Why I Don’t Like Squirrelflight: Starlight (A2B4) by Mistheart

Mistheart shares their opinion on Starlight’s version of Squirrelflight.

Art by Shadow-Ku

Hello! Mistheart here, but you can call me Cloudy. In this article, I will be attacking Squirrelflight in Starlight. Please keep in mind that I will NOT be examining any of Squirrelflight’s actions in Squirrelflight’s Hope, but I will rather keep to the scenes in Starlight, to this article’s namesake.

“Are you just trying to cause trouble?” [Squirrelflight] hissed. “You took the side of that… that mangy furball instead of mine!”

– Starlight, pg. 232. Squirrelflight is accusing Brambleclaw of supporting Hawkfrost instead of her. What really annoys me is how she’s being so narrow-minded at the moment. First of all, she’s sort-of just flaming Hawkfrost for being a mangy furball. Second of all, yeah it’s sort-of annoying how Squirrelflight’s always right in the end, but she needs to accept the fact that it’s okay for Brambleclaw to disagree with her opinions. Brambleclaw is using evidence and well-supported reasoning, saying that Mudclaw might not have been such a bad leader; however, Brambleclaw also respects his leader’s decision and supports Firestar anyway. We also have no clear evidence within the books that Brambleclaw truly supports Hawkfrost. Brambleclaw agrees that Hawkfrost does make a point, but Squirrelflight immediately takes this as an excuse that Brambleclaw supports Hawkfrost rather than her.

This is honestly a really narrow-minded decision. First of all, Squirrelflight never listened to their conversation, so she had no right to judge what Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost were saying when she herself had no clue what they were talking about. Second of all, she fails to understand that it’s okay for Brambleclaw to say that Hawkfrost makes a point. Indeed, Hawkfrost had a very good argument. However, Brambleclaw is only mentioning that Hawkfrost makes a point. He isn’t flaming Onewhisker or saying that Mudclaw deserves to be leader, he is simply stating that Hawkfrost has a point, and Squirrelflight is immediately judging Brambleclaw for siding with Hawkfrost instead of her, which wasn’t actually true, as I stated above. Brambleclaw is simply saying that Hawkfrost has good reasoning, but Squirrelflight accuses Brambleclaw of agreeing with Hawkfrost.

However, we have no evidence that Brambleclaw actually supported Hawkfrost fully, but Squirrelflight starts flaming Brambleclaw, saying that he was criticizing Onewhisker’s leadership, as mentioned below:

Squirrelflight: “Only because every time I turn round I find you talking to him.”
Brambleclaw: “And why shouldn’t I? Hawkfrost’s my brother. Can’t you see that makes me want to get to know him better? And we’re here at a Gathering, in case you hadn’t noticed. We’re supposed to discuss things with cats from other Clans. I can’t believe you were so rude to Hawkfrost.”
Squirrelflight: “And I can’t believe you would criticize Onewhisker’s leadership with him. Onewhisker has always been ThunderClan’s friend.”
Brambleclaw: “Are you saying Hawkfrost is our enemy?”

– Starlight, pg. 232-233. Right now Squirrelflight is just finding every single reason to flame Brambleclaw, and it starts to get really annoying how Squirrelflight is always perfect and is always right. Anyway, enough of that. But yeah, Squirrelflight is basically just flaming Brambleclaw for things he didn’t even do.

First of all, Brambleclaw has a point. It’s a Gathering, and cats are supposed to discuss things with each other. What would the Clans be if every cat had the exact same opinion? Definitely not great, but Squirrelflight is simply refusing to accept the fact that Brambleclaw has different opinions than her. She’s just trying to search-find every reason that it’s wrong for Brambleclaw to talk to Hawkfrost, but it’s not.

Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost have every right to talk to each other. Like I said, they’re supposed to discuss things with each other at Gatherings, and if they find something is wrong, then they also have the right to speak up and politely discuss things with their leader to try and find a solution that fits best for all the Clans. However, when Squirrelflight is arguing with Brambleclaw, she assumes that Brambleclaw was talking about how terrible Onewhisker’s leadership was just because he was talking to Hawkfrost, who supported Mudclaw.

