Sunningrock Debate by Owlheart and Trout

Owlheart and Trout debate who owns the Sunningrocks.

Artist unknown (Source: Goodreads)

Hi BlogClanners! Owlheart and Trout here. We’ll be debating over who Sunningrocks belongs to. Spoilers for The Prophecy Begins. Trout, would you like to start?

Trout: Personally I think Sunningrocks belong to ThunderClan.

Owlheart: I think they belong to RiverClan.

Trout: My piece of evidence is that it is on their territory now. Yes I know it used to be on RiverClan territory but it isn’t anymore.

Owlheart: Finders keepers! RIverClan had them first, then ThunderClan just waltzed in and stole them just because the river changed. ThunderClan stole those rocks.

Trout: Good take but however consider this, RiverClan just wanted the rocks to sunbathe and ThunderClan wanted them as a hunting ground. Automatically more reasonable.

Owlheart: True, but RiverClan can’t really fish during leaf-bare so they could hunt on those rocks then.

Trout: Also true but how often do you hear about the river freezing in the first series. Almost never

Owlheart: Yeah, but what does that matter? When the river was poisoned RiverClan could have hunted there instead of relying on Fireheart and Graystripe. They could have recovered from the problem sooner if they could hunt for themselves.

Trout: True but sharing is a slippery slope to stealing and when ThunderClan is starving in Leafbare how often do you see RiverClan cats reaching out to offer prey.

Owlheart: Uh… Never? But RiverClan had their own prey; fish. ThunderClan wouldn’t have eaten that. They had no reason to share! Anyway, let’s get back to Sunningrock.

Trout: side rant. Why don’t the other clans just incorporate fish into their diet instead of starving to death every winter but yes back to sunningrocks

Owlheart: Do you remember who they belonged to when the forest was destroyed?

Trout: Everyone BUT RiverClan lol

Owlheart: This is going to turn into a full-blown battle. Let’s just leave it undecided.

Trout: Fair. Sunningrocks is a parking lot now anyway

Owlheart: Besides, I don’t think they were mentioned again after the Clans left the forest. Let’s just agree to disagree.

Trout: *whispers* you are wrong and you know it >:)

Owlheart: Heard that!

Trout: I have no idea what you’re talking about #petty

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