• 🌻𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓵𝓮𝓽 (she/her)🌻🌈Rainpaw/brook🌈🦋Rainbow Sky Over Summer Brook🦋Happy Pride Month!🏳️‍🌈 says:

    So, I just finished Shadow! It was really……. weird
    Sunbeam leaving ShadowClan was just kinda random. Like, Nightheart leaving his clan ended up a disaster, and then Sunbeam was like “yeah, I should try that. That sounds like a great idea!”. It would have been more interesting if she decided that Berryheart was right and she joined her mom because she was heartbroken over Nightheart.

    and then Frostpaw got murdered? I think it was…. Duskfur. Think about it. Splashtail probably told her where Frostpaw was going because she’s the leader of the Evil RiverClan Cats. Duskfur was probably like, “yay mwahaha now we can kill her because she’ll be alone at night” and Splashtail didn’t want Frostpaw to die because he really wanted her her to become a medicine cat, so I think he tried to stop Duskfur, but she murdered Frostpaw anyways. I also think Splashtail didn’t actually like Frostpaw, he was just trying to get close to her and make her trust him.

    • 🌻𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓵𝓮𝓽 (she/her)🌻🌈Rainpaw/brook🌈🦋Rainbow Sky Over Summer Brook🦋Happy Pride Month!🏳️‍🌈 says:

      Yeah I forgot to mention, I don’t think she was killed either, but maybe everyone THINKS she was killed, but she’s actually still alive?
      But it does make sense that the Riverclan rebel cats would want her out of the way….

      • I hope that she isn’t dead. I love Frostpaw and she just found freedom and peace in being a warrior. I want her to not die, but be heavily injured, so much so that she can’t return to Riverclan and has to stay in Windclan. It’s the prefect way to bring them into the story and I’ve always wanted her and Whistlepaw to be friends so this would give them a chance to spend some time together.

    • Well explaining nightheart and sunbeam makes a bit more sense if you explain it like Twigbranch and Finleap. Except no cat leaves right before being a warrior or is friends before.

      Frostpaw can’t be dead! How could a protagonist die after 3 books and never even got to show her vision!!
      I don’t think Splashtail exactly likes Frostpaw back, and might tell her after she becomes a warrior

  • yk i kinda wish it ended with sunbeam’s acceptance into thunderclan instead of sumbeam telling nighthesrt that she wanted to join.wld have left me with peace of mind haha

  • i don’t ship sunbeam and nightheart (aka flamepaw >:C) at all. I can’t really explain it, it just seems AWKWARD. like their relationship seems way more mother/son or mentor/apprentice and kind of gross to me.

    • 🌻𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓵𝓮𝓽 (she/her)🌻🌈Rainpaw/brook🌈🦋Rainbow Sky Over Summer Brook🦋🎂Birthday Countdown: 5 days!🎂 says:

      I agree! :))

  • i love my ships and ship just about everyone in a fandom, but i must agree with the less ships, more friendships thing.

    frostpaw i feel like would be a MUCH better fit for nightheart/flamepaw (*waits for tomatoes to land*) and for shipping in general. 🙂

    imo i would REALLY prefer sunbeam as a sort of aunt or mentor to nightheart and never fall in love in the first place, because honestly, were the erins even trying with blazefire????? i love root/bristle but don’t want it to become a cliché. 😭

  • I have a theory!

    What if Sunbeam came to ThunderClan to ambush it! I don’t have a lot of evidence but think about it: RIGHT after saying that Berryheart was right, she swapped to ThunderClan, so what if she is being a spy?!

    • I mean the only reason Sunbeam would think Berryheart was right was because her mother kept gaslighting her when she’s heartbroken. Her support for her brother’s love affair and hence clan-swapping wouldn’t end so abruptly. I think she is genuine. Of course, what would happen after she joins ThunderClan is a good question. Maybe her concern for her mother and former clanmates would force her to make very tricky decisions, including leaking important information about ThunderClan’s attitude on ShadowClan’s intervention in RiverClan.

  • I haaaate Night x Sun. I was so happy when they said that Nightheart was going back to Thunderclan, but then the said that Sunbeam was going with him and I just glared at that page furiously. I hope she’s on Berryheart’s side now and agrees with her and is there to spy on Thunderclan. I hope Frostpaw doesn’t die. She’s my fav out of the protagonists and she just found freedom and peace as a warrior apprentice. I want her to just be injured, but injured enough that she can’t go back to Riverclan. It’s the perfect way to bring Windclan into the story and we’d get to see her and Whistlepaw’s friendship grow. Also they better not mess up the Squirrelstar storyline. If she dies I’ll stop reading the series.

  • The only two things in this book that I am desparate to know is whether or not Squirrelstar is confirmed and if Frostpaw dies. I don’t think Squilf will live. My prediction for this arc and the next is that Nigheart will become Nightstar and Sunbeam will stay in Thunderclan and have his kittens. Two of are she-cats and they are very close sisters. Both of them will look like Sunbeam but one will have Nightheart’s eye colour. And then there will be the tom who looks just like his dad and all three of them will part of a prophecy to save all clan’s and they will suffer from the legacy of their oh so great father and Nightheart will try to make that not happen. The tom falls in love with this pretty girl who saved him from something and oh no! – she doesn’t love him as much as deeply he loves her. He has to avoid and be angsty and mope about that for several weeks. And oh no – one of the sisters is in a cross-clan relationship with someone her sister doesnt like and yeah. Thats what we’re getting.

    I want Frostwhistle or atleast a friendship between them but I know we won’t get that.

    I don’t have high hopes for this book. I just want it to come out because I need to know if the authors make the great decision to have Squirrelstar and let her choose Whitewing or Lilyheart as deputy. And the decision to have atleast semi-canon like Ravenbarley and Talljake wlw kitties.

    • wow what an interesting prediction.
      I like doing random switching cats
      So nightbeam = leafpool and crowfeather
      The tom kit is a rootspring who the she-cat who saved him then turns into a stemleaf even though they’re same gender
      The she-kits are ivypool and dovewing if ivypool doesn’t go to the dark forest

  • tbh i do ship them, theyre what you need to actually have an interesting book with sum DRAMA! i hope frostpaw doesn’t die hehe. berryheart was a good antagonist, and the authors gave the story a cherry on top with the mother-daughter drama, especially because of all the trauma berryheart’s been through, i think shes doesn’t think shes doing anything bad, just trying to protect her daughter from heartbreak. this is just my opinion, i may not necessarily be right.

  • I finished reading the book and I was kind of mad because Sunbeam was a model warrior good enough in my opinion to become the next deputy, and then she left… so now it’s between Hollowspring( Sunbeam’s other brother) and Stonewing a senior warrior. Who do you think would be a better deputy Hollowspring or Stonewing?

  • So i was banned from this series from my parents but 2 weeks ago I started to smuggle books out of library I made it to sky but I won’t be going to the library for 2 months so Can someone fill me in on what happened???

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