However, it’s perfectly okay for cats to have different opinions, but Squirrelflight continues to flame Brambleclaw when he is making well-supported reasoning. For example, Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost are also brothers. Not only does Squirrelflight not have the right to keep them separate from each other, especially at Gatherings, Squirrelflight has to accept that Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost have the right to talk to each other and have different opinions.

Like I also said above, Squirrelflight is being extremely narrow-minded. She’s also being a hypocrite in this situation. As shown in Moonrise when Leafpaw had the ability to search for Squirrelpaw’s location at Firestar’s request, Squirrelflight and Leafpool always had an extremely strong connection to each other. They can dream about their locations, send messages to each other, etc. It would be wrong for Squirrelflight to immediately judge Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost’s conversation when first of all, she never even listened to them, and second of all, she herself also has a strong connection to her own littermate.

However, while Squirrelflight and Leafpool are in the same Clan with the ThunderClan leader as their father, Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost are in different Clans and have Tigerstar as their father. Given Squirrelflight’s position in life, she has no right to judge Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost for simply being curious about each other. Also, littermates from different Clans — and even cats themselves in real life — are naturally curious about their own problems. It’s okay for Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost to discuss problems within their own Clans at Gatherings, but it’s not okay for Squirrelflight to judge Brambleclaw’s own business and verify his actions as right or wrong. Squirrelflight isn’t a god or even a leader, and while she can give suggestions to Brambleclaw, she has no right to tell him that whatever he’s currently doing is right or wrong.

Then, Squirrelflight makes a really vague and untrue statement, saying that Brambleclaw was criticizing Onewhisker’s leadership. Not only is this not true, but it was made in a perspective in which everything Hawkfrost does is wrong. It would be wrong to say that Hawkfrost was completely a good or bad cat, and it’s not up to Squirrelflight to judge and verify what Brambleclaw’s own opinion is. Brambleclaw’s opinion is Brambleclaw’s own business, and while Squirrelflight has the power to change his opinion, she has no right to verify his opinions as right or wrong. That’s up to Brambleclaw, not Squirrelflight.

Also, Squirrelflight’s statement was not true. Like I stated above, Brambleclaw was simply agreeing that Hawkfrost made a point, but he was never flaming Onewhisker or claiming that Mudclaw would become a better leader than Onewhisker. Also, while cats cannot verify other’s opinions, they have the power to influence them. Hawkfrost made a well-stated and persuasive argument, and while it may not have swayed Brambleclaw’s opinions completely, they gave him a new perspective, and that’s okay. If Brambleclaw wants to discuss things with Hawkfrost and develop new opinions, that’s okay and it’s not up to Squirrelflight to say that his actions are right or wrong. Now, enough said! Let’s get onto another quote:

Squirrelflight: All right, I give up. It’s not going to work, is it? You and me?
Brambleclaw: What do you mean? Why not?
Squirrelflight: Because I see exactly where I stand in your life. I’m not as important to you as other cats are – as Hawkfrost is.
Ashfur: Hey, Squirrelflight! I saved you a place over here.
Brambleclaw: Squirrelflight, wait! I would never choose another cat over you.

– Starlight, pg. 233. Squirrelflight immediately assumes that she won’t be mates with Brambleclaw because of his talk with Hawkfrost, and indirectly accuses Brambleclaw that he doesn’t think that she’s important anymore. This is honestly just… like, what?

Squirrelflight originally fought so hard to make Brambleclaw admit that siding with Hawkfrost instead of her was a bad idea, which it wasn’t. Now, she’s admitting that she can’t be mates with Brambleclaw because of his talk with Hawkfrost, and because she thinks that Brambleclaw doesn’t think that she’s important in his life anymore. This quote really annoys me because, first of all, Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw survived so many arguments in the sun-drown-place journey. Right now, Brambleclaw discusses Mudclaw and Onewhisker with Hawkfrost, and Squirrelflight untruly accuses Brambleclaw of criticizing Onewhisker when all he said was that Hawkfrost had a good point and made a good argument.

