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Why the medicine code is outlawed by Ashenpaw

Ashenpaw shares their opinion on the medicine cat code.

Art by Acacion

Hello! I’m here to tell you on why I think that the medicine code has some outlaws and how the erins could fix them.

1.) This is probably the most infamous rule, no mates or kits. In the medicine cats defense, it could be Mothflight’s fault, but I’d disagree with that statement. Mothflight was young, and she was carrying the weight of being the first medicine cat on her shoulders. This is to small of a reason to completely get rid of letting medicine cats have mates and kits. Besides, the medicine cat could always give their kit to another nursing queen, so that the kits can get milk. And also, tom-cats don’t even nurse the kits? But both genders of medicine cats deserve to have the ability to have kits. And what would mates do to stop them? Make them treat them before others? That’ll happen either way. If Squirrelflight and Birchfall were both injured, I’m sure Leafpool would treat Squirrelflight first, seeing as their sisters. The code can’t prevent everything. I mean-there’s so many medicine-cats that had kits and pulled it off just fine. An example could obviously be Leafpool, and possibly Mudfur?
And also, I wanna quote the first rule; “1. A medicine cat may not fall in love or take a mate.” You can’t stop somebody from falling in love. It comes naturally, and you can’t control it.

Now onto how the erins could fix this problem. I say in a coming book, the medicine cat code being a running problem is the premise of the the book. Whoever the main protagonist could be, they’d most likely be a medicine cat, or have a close relationship with one. That protagonist keeps telling their leader it should change, but they(Bramblestar, Mistystar, Harestar, Tigerstar, or Leafstar) Would keep saying no until something tramatic happens (a medicine cat dies, a predator attacks camp and kills almost all the kits, etc+) and it would end with a gathering where all the leaders agree to change the code.

2.) This is less of a growing issue, but it still confuses me. “A medicine cat shares dreams with only StarClan.” Medicine cats can’t control who they share dreams with. Rock doesn’t walk in Starclan, yet Jayfeather still spoke to him, he didn’t have a choice. Medicine cats just fall asleep to dream, it’s not like a menu pops up and asks them if they want to speak with Starclan, The Dark Forest, or other. The cats just appear. If anyones to blame, it’s the dead non-starclan cats like rock to be put to blame.

I honestly don’t think there’s a way to solve this, waking world cats can’t control deceased cats.

Overall, I think that these two are the worst. It’s discriminating against medicine-cats, and I’m pretty sure the rules were made by warriors. Thanks for reading my article!


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