? You’re supposed to love me no the family i could give you”

9. Graystripe
Firestars friend basically. Also a lot like Firestar because of the adventures he went on with him. But he never should have gone with silverstream. That is the only problem.
(Apart from joining Riverclan)

10. Fuzzball
Strange compared to you but I like Fuzzball because he’s energetic excited for everything and he also managed to put up with Jayfeather. Fuzzball seemed to have thought Jayfeather was happy!

So that was my top ten, I still don’t know where Half moon would go because she’s part of my name. I am Jaymoon this is my first article so please don’t criticize me.
It was pretty easy going from 1 – 5 a little bit hard from 6 – 10. Especially 10, I didn’t know whether it was Half moon or Fuzzball but in the end it was Fuzzball I guess you could say that Half moon is Eleven.

11. Half moon
The first Tribe leader and she shared Jayfeather’s longing but in the end to help make the Tribe she followed a different path than the path she wanted. And she managed to do it all by herself.

Now THAT was the end. So I hoped you enjoyed it and… we all have different opinions do you agree? And I hope this is longer than three hundred and fifty words long because otherwise yeah. I have no idea what my next article will be I could only do this one at the moment. So Elders, Kits, Apprentices and Warriors
‘May Starclan light your path, now and always’

Ps. Mountainstorm if you’’pre reading this well I really love your Harry Potter one, I have to wait till I’m eleven before I can read, The Goblet Of Fire, The Order Of The Phoenix and The Half Blood Prince.

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