Squirrelflight then assumes that Brambleclaw doesn’t think she’s important to him anymore, which is yet another untrue statement. Brambleclaw was simply arguing that Hawkfrost had a point, and Squirrelflight gets exasperated at Brambleclaw because he agreed with Hawkfrost instead of her. She assumes that Brambleclaw didn’t love her anymore and didn’t think she was important anymore. However, we have no clear evidence to support Squirrelflight’s statement, which was likely made in a desperate protest for Brambleclaw to admit that agreeing with Hawkfrost about Mudclaw was wrong, when it wasn’t. Again, Brambleclaw’s opinions can be influenced, but Squirrelflight is using them to her own advantage, claiming that because Brambleclaw agreed with Hawkfrost instead of her, Brambleclaw didn’t love her anymore. Since when did Brambleclaw even indirectly give Squirrelflight that vibe?

Brambleclaw loves Squirrelflight with all his heart, but Squirrelflight fails to understand this and assumes that he doesn’t love her anymore because of his talk with Hawkfrost. Later on, Squirrelflight turns into a hypocrite when she turns away toward Ashfur just when Brambleclaw tries to explain that he still loved her and would never choose any cat over her.

Squirrelflight is judging Brambleclaw for his talk with Hawkfrost and indirectly claims that he doesn’t think that she’s important to him anymore. However, Squirrelflight is literally being a hypocrite herself when Brambleclaw tries to explain, claiming that he would never choose any cat over her, which is true. Um… first of all, Brambleclaw never got attached to other she-cats in the past few paragraphs. Second of all, Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost are brothers, and it’s a time of truce at a Gathering, so they have every right to talk to each other, and Squirrelflight does not have the place to judge them.

Later on, Squirrelflight turns away from Brambleclaw just as he starts explaining, which is making her a hypocrite of her past statement. When Brambleclaw tries to talk to her and possibly make amends, Squirrelflight refuses to listen to him and goes and talks to Ashfur instead, completely blocking out Brambleclaw from the conversation.

Squirrelflight: He was talking to Hawkfrost. He actually stood up for him – a warrior from another Clan! Why won’t he listen to me when I tell him he can’t be trusted?
Leafpaw: Is that all?
Squirrelflight: What do you mean, is that all? I told him you know Hawkfrost is untrustworthy, but he won’t take any notice. It all comes down to trust, and Brambleclaw obviously trusts Hawkfrost more than me. How can we be together, if that’s how he feels?
Leafpaw: Don’t forget they’re half brothers. It’s natural for them to enjoy each other’s company now and then.
Squirrelflight: This is about trust! I don’t care that Tigerstar was their father. This is much more than about shared blood!

– Starlight, pg. 237. Squirrelflight is accusing Brambleclaw for standing up to Hawkfrost. Being honest, Squirrelflight’s story gets… more different than the original every time she retells it. First of all, Brambleclaw only said two sentences to Squirrelflight when Hawkfrost was still around. Second of all, Brambleclaw was never defending Hawkfrost, but rather his points. Brambleclaw had very good reasoning, that strong leadership is important to all the Clans, and that Mudclaw showed courage and determination within the journey.

However, like I stated above, the book gave us no clue about Brambleclaw criticizing Onewhisker’s leadership, nor did he say that Hawkfrost was always right. Meanwhile, Squirrelflight gets angry at her sister and refuses to understand the fact that Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost were simply discussing important matters at a Gathering. They weren’t plotting Onewhisker’s murder or even shouting out that Mudclaw was a better leader than Onewhisker. They simply said that Mudclaw showed great courage and determination as the former WindClan deputy, and they recalled the past and used that to connect to the future of four Clans. Squirrelflight has, again, no right to verify Brambleclaw’s opinions as right or wrong.

However, in this quote, Squirrelflight is a hypocrite of the last statement I made. Against Brambleclaw’s own pacing, Squirrelflight narrow-mindedly judges Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost, immediately assuming that Brambleclaw doesn’t care about her word just because he agreed with Hawkfrost and said that Hawkfrost had a point. Squirrelflight immediately assumes that she and Brambleclaw could never be together because of their argument, which is an extremely unrealistic aspect of life. It’s okay for the two to argue, as long as it doesn’t turn violent or abusive. However, Squirrelflight is verifying Brambleclaw’s opinion as completely wrong as shown above, and she assumes that Brambleclaw doesn’t care about her opinions anymore and overall pushes him away from her own daily life, once again a hypocrite of her past statements.

