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Top Five Best Leaders of All Time by Brackenpaw

Brackenpaw lists the best leaders from the series.

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Hello! Brackenpaw here, welcome to another article! Today I will be listing the best leaders in the Clans. Before we begin, I want to make it clear that this is not a list of my favorite leaders: It is simply the ones that have the best traits of a leader, and what their leadership looked like.


5) Tigerstar II
I don’t particularly like him, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not a good leader. True, he did do some questionable things with Dovewing by running off with her when his Clan needed him, but he made amends. He’s level-headed, caring about his Clanmates, and overall is a good dad to Shadowsight, Lightleap, and Pouncestep! He tries not to show favoritism to his kin, especially making it clear to his Clanmates that he was not choosing Lightleap out of favoritism when he chose her for the Dark Forest mission. Another show of this is when he first chooses Juniperclaw, then Cloverfoot to be deputy, both of which are not related to him! These are the reasons he made it onto this list.

4) Bluestar
She did some amazing things as leader, but she also went insane near the end of her ninth life. In her sanity years, she was calm, level-headed, and fairr: all great qualities that make a good leader! Although, she was a bit ruthless about getting the position of deputy by giving up her very, very young children. Even though she had good intentions, she was ultimately the one who caused Mosskit’s death. She would have been higher up on this list, if not for this tragic error.

3) Sunstar
In Bluestar’s Prophecy, we see him as a good mentor to Bluepawstar: Kind, supportive, and fair! Some of Bluestar’s qualities clearly came from Sunstar! Even though we didn’t see much of him, he was a good leader that was much like Bluestar (well, she was more like him I should say): Fair, kind, and honorable. Like Tigerstar II, Sunstar was careful not to show favoritism to his kin.

2) Firestar
First of all, HE IS NOT A GARY-STU!!!!!!!!!!!! You can see the multiple times he broke the warrior code in his younger years, such as feeding Yellowfang and RiverClan before his Clan. In his apprentice days, he complained about doing elder duty! But before this turns into a “Why Firestar is not in ANY WAY a Gary-Stu!” article, let’s get on with why he’s a good leader. Like Sunstar and Bluestar before him, Firestar was a good and fair leader: Supportive of his cats, kind to them, and always leaned toward honesty most of the time! True, he was a bit controlling of the other Clans, but he did have their best interests at heart. He was brave and always willing to do what was right, sacrificing himself for all of the Clans. People may argue that these are qualities of Gary-Stus and Mary-Sues, but does it really matter? No, because they are fictional characters!

And finally, the gold medal of Best Leader of All Time goes to….

1) TallstarCrookedstar!
I couldn’t decide!!!!!!!! They both have tragic pasts, and served their Clans to the fullest! Both Crookedstar and Tallstar are brave, loyal, and peace-seeking. They always try to come up with a peaceful compromise to a tricky situation, even if the odds are impossible. Crookedstar is fair, but a tiny bit more reluctant to go into battle; Tallstar is also fair, but a bit more willing to join a battle. In conclusion to this article, they are both very good leaders who both deserve the title of Best Leader Ever!

Let me know what you think about this list! Until next time, Brackenpaw out!

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  • Omg! Finally, another person who doesn’t think Firestar is a gary stue! Anyways… Thank you SO MUCH for writing this article! I would personally put Firestar as my Best Leader of All Time, but that is just my opinion! I don’t know much about Tigerstar 2, but he seems like a fair and just leader! Overall, this is a good article!
    Now here are my top ten best leaders of all time:
    5. Hailstar
    4. Sunstar
    3. Bluestar
    2. Crookedstar/Tallstar
    1. Firestar!

  • Crookedstar for the win!! He’s so inspirational!! Tallstars good yeah! But Crookedstar takes it another level. (Might be because he’s favorite character). Great article I agree!

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