The coolest pelts in Warrior cats by Dragonpaw

Dragonpaw shares the appearances they think are the prettiest from the series.

Artwork by JustaTundra

Hello there! My name is Dragonpaw and today I am going to be talking about PELTS!!! The fur of the cat. LET’S DO THIS
1- Squirrelflight
In my opinion, Squirellflight has a pretty cool pelt. She is a dark ginger she-cat with green eyes and one paw looks like it was dipped in white paint.
2- Spiderleg
Spiderleg is a long-limbed black tom with a brown underbelly and amber eyes. I just like he is really pretty…
I feel like Shrewclaw is a pretty kitty- he is a small dark brown tom with amber eyes.
4- Ferncloud
Ferncloud is a pale gray she-cat with darker flecks and green eyes. Her flecks make her even more pretty!!!
Dappletail is a tortoiseshell she-cat. I feel like all tortoiseshells are pretty… C:
I don’t have to explain.
She is a tortoiseshell, and like I said they are all BEAUTIFUL
Spotted golden tabby she-cat. I love cheetahs and a cat that looks like one- I’m in love.
Barley is a black and white tom. He is a handsome fellow I must say…
10- Morningflower
ANOTHER TORTOISESHELL! Say no more Dragonpaw, they already know.
Ok. I hope everyone knows what Bluestar looks like. So I think her blue coat is just beautiful
12- Mistyfoot
Ok so of course her children are going to be on here. Mistyfoot is a gray she-cat with blue eyes. Her blue eyes are the cherry on top!
13- Stonefur
OBVIOUSLY! He is the brobro of Mistyfoot.
14- Oakheart
Oakheart has like a dark red coat- so I think that is really pretty
I based my purrsona off of Redtail. So of course he will be on here
Feathertail is a light gray she-cat with blue eyes. Just like Mistyfoot
dark gray tom with amber eyes. SO PRETTY
18- Mothwing
A golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes
I love all golden kittys…
He is a ginger tom. I LOVE GINGER TOMS
20- Midnight
I am just saying her because I love Midnight

OKAY!!! Thats it! Hope you liked my article!!!

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