Meanwhile, Leafpaw does have a point. While Squirrelflight starts ranting on about how Brambleclaw treated her soooooo unfairly because he agreed with Hawkfrost instead of her, Leafpaw says exactly what Brambleclaw felt during the argument. She points out that the two were half brothers, and therefore would enjoy each other’s company and find each other relatable. In her thoughts, Leafpaw is understandably puzzled about why Squirrelflight was so quick to reject Brambleclaw’s opinions.

Then, Squirrelflight turns the argument completely off-topic, dodging her sister’s points. She immediately assumes that Leafpaw was arguing that Squirrelflight was judging them for their father, Tigerstar. However, keep in mind that Leafpaw never said that. Leafpaw only gently pointed out that Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost found each other relatable because they were half brothers. She never, never accused Squirrelflight of judging them for her father.

However, Squirrelflight misrepresents her sister’s point of view, twisting it around in a perspective where Leafpaw was accusing her of judging Brambleclaw for her father, which Leafpaw never even hinted at. She goes on ranting about how Brambleclaw’s opinions are wrong and she unrightfully tries to justify her argument by saying that Brambleclaw should never side with Hawkfrost because Hawkfrost was untrustworthy. However, whatever Brambleclaw thinks about Hawkfrost is his own business, and Squirrelflight does not have the right to verify their words as right or wrong. If Brambleclaw simply agrees with Hawkfrost in his words and thoughts, that’s up to Brambleclaw, not Squirrelflight. However, Squirrelflight literally twists Leafpaw’s words and claims that Leafpaw was accusing her of judging Brambleclaw for his parentage, when Leafpaw never said a word about that. She, again, rants about how she would oh so never judge Brambleclaw for his parentage.

Which, again, makes Squirrelflight such a hypocrite. Later on, she thinks about how Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost and Tigerstar were all tangled together like woven brambles, and assumes that Brambleclaw would never be free from his father’s legacy.

Also, like, half of what Squirrelflight says was just so randomly made. She was flaming Brambleclaw around by saying that standing up for a warrior from another Clan was wrong. However, this makes Squirrelflight yet another hypocrite, since she was just standing up for Onewhisker of WindClan only a few moments ago.

So, in this quote, I have to agree with Leafpaw. While it is extremely annoying and unrealistic for Squirrelflight to be always perfect and right in the end, Leafpaw does take the most logical argument in this quote. She points out that Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost would be naturally curious to each other because they were brothers, but Squirrelflight twists her sister’s point, immediately assuming that Leafpaw was criticizing her for judging Brambleclaw’s parentage. Leafpaw also feels understandably puzzled how Squirrelflight was so quick to judge and reject Brambleclaw, though Squirrelflight tries to make herself sound oh so noble by saying that she would never judge Brambleclaw for his parentage, which a.) Leafpaw was never talking about and b.) makes Squirrelflight a hypocrite because she keeps on thinking about how Brambleclaw would never be free from his father’s influence.

Being honest, I feel as though Squirrelflight is just throwing in random points and trying to make herself sound right, which is extremely annoying for her to be right in the end. Even simply the fact that Squirrelflight was right makes the events unrealistic and gives Brambleclaw a reputation for pushing Squirrelflight away, when it was truly vice versa. Squirrelflight is a continuous hypocrite in all these quotes, and I feel like it was wrong and unrealistic for the book to put the spotlight on her, while Brambleclaw’s arguments never had the chance to be right.

Also, these scenes in Arc 2 always have a black-and-white approach to everything, which should be obvious by now and shows how the scenes are extremely unrealistic. You’re either right or wrong. You’re either good or bad. You can’t have a paw on each side… How do we know this? Brambleclaw had good intentions and tried his best to make the correct decisions, but an evil Tigerstar visited him in his dreams and gave him a sprout of ambition. However, just a little tiny ambition made Squirrelflight immediately assume that Brambleclaw was evil and didn’t love her anymore, which is enhanced even more with the annoying fact that Hawkfrost was evil in the end. Okay, enough of my Squirrelflight ranting, even though that’s probably the whole point of this article.

