Warriors what ifs part one: The Prophecies Begin by Amberpaw

Amberpaw wonders what parts of the story would’ve unravelled if certain events didn’t happen.

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Be wary of spoilers, and not just for TNP, especially for PoT and TNP!
Hello, I’m Amberpaw! I used to be amberleaf before I realised I should be an apprentice.
Anyway… today I’m going to do warriors what-ifs, but they’re all going to he related for things that happened in The Prophecies begin! I’ll probably do more of these later. we don’t talk about that.

1. If Ravenpaw had joined ThunderClan AFTER the BloogClan battle
I have this weird suspicion that he would’ve trained as a medicine cat. This would mean that Leafpool wouldn’t’ve been able to become a med cat. If Leafpool was a warrior, then she and Crowfeather might’ve not ran away, which means that WindClan wouldn’t’ve came to help THunderClan from the badger attack, which means that ThunderClan is dead. (And maybe their territory would be SkyClans.)
Assuming they did still run away, this would mean that Leafpool would’ve been able to become a queen, so Hollyleaf wouldn’t’ve tried to poison Leafpool and run away into the tunnels, Ashfur wouldn’t’ve died (which I think is related to TBC but I haven’t read that far yet), Bramblestar and Squirreflight wouldn’t’ve argued which would probably mean that they would’ve had kits earlier, Squirrelflight might’ve not been made deputy and there would be no interesting PoT plot.
*exhales* that was a long sentence.

2. Cinderpelt didn’t get injured
ThunderClan have no medicine cat!
StarClan probably would’ve sent a sign saying that Cinderpelt needs to be a medicine cat, but that’s not what’s important…
So Tigerstar set that trap for Bluestar, Firestar said he’d go after he got catmint, which means that Firestar would’ve gotten ran over, which means he’d be incapable pf saving the Clans and becoming leader!
Firestar would become Fireheart. I expect Longtail would become deputy, and in the battle with BloodClan when Fireheart meets Scourge he would die because he didn’t have nine lives!
And because of Fireheart dying there would be no Leafpool, no Squirrelflight, no three, no SkyClan, no Alderheart, Sandstorm would probably mate with Dustpelt so there would be no Spiderleg, Shrewpaw, Birchfall and countless Ferncloud decedents, Ashfur wouldn’t’ve died (again, I think problems for PoT) and the Clans would’ve died in Dawn because ShadowClan would become BloodClan II, WindClan couldn’t move a step without ThunderClan’s assistance, and RiverClan would be to stubborn to realise they were dying before they died, and Mistystar, Brightheart, Cloudtail and Sasha would be kittypets. Another long sentence!

3. Spottedleaf didn’t die
I’m just going to launch into this one. Firestar would become mates with Spottedleaf, which would mean no Leafpool, no Squirrelflight, none of Ferncloud’s kits because of SandXDust, Yellowfang wouldn’t be accused of kit-theft so she’d probably be a prisoner of ThunderClan still, Brokenstar would be in charge of ShadowClan which would mean more deaths, Tawnypelt wouldn’t’ve joined ShadowClan so no Dawnpelt, Flametail and Tigerheartstar so Dovewing would probably mate Bumblestripe (again, I haven’t read OotS and this is just BlogClan related knowledge), Dovewing would be the only one pf the three, and Mistystar, Brightheart and Cloudtail would be kittypets, and I think there’s more but I lost tracking trying to look up Dawnpelt’s warrior name so let’s call it a day (or night).

Thanks for reading all those long sentences haha, and I hope you enjoyed! May StarClan light your path! Amberpaw- out!

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