Super Edition Poll: Who gets it? by Mistypool

Mistypool shares their opinion on the Super Edition poll for Riverstar, Mistystar, and Ivypool.

Hi, so, we are talking about the Super Edition Poll for Riverstar, Mistystar, and Ivypool. Here are my pros and cons of each.
1: Mistystar
She is very old, and already has a novella
Pros: It starts from where she is taken away, and given to RiverClan, and we see her emotions on Mosskit’s death.
We get her nine lives ceramony.
Her giving birth to her kits.
She dies.
Cons: It starts off of her as leader.
She does nothing but be stubborn.
She lives.
So I guess Mistystar is a complete, NO.

2: Riverstar
He was not much in the Dawn of the Clans series, which I have only read the last book, where I cried at Grey Wing’s death.
Pros: It could start off as him as a kit, and becoming leader.
We see his full life, after Grey Wing’s death.
They have him do nothing, and just have a little development.
So, I don’t really like this option, Riverstar I say as a no, since as Bright Guardian Akira said, that we already kind of know his story.

3: Ivypool
Ivypool is a fan favorite and DESERVES a super edition!
Pros: She becomes deputy
She becomes leader
Bramblestar retires with Squirrelfight and makes Ivypool leader.
She might have another litter of kits.
We see some of her grief over Bristlefrost.
She re-visits her past.
Cons: They make it a traveling book.
They have her not become leader or deputy.
Bramblestar lives and we never get Squirrelstar.
Yeah, so, Ivypool would be the best option, she is one of my favorites, and I like her sissy issues. She is also a very fierce and loyal character, she is a ‘true’ prophecy cat if I say so myself, EVEN MORE THAN DOVEWING. Dove wing heard them coming a few hours ahead, but Ivypool knew a few MOONS before, and she was a spy, so Dovewing, your sister is more awsome, shes IvyCOOL. This kind of went into a rant of Dovewing, sorry, well, thanks for stopping by on this, and if your asking, YES I READ SQUIRRELFLIGHT’S HOPE, I own the book. Bye!

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