Hawkfrost: Brambleclaw. Good luck in your territory. May StarClan be with you.
Brambleclaw: And with you.
Hawkfrost: I’m looking forward to meeting you again at Gatherings. I have to go. Until the Gathering, then.
Brambleclaw: Until the Gathering!
Squirrelflight: Do you think we can get a move on? Or are you planning to stand gossiping all day?
Brambleclaw: He was only trying to be friendly!
Squirrelflight: Friendly? We can do without his friendship. Look at the way he tried to grab the island for RiverClan’s camp.
Brambleclaw: He wasn’t trying to grab the island. No other Clan can use it. He was only trying to do his best for RiverClan.
Squirrelflight: If you believe that, you’ll believe anything.

– Starlight, pg. 150-151. Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost are saying good-bye to each other, and that’s perfectly fine. Hawkfrost was wishing Brambleclaw good luck in his territory, and giving him the traditional farewell of “May StarClan light your path.” The two separate afterwards.

Squirrelflight, however, is not fine with this. She starts snapping at Brambleclaw and changing the topic, ranting about how terrible Hawkfrost was and why Brambleclaw shouldn’t talk to him. This is really annoying, because like Brambleclaw pointed out, Hawkfrost was only trying to be friendly and Squirrelflight didn’t have to make it seem like Hawkfrost was a terrible cat.

However, Squirrelflight reminds Brambleclaw of how Hawkfrost tried to “grab” the island for RiverClan. Brambleclaw also points out that Squirrelflight was twisting her words, and that the island wouldn’t suit a camp for any other Clan. This is comparatively true, as RiverClan also claimed the island as their territory in the forest territories. Squirrelflight retorts that Brambleclaw was too gullible to believe anything else.

This just starts to get extremely annoying. Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost are saying the traditional friendly farewell between separating Clan cats, and Squirrelflight is being extremely rude by flaming Hawkfrost and criticizing Brambleclaw, saying that he was too gullible. Squirrelflight doesn’t even bother saying good-bye to Hawkfrost or even reassuring Brambleclaw. Instead, she turns away and stalks off.

This is not only very annoying but also extremely rude of Squirrelflight. She could’ve at least said some friendly words to Brambleclaw, who was very confused after that. Squirrelflight also could’ve at least explained why she had suspicions about Hawkfrost, instead of flaming him and criticizing Brambleclaw and stalking off without any more words. It’s so rude of her, which gets even more annoying how she’s right in the end and Brambleclaw gets the reputation for “pushing Squirrelflight away” when really, it was vice versa.

“Of all the friendships he’d made on the long journey, surely this one should’ve survived the separation of the Clans? Instead, it had vanished as quickly as dew in morning sunlight, because Squirrelflight couldn’t bear to see him with his half brother. And if she thought he’d rather be friends with Hawkfrost instead of her, she was wrong. It was Squirrelflight that Brambleclaw wanted, and he missed her so much it took her breath away.”

– Starlight, pg. 151. Brambleclaw feels lonely, depressed, and puzzled at Squirrelflight’s sudden remarks, and he has every right to after how she treated him so rudely. Again, Squirrelflight was just flaming Hawkfrost and criticizing Brambleclaw for being so gullible because she spotted them talking together. I’m surprised that Brambleclaw is not angry at Squirrelflight, and if he was, I wouldn’t blame him.

Squirrelflight just criticized both Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost after they said the traditional farewells and left. She doesn’t even have any idea how much Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost would be missing each other until the next Gathering. She then stalks off from the clearing.

Her words don’t enlighten Brambleclaw in any way because of two reasons. First of all, she didn’t even bother to explain why she had suspicions about Hawkfrost. She didn’t even bother to explain why she was upset, nor did she try to make amends and talk to Brambleclaw. Instead, she walked into the clearing, criticized Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw for saying good-bye, and stalked away.

The second reason why Squirrelflight didn’t enlighten Brambleclaw is because she made his situation even worse, not better. Instead of comforting him and explaining her thoughts, Squirrelflight snaps at Brambleclaw, doesn’t bother to explain anything, stalks away without another word, and goes complaining to an overwhelmed Leafpaw about how terrible Brambleclaw was and why he didn’t love her anymore.

