Cats and what food they eat by Leafleap and Scarlettfur

Leafleap and Scarlettfur what human foods characters from the series would eat.

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Leafleap and Scarlettfur discuss what food they think each cat would eat.

Hello! It’s me Leafleap!

Hey! It’s me Scarlettfur!

In this article we will be showing Main Characters with their likely favorite food!

Firestar = I think Firestar would probably like hamburgers, it just seems to fit him!

Leafpool = I think Leafpool would probably like something like Carrot Cake (looks at Cakestar) Welp, guess Leafpool likes you!

Squirrelflight = I think Squirrelflight would eat a type of nut, I mean it would fit her name, so maybe like a Pistachio? Maybe an Acorn.

Brambleclaw = I think Brambleclaw would probably like Salad, just seems like it, I don’t really know I just feel his vibes.

Jayfeather = I think Jayfeather would probably like pizza, something about him just makes me feel that.

Hollyleaf = Well, Hollyleaf is most definitely eating a Turkey, no sharing! She is having a feast!!

Lionblaze = Lionblaze seems like a fish eater, but he also seems like he would eat glazed donuts. Tell me what you think!

Alderheart = Alderheart is most positively eating hot wings, he is just going to chill there and eat them!!

Violetshine = Violetshine… tricky, but I think she would eat marshmallows, she is that mellow type now, after everything (I will not spoil just in case)

Twigbranch = erm… Twigbranch would eat fries, maybe with a milkshake, I think she would!

Bristlefrost = Bristlefrost would probably eat fish along with Lionblaze, I mean she is related to him through Ivypool and her father. She is his granddaughter.

Shadowsight = A berry of some sort, maybe grapes, strawberries, grapes, blackberries, I could keep going but I’m not going to.

Rootspring = Some kind of candy, chocolate, M&M’s, skittles, maybe chocolate rocks, oo! Starburst! I think one of those would be him!!

Mistystar = Mistystar, hm.. let’s think her favorite drink is most definitely sprite but we’re looking at the foods, how about Corn or maybe even Rice Crispy Treats.

Crowfeather = Crowfeather, why would you make this so hard for me… oh! I’m typing… (blushes) sorry!! Anywhoo! I think Crowfeather would eat something bland, like rice (sorry to people who love rice) maybe even Peaches (once again sorry) but I think most of all he should eat Cheese, just sitting there on the couch eating cheese. Then you’ll say “WHAT!!! A CAT ON MY COUCH EATING CHEESE!!” Then you’ll walk up to him take the cheese and cuddle (unless your allergic to cats, then it’s a dog!)

Bye guys!! Hope you liked! ~♡Leaf and Scarlett♡~    °^°

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  • Blossompaw\leaf the ThunderClan she-cat| loves Avatar: The Last Airbender, Warrior Cats, and all kinds of adventure stuff| Leaf+Crow forever says:

    Hehe. I liked the Crowfeather one where you typed ” WHAT!!! A CAT ON MY COUCH EATING CHEESE!!” I just think it’s so funny lol!