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Who did Crowfeather truly love the most by Nightpaw

Nightpaw wonders who Crowfeather loved the most.

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Hi there! This is Nightpaw/wind, with his 4th article, and today, I will be analyzing Crowfeather, and who he truly loved the most.

Firstly, he did not love Nightcloud. I think most of you can agree with me on that. He mated with Nightcloud just to prove his loyalty to Onestar. And him and Nightcloud didn’t feel the best around each other, as shown in early Crowfeather’s Trial. But you know who I do ship Nightcloud with? Pickle. Unlike Crowfeather, Pickle showed compassion and care towards Nightcloud. As shown in this quote said by Nightcloud in Crowfeather’s trial, “Pickle may have been a kittypet, but he was kind to me. He let me share his nest, and gave up his best napping spots for me. He shared his favorite toys with me even when I told him I didn’t play with toys. He acted like I was the most important cat in the world.” This shows that Pickle actually cares for her, unlike Crowfeather.

So now the decision is Leafpool vs. Feathertail. It’s a hard decision, I must admit, and I cannot confidently say which one Crowfeather loved more. I can say, however, that I ship Crow x Leaf more than Crow x Feather. That’s an article for another day, especially because I don’t really ship Crowfeather with anyone, but if I had to choose, I would choose Crow x Leaf. But I’m not going to let my personal biases get in the way here, and I will try to see it completely from Crowfeather’s perspective.

Reasons someone might think Crowfeather loved Feathertail more:
1. Feathertail was Crowfeather’s first love.
2. During the journey in Midnight/Moonrise Crowpaw was grumpy towards everyone except Feathertail.
3. In Feathertail’s death scene, Crowpaw’s emotion was more viable then Stormfur’s, who was Feathertail’s own brother.
4. Crowpaw nearly commited suicide because of Feathertail’s death.
5. Ashfoot used Feathertail to convince Crowfeather to show love and affection towards Breezepelt.

Reasons why someone might think Leafpool loved Crowfeather more:
1. Crowfeather ran away from his clan to be with Leafpool.
2. Crowfeather had kits with Leafpool.
3. Crowfeather was only an apprentice when Feathertail died.

Thank you for reading my article and I hope you enjoyed! Who do you think is best for Crowfeather? Tell me in the comments below! Thank you for reading this article! Bye for now!

-Nightpaw/wind, 1 February 2022

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  • if anything i’d say leafpool his relationship w feathertail seems more like a childhood crush, a fairytale relationship without any arguments n stuff whereas with leafpool it seems more real, like an actual relationship. also he was young when he loved feather and around adult age with leafpool so i’d think he would have thought things through w leaf and loved her for who she is instead of her simply being nice to him

  • Great article, Night! I haven’t read Crowfeather’s Trial, so I do need to do that, but I agree with you on Crowfeather staying single 😀 I don’t really have an opinion on the rest of it 😛 Crowfeather’s relationships always backfire on him

  • 🌊Streampaw of MoonClan, apprentice to Blossomtail! Happy Easter, everyone!🌊 (Streampaw/lark, she/her) says:

    Amazing article, Nightpaw! Your points are well-thought-out and true, and you wrote this article in an approaching, unbiased way that I love! I liked especially how you stated the reasons Crowfeather might choose each she-cat: it strengthened your argument even further. Personally, I hope that Crowfeather will choose Feathertail (Feather x Crow forever!!! <333) but I'm okay with Leafpool, too. And you're right: Night x Pickle is so cute! 🙂

  • Feathertail. All the way, Feathertail. He loved Leafpool alot, but not as much as Feathertail. It’s not some “childhood crush”. He was, like 18 in cat years. She wasn’t that much older. He loved Leafpool, but loved Feathertail more. Like, WAY more! Why? Oh, here’s why.
    1. He almost killed himself to be with her, when Leafpool died he was sad but didn’t go to die to be with her!
    2. He always thinks about her! He even apologized for loving Leafpool!
    3. He was like “Nooooooo!!” when Feathertail died. When Leafpool was announced dead:
    Crowfeather: Aw, Leafpool’s dead! No… Anyway, Feathertail? Are you with me?
    5. He didn’t really care for his kits, but with Feathertail? He would’ve married her!
    6. He was grumpier when she died and when Leafpool rejoined ThunderClan, the only cats he cared about was Ashfoot and Feathertail (he tried to kill Leafpool!)

    • 1. Leafpool was the one wantong to go back. Not Crowfeather. And Leafpool didn’t die, so Crowfeather wouldn’t meet her in starclan.
      2. You have no proof of that, sorry.
      3. No. This is a quote for Squirrelflight’s hope, when they announced Leafpool’s death at a gathering

      Beside her, Crowfeather was staring ahead, grimly silent, as though fighting back emotion.
      -Squirrelflight’s hope.
      4. No. Feathertail saved Crowfeather. He was like
      ” Leafpool, Leafpool, lovely Leafpool. Oh Feathertail’s dead. Oh no”
      5.No? Could you point out where?
      6. No, he was the same grumpy sad cat. I don’t know why you think he tried to kill Leafpool, it’s no where in the books.

      • 1. He did almost kill himself!
        2. He did apologize for loving Leafpool however he does not too often think about his past mates until Crowfeather Trial.
        3. Who would not be sad about a death of someone who used to be his mate?
        4. You have no proof of that at all Cheetahclaw. Crowpaw did wish it was him instead of her.
        5 He actually cared for his Thunderclan kits more then his Windclan son. I am Breezepelt in every way btw.
        6. He let his son attack Leafpool for a while as of some quick revenge not anything to serious.

        • IN a light in mist when the cats visited starclan after defeating ashfur
          The book clearly says that Crowfeather was standing unsually close to Leafpool not Feathertail

          CrowxLeaf 4ever

  • I donno but I seriously say that Crow loved Feather more than he could’ve ever loved Leaf and ya I agree. He never really loved Nightcloud.

    Also, I just learned about BlogClan a few months ago and I’ve already seen so many articles on Crow’s relationships! Seriously! Will it EVER be decided who he really loved?!

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