This starts getting extremely annoying and rude of Squirrelflight. This has gone beyond the point of simply criticizing Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost – right now, Squirrelflight is snapping at Brambleclaw without even bothering to understand how he feels about Hawkfrost’s departure, and she’s only making the situation worse by causing Brambleclaw to perceive the situation in an aspect in which he has to choose between Hawkfrost and her.

Squirrelflight needs to learn that it’s okay for Brambleclaw to have more than one friend. Take Squirrelflight herself as an example. She is friends with her littermate, Leafpaw, and her mate, Ashfur. Meanwhile, Brambleclaw can be friends with his half-littermate, Hawkfrost, and his mate, Squirrelflight.

Which makes Squirrelflight yet another hypocrite. Anyway, back on track! Here’s the next quote:

Brambleclaw: I’m going out again. We need more fresh-kill. Squirrelflight, do you want to come with me?
Squirrelflight: *looks at Brambleclaw for a long time* Sorry. I said I’d go hunting with Ashfur and Spiderleg.
Brambleclaw: Okay.
Firestar: Don’t go out again just yet, Brambleclaw. You’ve been working your paws off since the Gathering, and you need to rest. And that’s an order. The sun’s hardly up, and you’ve already done one patrol. Go eat, and then take a nap until sunhigh. Do you think I want one of my best warriors getting sick with exhaustion?
Thornclaw: Had a quarrel, have you? What did you do?
Brambleclaw: StarClan knows.

– Starlight, pg. 271. Brambleclaw just finished a patrol and explored the abandoned Twoleg nest, reporting back to Firestar. He then asks Squirrelflight if she wants to go hunting with him. Squirrelflight looks at him for twenty seconds, bringing his hopes up, and then says no. Then, Firestar orders Brambleclaw to sleep instead of go hunting because he’d already taken one patrol, and Brambleclaw feels left out, depressed, and down because no cat in the Clan supports him. Thornclaw isn’t making the situation better, anyway.

However, this quote is not about Thornclaw, but rather the relationship between Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, and Firestar. Brambleclaw is eager to help his Clan. At the moment, Squirrelflight mistrusts him due to his private conversations with Hawkfrost, which is honestly the most pointless reason to hate someone. Therefore, it is obvious why Brambleclaw wants to help his Clan. Besides, he’s benefiting ThunderClan, and he’s not tired.

Meanwhile, Brambleclaw asks Squirrelflight to hunt with him. Now, this next scene is unnecessarily dramatic and really annoying. Squirrelflight looks at him for a long time, and brings his hopes up. Of course, we can see here that Brambleclaw is clearly trying to make amends with Squirrelflight and be together again. However, Squirrelflight then dashing his hopes and says no, pointedly remarking that she was going hunting with Ashfur and Spiderleg instead.

This is the most annoying scene ever. Here, Brambleclaw is desperately trying to prove him a worthy warrior of ThunderClan despite his friendship with Hawkfrost, which is the most pointless thing that Squirrelflight could ever make him do. Like I pointed out earlier, Squirrelflight is putting Brambleclaw in an unnecessary position in which he has to choose between Hawkfrost and her.

While it’s actually *gasps* possible to have more than one amazing friend, Brambleclaw chooses Squirrelflight anyway and tries to stop thinking about Hawkfrost. He then tries to make amends and does his best to understand Squirrelflight. In this scene, he’s asking her to go hunting with her, likely trying to take a chance to talk to her.

However, Squirrelflight dodges the chance by bringing his hopes up… and then down. She says that she’s going hunting with Ashfur and Spiderleg instead, and then goes hunting, leaving Brambleclaw understandably depressed.

Which makes Squirrelflight yet another hypocrite. She’s saying that Brambleclaw cares about Hawkfrost more than her and doesn’t love her anymore, which obviously isn’t true. Then, when Brambleclaw tries to reconcile with her, Squirrelflight turns her back on him and dodges all his interactions, showing that she cares more about Ashfur than him, which makes her a hypocrite.

Simply dashing someone’s hopes is also extremely rude. Squirrelflight is not answering Brambleclaw’s question for a long moment, putting him in a hopeful suspense, and then turns away from him and hunts with Ashfur and Spiderleg instead.

