[Crowfeather and Leafpool hold paws while touching their foreheads together]

Which mate? by Icemist

Icemist wonders who cats will choose to spend their afterlives with.

Art by DarkBroken

Hello! It’s Icemist here, and in this article I’m gonna talk about which mate cats will choose. I’m excited! LET’S BEGIN!!


First cat!

Feathertail, Leafpool, or Nightcloud?
First, let’s kick Nightcloud out, Crowfeather doesn’t love her. Ok let’s look at Feathertail first. Feathertail is kind, pretty, and understands Crowfeather. She opened Crowfeather up. They both loved each other. But then, Feathertail dies to save Crowfeather’s life from Sharptooth. It was pretty sad. You see, I like Feathertail, but I like Leafpool more. SHE DA BEST! Anyways, let’s look at Leafpool. Crowfeather & Leafpool met only a few times, but I think they may have liked each other during The Great Journey? Maybe, I forgot lol. They eventually run away together, but then come back because Midnight warns them about the badger attack. Cinderpelt dies.. :((( They break up… :((( Crowfeather mates with Nightcloud, and then they have Breezepelt. Also Leafpool has Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, & Lionblaze. They do meet in StarClan though, and it’s nice. So personally, I like CrowXLeaf better, so I hope Crowfeather will choose Leafpool!! CROWXLEAF FOREVER!!

Next cat!!

Silverstream or Millie?
So, Silverstream first. They first meet by Graystripe falling into the river and Silverstream saving him. Then, they fall in love and meet by the river every day. I think it’s cute. In Leopardstar’s Honor, you can see how much Silverstream loves Graystripe. (Read Leopardstar’s Honor, it’s pretty good..) Then, Silverstream gives birth to kits, and sadly dies… :((((( NOOOOO! I love Feathertail & Stormfur though. So lots of drama happens, and then…. Graystripe meets Millie, a kittypet. He falls in love with her(didn’t read the Graystripe kittypet series lol) They come back to ThunderClan and have kits, Blossomfall, Bumblestripe, & Briarlight. Briarlight’s cool, she suffered a lot. Bumblestripe’s also nice. But Blossomfall? DO YOU SEE BUMBLESTRIPE FEEL ANYTHING ABOUT MILLIE’S EXTRA CARE FOR BRIARLIGHT??? Although Millie was so annoying about that. Millie yells at Jayfeather for not fixing Briarlight’s legs, and I feel that’s really stupid. Jayfeather is the medicine cat, and he is doing his best! Millie, do YOU WANNA DO IT THEN?? And then in Bramblestar’s Storm she’s like, if you don’t save Briarlight I will kill you. (not kill, but whatever) I understand that a mother will always love their kits, but it’s too much. Also Silverstream allows Millie to survive longer, so she obviously cares about Graystripe’s happiness. So I like Silverstream A LOT better than Millie. GRAYXSILVER FOREVER!!!(Even their names match you know? Gray. Silver. Nice. :))

Next cat!!

(Firestar fans) WOOHOO!! YEAH!! GO FIRESTAR!!!
Spottedleaf, Sandstorm, or Cinderpelt, if he could?
Sadly, we’ll have to kick Spottedleaf out of here because she’s gone. Forever. Her death was so sad. Spottedleaf is gone forever. FOREVER. Sorry, I just really loved Spottedleaf(NOT FireXSpotted, just herself) She’s sweet, caring, and understanding. I will miss her. (CRIES) Anyways, Sandstorm is Firestar’s mate, and they have Squirrelflight & Leafpool. I love their whole family lol. Sandstorm & Firestar are cute. Although why does she have to keep questioning Firestar about who he loves better? I mean, get over it! Cinderpelt loved Firestar. Firestar sadly didn’t. I’m not sure FireXCinder was meant to be though. (CRIES) I do love FireXSand though! So obviously, it’s Sandstorm. Cool.

Next cat!!!

Bramblestar, Ashfur, if she could, Stormfur, or Shrewpaw?
First of all, let’s kick Shrewpaw out of this, they were just friends. And Squirrelflight never loved Stormfur either. Ok, I might be getting hate for this, but I think it’s Bramblestar. I KNOW Bramblestar is mean to her and stuff, but it’s only one book… And Ashfur tried to KILL her. AND “HER” KITS! HE’S CRUEL. Also Squirrelflight did say that she will always choose Bramblestar over Ashfur so…. Yeah… Also Ashfur’s dead!!! YAY!! (Bristlefrost fans: CRIES) Poor Bristlefrost. BrambleCLAW was a better mate. BRAMBLEXSQUIRREL FOREVER!!!

Next cat!

Cloudtail or Swiftpaw?
Definitely Cloudtail, he was her mate and they had kits together. But Brightheart and Swiftpaw will probably be friends. CLOUDXBRIGHT!!

Next cat!!!!

Bright Stream, Storm, or Star Flower?

