Possible Leader’s And Their Opinions: Thunderclan Edition by Tigerdawn

Tigerdawn wonders who could be the next generation leader of ThunderClan.

Artwork by Clearbreeze

We all have cats who we would love to be leader. But at what cost? What would they think of changes to the warrior code? I am going to speculate that today. Let’s begin!

She is definately a fan favorite, and could totally be chosen for deputy/leader after Squirrelflight becomes leader/dies. As leader, I believe she would have very strong views on the warrior code. Though she was originally against forbidden relationships, she may get rid of the rule in respect for her sister (if the code changes). Speaking of her sister, she would NOT be allies with Shadowclan unecessarily. I imagine a quote such as this would be used: “You chose this path-now you can’t go back.”
Though, she would probably try to minamize war between the two clans. Ivypool would most likely ally with Skyclan, as she would be devastated after her daughter, Bristlefrost, died. She could seek sympathy with Rootspring, who’s depression over the whole thing is made clear in A Light In The Mist.

Though I’m not too hot on there being a Twigstar, because honestly she is really wishy washy and indecisive, it would be a possiblity. I think Twigbranch would be very loose on the warrior code. Her sister’s made was not a clan cat, and I think she would love to have a chance to cross borders to see her sister again, especially after moons of not talking outside of gatherings. Twigbranch would want to hear all about her kits, I’d imagine too, as she is deciding if she wants any (she doesn’t :P). She would too ally with Skyclan, partially because she respected Leafstar and other part because of her sister.

I really really really never want to see the day when there is a Lionstar. He’s not rational, over powered even without his powers, and murder Russetfur, then attempted to murder Crowfeather and Shadowsight (don’t tell me about Heathertail, she totally deserved it).
He was made deputy when Bramblestar was away, but I’m hoping that was a rushed decision on Squirrelflight’s part. Also, as I metioned in my article “Thornclaw Was Right”, it’s totally favoritism (if you want, you can check out that article too)!

That concludes my article. It was a little short, but I hope you all liked it! Who would you like to be leader most (Ivypool for me!). :3333

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