What’s even worse is how Firestar is just so dumb. He actually goes waving an “I LOVE ASHFUR AND SQUIRRELFLIGHT” flag around and orders Brambleclaw to sleep, not giving him any chance to even experience Squirrelflight’s opinion. This makes Brambleclaw even more depressed, lonely, and puzzled, and being honest, I feel extremely bad for him.

So, to wrap this article on Starlight up, I feel like it’s really annoying how Squirrelflight’s actions in Starlight are just tossed around, while Brambleclaw gets showered with undeserved hate. In my opinion, Squirrelflight shouldn’t be the one forcing Brambleclaw to reconcile with her while she becomes a hypocrite herself and pushes Brambleclaw away. It should be the other way around.

Squirrelflight, being honest, is just a hypocrite in nearly all the Arc 2 books. She accuses Brambleclaw of pushing her away when she herself pushed Brambleclaw away. She made it seem like Brambleclaw had to choose between mate VS littermate when Squirrelflight was friends with both her own mate and littermate. She makes herself seem all righteous and noble in the books, and it’s really annoying and unrealistic.

I repeat, it’s so unrealistic.

Not only does it give Brambleclaw a bad reputation, but Squirrelflight basically just cheats her way to glory. She makes so many hypocritical actions in Arc 2 and then takes the blame on Brambleclaw, pushing him away and complaining to Leafpool about how terrible he was. She doesn’t bother to explain her words or actions, except by flaming Hawkfrost and criticizing Brambleclaw. She’s only making his situation worse by making him think that he has to choose between Hawkfrost and her. Then, when Brambleclaw works his paws off, Squirrelflight turns her back on Brambleclaw and chooses Ashfur instead. Firestar, who is really dumb, has somehow no idea about what Brambleclaw is feeling and supports Squirrelflight, making his situation even worse.

What’s even worse is how she’s right in the end. Squirrelflight is always right and oh so perfect, yet it really irritates me how all her actions and words are just thrown in the trash while Brambleclaw is showered with undeserved hate in Starlight. Then, Squirrelflight puts Brambleclaw in a position where he has to apologize for his actions, but whenever Brambleclaw tries to do so – both in his hard work and committed actions – Squirrelflight pushes him away and goes hunting with Ashfur instead. It’s really annoying + unrealistic.

Keep in mind that I do NOT hate Squirrelflight. While… I actually used to love her. I just reread The New Prophecy, and Squirrelpaw was awesome. However, the moment that Squirrelflight becomes a warrior, she becomes such a jerk to Brambleclaw and literally uses Ashfur as a way to dodge his desperate encounters.

So, it’s perfectly fine if you disagree! One more thing: IF YOU COMMENT, please please PLEASE try not to talk about Twilight, Sunset, Sunrise, or Squirrelflight’s Hope. I’m planning on re-reading those books because I heard that “oh Brambleclaw treated Squilf badly here,” and maybe I could make even more articles! Thank you so much for reading! ~ Cloudy

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  • I agree Cloudy! I used to like Squirrelflight, but after rereading the new prophecy, I saw that she started becoming very cold and hypocritical towards Brambleclaw… so I don’t really like her anymore haha. Great article, very well written with lots of great details, and very very persuasive! Awesome job!! 😀

    • Thank you so much, Moon!!!! I totally agree! While I did love Squirrelpaw in Midnight and Moonrise and Dawn, I felt as though the authors could’ve made her character a bit less cold in Starlight. However, I do enjoy her fierce passion and determination, and her endless courage and spirit as she makes decisions, and while I found some of her scenes irritating and hypocritical, she still has several inspiring quotes, awesome friendship with Leafpool, and amazing role as a mother and mentor to the Three and Foxleap! Thank you so much!!! ~ Cloudy

  • I really agree with what you’re saying but I also don’t like that then ( not in starlight) Squirrelflight chooses brambleclaw again instead of Ashfur and I really think she also deserves to make a mistake and apologize to Brambleclaw

  • I kinda do and don’t agree with you. Your right! She shouldn’t be that mad. But then again, Squirrelflight has the right to speak her feelings! And, Hawkfrost was really suspicious in the books, and Brambleclaw should be paying attention more to her mate, not his HALF brother.

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