Comparing Warriors to characters from The Crucible by Firefeather

Firefeather compares characters from the series with characters from The Crucible.

William Schuyler, Gabriel Girson, Zach Pearson, Justin Slepicoff, and Ian Soares in the Syracuse University Department of Drama’s presentation of “The Crucible.” Nov. 8 – 17, 2019. By Arthur Miller. Directed by Gerardine Clark. Scenic design by Maria E. Marrero. Costume design by Garvin “Vinny” Hastings. Lighting design by Jonathan Hayes. Sound design by Kevin O’Connor. Photo by Mike Davis.

H’lo! My name is Firefeather, this is my second article and today, I’m going to be comparing characters from Warriors and The Crucible.

For those of you who don’t know what The Crucible is, it’s a play by Arthur Miller. It’s Shakespearean drama. The thing that sets it out is that it’s based on true events. It’s based on the Salem Witch Trials. The plot goes a little like this:

Abigail Williams is in love with John Proctor. John Proctor is married to Elizabeth Proctor. 7 months prior to the events of the play, John Proctor had an affair with Abigail. Abigail is caught by her uncle (Reverend Samuel Parris) dancing in the woods. Afraid that her uncle is going to whip her, she blames her slave Tituba and calls Tituba a witch. Within a week, 49 (I think it was 49) people are accused (and hanged, I think). Eventually, Abigail accuses Elizabeth and John steps in to defend Elizabeth. The entire thing backfired on John and the play ends with him being hanged.

Now for comparisons!

Abigail Williams = Ashfur: Both are bitter over losing their crush (John and Squirrelflight). Both accuse anyone who they don’t like of being witches/codebreakers. Both end up causing damage to the people/cats in the area (Salem/The Clans).

John Proctor = Squirrelflight: Both formerly had a crush on Abigail/Ashfur. Both of them want forgiveness by their wife/mate (Elizabeth and Brambleclaw (Bramblestar as leader had forgiven Squirrelflight)), though arguably for different things. Both are well respected and prideful (I should make an article on the Power Effect).

Elizabeth Proctor = Brambleclaw: Both used to be friends with Abigail/Ashfur. Both angry at their mate (though in Elizabeth’s case it was cheating while in Brambleclaw’s case it was Squirrelflight lying about him being a father and Squirrelflight not trusting him).

Reverend Hale = Bristlefrost: Reverend Hale isn’t the main character but is similar to Bristlefrost. Both of them follow Abigail/Ashfur’s ideals at first but when they realize that Abigail/Ashfur are just accusing people/cats they don’t like, they want out.

Mary Warren = Snowtuft: Both want to do the right thing, but are afraid of what Abigail/Ashfur will do to them.

The Putnams = Mapleshade: Both parties are bitter over losing their children. Both parties used the hysteria to benefit (or tried). The Putnams got money while the DF cats TRIED to get new bodies.

Rebecca Nurse = Dovewing: Rebecca doesn’t make an impact on the story but both are respected citizens/Clanmates among the first to be labeled as a witch/codebreaker.

Sorry that this is short! Firefeather out!

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