Why is there barely any father in Warrior cats that is as good as Fernsong? by Nilestream

Nilestream points out a trend in the parenting of kits in the series.

Art by Shadow-Ku

There really is a problem in Warrior cats that the kits rarely have their father in their lives.And then for example some cats we didn’t even know who their father was because they never really had a relationship.Then later told by the authors that it’s canon and most of the time fans were confused .Not even their mothers really showed signs to have a mate unless told in the books.like for instance we didn’t know who Brindle faces kits father was until we were told it was White storm but he never showed signs that he had a mate or even kits.And then became mates with Willow pelt not even did we know that most of the cats in the clan were made by Willow pelt.

And other relationships she had even willing to try having kits with Patch pelt her own brother .But aside from that we see that Fern song is really the only father that doesn’t only show love for his mate and her safety but his kits as well .And really had the passion that a father that is sometimes relatable has for his young.Even willing to embarrass himself by being with them in the nursery .Unlike Dust pelt for another thing sorry if i get this wrong but i see him adoring Fern cloud more than his kits .So for now we have Fern song as the best mate and father in the entire series .Which is a huge role and thats why hes right now my favorite .

By the way can we also right now ask why did for some reason we didn’t see Frost fur .In a huge outbreak of pain or at least someone could have told Fire heart that Lion heart was Frost furs mate so she must have been devastated.Its what I sorta wish would happen in the first few books i mean we only got a full on understandable and more canon knowing that Graystripe was the father of Feathertail and Storm fur .By the way I know there are more best fathers in the books im only naming one .For the time being by the way Graystripe does sorta kinda belong there only because he was worried about Feather tail and Storm fur .But still he told Jayfeather if it came to Millie or the kits then to just let the kits die .And was only thinking about Millie which isn’t wrong but still the young unborn kits didn’t deserve to die if that was the case.

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