10 most used prefixes and suffixes by Emberstripe

Emberstripe lists the most commonly used prefixes and suffixes in the series.

Art by Ospreymist

Hello! It’s Emberstripe, and this article is about most used prefixes and suffixes(excluding kit, paw and star).
WARNING: There could be very little spoiler in this article

10 Most Used Prefixes
3rd(Tie) Dawn-, 8 names
Dawnbright, Dawncloud, Dawnfeather, Dawnflower, Dawn Mist, Dawnpelt, Dawnstar, Dawnstripe

3rd Fern- with 8 names
Ferncloud, Fernleaf, Fernpelt, Fernshade, Fernsong, Fernstripe, Ferntail, Fern Leaf

3rd Gorse- with 8 names
Gorseclaw (3), Gorsepaw, Gorsestar, Gorsetail (2), Gorsefoot

3rd Moss- with 8 names
Moss Tail, Mossfire, Mossheart (2), Mosskit, Mossleaf, Mosspaw, Mosspelt

3rd Night- with 8 names
Nightcloud, Nightfur, Nightkit, Nightmask, Nightsky, Nightstar, Nightwhisker, Nightwing

3rd Cloud- with 8 names
Cloudberry (2), Cloudmist, Cloudpelt, Cloudrunner, Cloud Spots, Cloudstar, Cloudtail

3rd Reed- with 8 names
Reed Tail, Reedclaw, Reedfeather, Reedshine (2), Reedstar, Reedtail, Reedwhisker

3rd Willow- with 8 names
Willow Tail, Willowbreeze, Willowclaw, Willowkit, Willowpelt, Willowshine, Willowstar, Willownose

2nd is… Rain- with 9 names!
Raincloud, Rainfall, Rainflower, Rainfur (2), Rainleap, Rainsplash, Rainstorm, Rainwhisker
Before seeing the most used Prefixes… I will write some prefixes that are not ranked

1st White- is in the top with 13 names!!!
White Tail, Whiteberry, Whiteclaw, Whitefang, Whitestar, Whitestorm, Whitetail (2), Whitethroat, Whitewater, Whitewhisker, Whitewing, White-eye

10 Most used suffixes (excluding kit, paw and star)
This is the list for top 10 suffixes that are chosen, with only the word counts.
???????, ????????, ????, ???, ????, ????, ????, ????, ?????, ????

in 10th, there’s -feather with 15 cats
Famous cats with -feather: Jayfeather, Crowfeather etc

-nose is 9th with 24 cats
Famous cats with -nose: Berrynose, Dewnose(Dewtail), Sandynose etc

For suffixes in 8th, -wing is selected with 32 cats
Famous cats with -wing: Dovewing, Icewing, Hawkwing, Mothwing etc

There’s -foot in 7th, with 34 cats.
Famous cats with -foot: Blackfoot(star), Webfoot, Deadfoot etc

Tied with below suffix, -whisker is 5th with 35 cats!
Famous cats with -whisker: Onewhisker(star), Sedgewhisker, Featherwhisker(because of long name) etc

With -whisker, -heart is tied!
Famous cats with -heart: Fireheart(star), Cinderheart, Tigerheart(star), Oakheart, Foxheart(?) etc

Surprisingly, -claw is 4th, with 40 cats
Famous cats with -claw: Tigerclaw(star), Brambleclaw(star), Thornclaw, Juniperclaw etc

-pelt is in 3rd!
Famous cats with -pelt: Tawnypelt, Dustpelt, Antpelt, Breezepelt etc

The 2nd suffix is… -fur, with 66 cats!
Famous cats with -fur: Spotfur, Ashfur, Bluefur, Snowfur, Brackenfur etc

Some suffixes that has a lot of names below before naming the 1st suffix
-cloud 13 cats
-flight 12 cats
-leaf 12 cats
-flower 11 cats
-leap 10 cats
-tooth 10 cats
-storm 9 cats
-step 8 cats
-fall 8 cats
-stripe 8 cats

Lastly, the 1st suffix is… -tail! with 72 cats!
Famous cats with -tail: Talltail(star), Feathertail, Ivytail, Cloudtail, Redtail, Needletail, Sorreltail, Longtail etc

You can comment below about your favorite prefix and suffix! This is all I’ve got, and bye!

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