I think it’s gonna be Bright Stream because first of all, Skystar and Storm JUST met and then they have kits! Skystar STOLE Storm from Gray Wing. Hmph. And don’t even get me started on Thunderstar. Then Skystar stole Star Flower from HIS SON, Thunderstar!! Not cool. Skystar & Bright Stream are definitely meant to be. SKYXBRIGHT FOREVER!!!!

Next cat!

Gray Wing!!(DOTC)
Turtle Tail, Storm, or Slate?
Ok, so sadly we’ll have to kick Storm out of this because she’s SKYSTAR’s mate. 🙁 TURTLE TAIL goes and mates with Tom, and that’s just not cool. Slate is… Honestly I barely remember anything about her, just that they weren’t mates for long. I think it will be Turtle Tail, because they loved each other longest. GRAYXTURTLE FOREVER!!

And with that, I think that’s it. There were a few others but they were pretty obvious. (Heathertail, Lionblaze, Tigerstar, etc…) I hope you enjoyed reading this and please feel free to share your opinion in the comments! (Nothing negative please). Comment what article I should do next!

-By Icemist

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    • Leaf ( Leafwind from WindClan or Leaf That Falls From Tree From the Tribe of Rushing Water) Avatar: The Last Airbender fan says:

      No Squirrelflight is just dumb. Because when they have their huge arguments over Hawkfrost, it is PERFECTLY FINE for a cat to talk to and be friends from another Clan ( especially if they are half brothers). Also, when Bramblestar asks Squirrelflight to hunt with him, she just goes hunting with Ashfur ( and some other cat?) when he tried to apologise. So, basically she just left him when he apologised 😑😕

  • I don’t know why you said ‘no negative comments’. There is no negative thing to say about it! Great article

    • Lol thanks! I expected lots of people to disagree about Crowfeather so that’s why I said that.

  • Icemist this is really good! Honestly, you did an amazing job! The only thing that I have to say is that I ship Firestar and Spottedleaf more then Firestar and Sandstorm. But it’s only my opinion.

  • I love this article!! Personally I like CrowXFeather.

  • Soooooo. Here we go!
    1. I don’t really have an opinion on those ships. Personally Feather I love as a character and Leaf I don’t like as a character. But other then that I have no opinion on the ship.
    2. Again I’m not sure, I never really see any love between GreyXMillie but if Greystripe loved Silverstream like how he did I think he’ll choose her
    3. Firestar doesn’t deserve sand :p
    4. If you’ve seen moonkitti…. You know
    5. No opinion :p
    6. I feel like Sky won’t choose her but they should be together
    7. Yesss!! I love Turtle Tail and didn’t really understand SlateXGrey.

  • So so great article
    1.LeafXCrow forever completely agree
    2. I’m not quite sure but I also think GreyXSilver
    3.Definitely FireXSand
    Spotted Leaf is so annoying….
    4. Definitely SqirrelXBromble.
    Ashfur no chance!
    5.Oh no I think now I’m going to make myself unpopular I don’t like CloudXBright at all.
    Just scary how Cloud suddenly didn’t want to leave her side.
    SwiftXBright!!!! You are so cute!!!
    6 and 7 I have no opinion

  • My opinions:

    CrowNight, CrowFeather or CrowLeaf – CrowLeaf!
    GreySilver or GreyMillie – GreySilver!
    FireLeaf, FireCinder or FireSand – FireSand!
    SquirrelShrew, SquirrelStorm, SquirrelAsh or SquirrelBramble – idk tbh
    BrightSwift or BrightCloud – BrightCloud!
    SkyBright, SkyStorm or SkyStar – SkyBright!
    GreySlate, GreyTurtle or GreyStorm – GreyTurtle!

    We have the same opinions

  • Gray wing chooses Turtle tail in starclan! Slate has a whole life ahead of her to get another mate! GRAY X TURTLE FOREVER!!!

  • IT WAS ONE BOOK! HE IS NOT ABUSIVE! They’re still mates and they love each other and yes, BrambleCLAW was a better mate, but it was just one book and i don’t get why people hate on characters for just one book!

  • My opinions:
    CrowNight, CrowLeaf, CrowFeather: CROWFEATHER 4EVER
    GraySilver, GrayMillie: GRAYSILVER 4EVER
    FireSand, SpottedFire FireCinder: FIRESAND 4EVER
    SquirrelAsh, SquirrelBramble,(stormfur and shrewpaw, just, no): SQUIRRELBRAMBLE 4EVER
    BrightCloud, BrightSwift: BRIGHTCLOUD 4EVER
    SkyBright, SkyStorm, SkyStar(Skystar hehe): SKYBRIGHT 4EVER
    GrayStorm, GrayTurtle, GraySlate: GRAYTURTLE 4EVER
    So, almost the same opinions! Personally I like CrowxFeather better because Crowfeather(hehe Crowfeather, CrowxFeather, get it?) seemed to love Feathertail more than Leafpool and Feathertail gave up her life for him and the tribe so she also likes him a lot.

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